Ruthendy Overhaul/Change

  • OOC: I am not sure how guys are with making changes with my nation, so I suppose I will ask first. On my hiatus, I have been sketching some notes for what Ruthendy might look like in this region. The thing about Ruthendy is I wanted to do some experimental work on governmental structures whilst roleplaying. But Ruthendy''s structure right now is not what I intended it to be when I started out on here. 

    I was thinking since I hardly done any RP on here, if I could change up my nation a bit to more of my liking before I continue any story arcs. Allow me to list my changes:

    • "The New Constitution" story arc that I started will be scraped
    • The Nation will be renamed to Vinland, because that is basically what it is at this point (official name: The Great Vinlandic Commune).
    • A new flag design shall be implement based on the norse Raven Banner
    • A new administrative system will be introduced, replacing the Union of Republics with a regional Gau system.
    • The country will no longer have a Marxian/ Internationalist focus on Socialism. Rather it shall be part of Vinland's national pride.

    Furthermore, I wanted to do some flashback story arcs. What I mean by this is I want to do some internal and external rp's that take place in the past to enrich the history of the nation. I know many of you are busy at the moment, but I am hoping it can be arranged at some point. Of course, I will focus on cultural and current events at the moment. Nothing big will happen in Vinland for a while. I will say confidently not for at the very least 6 months. As for myself, I will not be on often during weekdays if at all. So any big story arcs will have to wait until winter.