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    Following long debate and much work spearheaded by a joint Soviet-Dim Quaian effort to replace the current Constitution of the European Union, deemed incomplete and already having put us in times of troubles due to its interpretations, on behalf of the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, I submit before this Parliament the resolution aiming to replace the present Constitution.

    The suggested document can be found here.

    The document has been finished with one new Annex and final provisions, and minor amendments similar to those proposed by the Aleutian representative on 3 May 2007 in the Constitutional Amendments debate among me and my dear colleagues. Following a suggestion by the Aesop Rockian representative on 10 May, this document is offered to the European Parliament for discussion and debates prior to voting process. Here is the process as outlined by our fellow representative:

    • 11 to 14 May: Discussion period; proposal of amendments and their ratification.
    • 15 to 18 May: Voting on the complete proposal of the Constitution along with all of its amendments.
      It should be outlined that each amendment should be proposed and voted upon separately; multiple amendments of the same section (even if overlapping a single article or even sentence) will be ignored, and separate amendments that overlap (for instance, one to Article I and one for Articles I to IV) must be concentrated in a single bill for approval. This will prevent a chaos of amendments.

    Sergey Mironovich Kirov
    Soviet Ambassador to the EU
    Soviet Representative to the EC

  • I would like to draw attention to Chapter 1, Article 2, Paragraph 4 - _"underlines the importance of non-intervention in the internal affairs of any country from any other country or international organisation." _

    I feel that whilst the intention of this statement are most agreeable, there is a danger that the looseness of the term "internal affairs" may lead to manipulation and deceipt in times of conflict. And so I propose a simple change, that we include at the end of afforementioned extract, "unless at said country's request." It will clarify the line between neccessary and reactionary help.

  • Whilst acknowledge the grant contribution of the Soviet Union and Dim Quai as the Creators of the Bill, we have to object Article IV under Annex III, which grants the two nations the ability to interprete the Constitution with the permission of the European Council.

    This is because the European Court of Justice is and should remain the sole power who can interprete the Constitution.

    However, since being the Creators of the Bill, we recognize that the Soviet Union and Dim Quai will have better knowledge than the Bill than most other nations, they should be consulted by the Court when needed.

    In short, we suggest to change the current statement "granted on occasion by the European Council" to "granted on occasion by the European Court of Justice."

  • I only have one question/objection. Does Chapter IV Article IX forbid political parties on the European Commission? Also, (yes, I lied) even though a justice may not serve from the same nation as the Premier Commissioner, a justice may serve from the same nation as a junior commissioner? I assume that this is because we do not really have the membership to people so many offices?

    Furthermore and finally, I believe this constitution presumes more than any aforetoagreed document that all roleplay characters are finite and entirely separate (such as the Tory delegation leader from D&F and his Lib Dem PM). I think that this is rather profound, but will prove essential in coming months.

    I thank the Rt Hon. Gentleman for his hard work on this matter and I recommend this constitution to my hon. and rt hon. friends and colleagues.

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    Article IX under Chapter III indeed discourages single-party European Commissions, taking into account that the European Commission should serve the interests of all European Council members without bias in favour of against any political system, military, economical or political alliance, or specific government. Commissions consisting of multiple countries of origin (and of individuals unrelated to the governing powers of their nation, as dictated by the Constitution) are encouraged in order to not only avoid monopoly of power and political strife due to a plurality's or majority's membership in the Council, but also to give an initiative for the Premier Commissioner to exploit our region's multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-political background for the best possible benefit.

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    The Soviet Delegation would like to announce that all passed amendments have been put inside the constitutional draft. Voting may now begin on the Constitution as a whole, at its current state.

    The poll will remain open for 72 hours until 2 June 2007, 12 pm BST. Post your votes as well as put them in the attached poll.

    [ooc: Keep in mind this means, voting-only. You've had all the time you needed to whine, so just go yay or nay.]

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  • Lidia Giulia Mazzarti of Nazione Italiana submits a **YAY **vote.

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    The Belarian Senate has voted in favor of the legislation, and President Viktor Draugen has signed the motion in favor of the new European Constitution.

  • Aesop Rocks votes FOR the adoption of the new Constitution and also wishes to thank the representatives and people who put such hard work to ensure this process could run smoothly. Without help from all our members, particularly the Soviet Union and Dim Quai representatives, this could not have been achieved.

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  • I believe voting is now over and that the Constitution has passed through our lower house. However, I am unsure as to whether we are legally bound to put it before the European Commission who will ratify it? I believe that we are bound to do so however as it is such an important document I blieve that we should also be wary of not allowing it to become accepted by a small, elected, minority. Therefore, I propose the institution of the new Constitution be done immediately and without any EC ratification.

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    That would sadly be unconstitutional. We have to put it before the Commission.

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    An Act to Establish a New European Constitution**

    The text of the new European Constitution.

    *Sidenote from the current President of the European Union -

    After elections are held for the seats of the new European Commission and winners are chosen for positions in accordance with the new Constitution, I shall hereby resign the Office of the Presidency of the European Union, and as the last act of my administration, shall dismantle the current government and its functions in order to establish the new government and its functions.


    Marcus E. Tristan
    Marcus E. Tristan, ELP
    President of the European Union

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