Disease Prevention And Control

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    I'm trying my hand at some legislation which could potentially give the UN a sort of WHO organization with a concentration in preventing and curing diseases like HIV/AIDS, Ebola, etc. I'd like to get some constructive criticism, so let me know if you like it or hate it, but either way explain the pros and cons of the legislation at hand please.


    Disease Prevention and Control
    A resolution to reduce income inequality and increase basic welfare.

    Category: Social Justice
    Strength: Significant
    Proposed by: Belarum

    The General Assembly of the United Nations,

    Believing that the member states of not only the United Nations, but the world should be committed to the health and well-being of their people,

    Deeply concerned by the potential lack of prevention and control of disease in the respective member states of the United Nations, as well as the potential lack of coordination between agencies of nations in bringing medical advances and preventative measures to nations of the UN in fighting disease,

    Resolving to bring decent health standards as well as coordination and preparedness to combat disease to as many nations as possible, hereby:

    1. Strongly encourages nations to fund research into preventative measures and cures for disease and disseminate such information internationally;

    2. Further encourages coordination between the existing health agencies of nations in fighting and controlling disease;

    3. Emphasizing the importance of disseminating crucial information concerning the prevention and control of disease throughout the international community, to include nations which may not hold membership in the United Nations;

    4. Establishes the United Nations Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDPC), with the mission to:
      -identify, assess, and communicate current and emerging threats to human health from disease,
      -actively research treatment, cures, and preventative measures concerning disease,
      -coordinate efforts between UN member states in preventing and controlling disease;

    5. Mandates the establishment of CDPC offices in the member states of the United Nations, as necessary in order to:
      -research ways and possibilities to prevent and control disease,
      -support relief efforts in individual UN nations through the appropriate agencies or take responsibility itself should those agencies be unable to respond to an outbreak of disease,
      -disseminate crucial information and research concerning disease internationally in a quick and orderly fashion;

    6. Strongly encourages nations to:
      -create agencies concerned with the prevention and control of disease,
      -research cures and preventative measures to combat disease,
      -disseminate information internationally which could be used to impede the spread of disease.

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