May 2007 Presidential Election

  • Aesop Rocks refusing to accept the outcome of these elections. Talks beginning the 2nd of May, 2007 ended in an acceptance of the delaying of our Presidential elections as agreed by members of our Parliament, the view being that Presidential elections were pointless and unneccessary bureaucracy when realised a new Constitution is about to be introduced. As such, Aesop Rocks citizen, the Rt Hon Henry Schofield decided to not run for EU Presidency, instead waiting whilst the Constitutional matters were solved. The presumption of the Derbyshire representative who began the elections is not only unfounded but also breaking of verbal agreements made by Parliament.

    We therefore shall be withdrawing all representation to the European Union if this vote is accepted by our members. We do not recognise the authority of Derbyshire to begin this election process. Should the candidate be elected, we shall not recognise their authority.

  • If the Rt Hon. Gentleman will recall, the vote was only delayed one week (don't make me start quoting people). As per the verbal agreement, the scheduled first round did not take place last week. I believe it is the Rt Hon. Gentleman's own fault that he did not submit his name, though he could still lobby members to abstain, as I have no doubt he is doing. As members may see, this vote is entirely legitimate and is only found offencive to those who dislike the outcome of the game, so they change the rules. If the Rt Hon. Gentleman is so keen on never permitting the Rt Hon. Gentleman from Derbyshire and Fife from becoming President of the European Union, I suggest he either topple the government in military coup or pass the proposed constitution in a hurry. Either way, the clock is ticking and the people, who are voting, do not like to wait.

    (q-SC: @USSR: You know full well that I was using Hong Kong as a constructive example. If this attempt at appealling to your reason receives a snide remark, I will deliver a speech on the Premiership of Tony Blair. That is not a threat, it is a promise.)

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    (ooc: I do, but Sergei Kirov didn't. Try explaining him, not me. I am not my delegate, I am roleplaying my delegate and how he would react to his environment. As he does not know of any 'Hong Kong' and 'China' you can take it for granted that he will be reacting like that to all real-world references your delegates will be making.)

  • (SC: Thank you for behaving civily. Now, M. Kirov will not have to listen to a raving lunatic going on forever about Tony Blair. biggrin.gif )

  • If the Rt Hon Gentlemen from Derbyshire are so committed to the upholding of our Constitution may I ask therefore why they proposed to dissolve the EC prematurely? I am sure however this hypocrisy on behalf of the Rt Hon Candidate shall be explicable?

  • As per established procedure of the EC, the EC votes to dissolve itself (ergo, the President is asked to drop the writ for elections) within the general three-month timeframe established by the Constitution. The Constitution specifies that only three of the six seats are to be elected every three months. The council was at a deadlock as to how to decide this fairly, so it became established procedure that the entire council would be up for election. It was also deemed pertinent to have established election deadlines, so as to facilitate the process. I thank the Rt Hon. Gentleman for his inquiry as to how I have behaved according to the Constitution in the best interests of those who elected me, providing yet another opportunity to display my credentials as a legislator and party leader.

  • All in all, we must decide what needs to be done! Pointing fingers gets us nowhere and a decision must be made. It is the truth that the elections were only delayed a week, and we can not sit in anarchy waiting around for arguements on the proposed constitution to end.

  • Aleutia votes for McDowell to be the new president of the European Union.
    Until the new constitution comes into place, the current constitution must be upheld. The dissolve of the EC is irrelevant.

  • This is null and void anyway - President Tristan was voted in on elections beginning on the 28th of Sept. 2006 and ending on the 2nd of Oct. 2006. The Constitution states Presidents hold office for 9 months and by this we can determine the a new President need not be elected for another month. The 28th of June should be the rightful period in which to open the Polls. I refer you to past documents held in our online database here:

    Therefore, in order to uphold the Constitution and our legal election system, this election must be started again. I also would like to point out the bureaucratic waste of time that has been caused by this. We ask that the Derbyshire and Fife Government cover the costs of this complete and utter ridicule.

  • The Rt Hon. Gentleman is obviously correct. I earnestly appologise to the entire region. I was under the impression that I could count, but apparently calculus was for naught. I again beg the forgiveness of the region for this error. I would like to thank every one who voted. I was glad to have the support of so many, and I hope we have all enjoyed the exercise in democracy. Now, I shall be off to fire random civil servants in Her Majesty's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (D&F branch of course). The Chancellor of the Exchequer would like for me to inform the region and specifically the Rt Hon. Gentleman in question that with Derbyshire's gigantic budget surplus, financing this election will not be an issue.

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