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    Here, any representative at any level from any party from any nation in the European Union can ask the European Commission want they want pertaining to issues at the regional level.

  • (The Rt Hon. the Viscount Grey, leader of the EPP-ED)
    Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I welcome the decision of the Rt Hon. Gentleman to establish what has long been an effective instrument of opposition oversight of government in parliamentary democracies the world over. Furthermore, it has been the established policy of my party to seek and further the cause of such sessions within the European Union. I take this opportunity to thank the Rt Hon. Gentleman. [Hon. Members: Hear!]Mr. Speaker, I would ask the Rt Hon. Gentleman what assurances he can give me that the proposed 'Common Defence Policy' will not evolve into a form of convoluted empire building and furthermore that burden of such proposals on member nations be thoroughly considered before any plans are finalised?

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    An interesting question from the Viscount Grey.

    The European Peace Keeping and Defence Forces were designed to first and foremost provide relief to parts of the region affected by disaster, as well as provide a regional force to deal with unresolved military conflicts in an attempt to re-establish security and maintain a peace. The goals of these regional forces is not aggressive in nature, but rather responsive to crisis that may develop from the actions of nations in the European Union. I can guarantee that as long as I serve in the Premiership of the Union, these forces will not be aggressive in nature.

  • (The Rt Hon. the Viscount Grey, EPP-ED (leader), Derbyshire and Fife)
    Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the dedicated men and women that have been tirelessly serving our Union in the deserts of Alikhstan fighting the global scourge of terrorism. We regret the loss of life and our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those who have layed down their life in service of their country. They will be deeply missed. [Hon. members: Hear.] Mr. Speaker, I would ask the Rt Hon. Gentleman whether he would take a close look at the plans put forward by the Home Secretary concerning free education. We would not like for such an opportunity as this to end illiteracy and il-education across our Union to go to waste in a pedantic struggle. Can he assure me that he will work closely with the Home Secretary over the proposed legislation to make the most of this opportunity to unite our Union behide sound proposals for universal education? Furthermore, what reassurances can he give me that the independence of individual systems of education and valued traditions such as parochial schools are protected from wanton annihilation?

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    [Xeale Kaarevithovomneilyyn am Varia - Representative to EPP-ED, Duxburian Union]

    I wish to inquire about the shaky status of individual member-nations' rights at the present moment. The latest Nemiro poll showed that 88% of my people think that the new European Commission "threatens" their rights. Nemiro has been a reliable national poll for five centuries, but results have never been so lopsided as they are now. I have been receiving literally hundreds of thousands of emails and letters a day. My people are confused, scared, and angry. In my nation, human rights and national rights go hand-in-hand - they see a threat to the latter as a threat to the former.

    We Duxburians have very old and very strong traditions of self rule, especially in education, taxation, and economics. A universal education system, for example, may seem acceptable in a newer nation, but is absolutely unthinkable in a society where the school system is so well established and successful. Also, the land tax clause of the Finance Act is more touchy of an issue than would seem on the surface. Private property is one of the oldest and most dearly held rights in this nation. Forced taxation of land from an international body is akin to rape here. Landowners will defend their property with lethal force against foreign intrusion, hence even national taxes must carry an air of local or self-imposed legitimacy.

    Will the European Commission sign the National Rights Act if it passes out of the Council? It is clear that the Duxburian Union is not alone in the struggle to save its rights. Aleutia, the Soviet Union, and the Holy Roman Empire have also expressed concerns over how far the EC has drifted into national affairs. In its honorable attempts to unite the European Union, so far the Commission has only managed to widen existing divides and tear open new ones.

    I must make it clear that in the event that the EC does not support the National Rights Act, my colleague Andswarian Wallace will re-propose the bill in the Council as many times as necessary. This is not a threat, but a promise. My government is so terrified of the Finance Act in particular that there are rumors that the Ministry of Economic Affairs might re-zone all private land in the entire country as "Commercial". There are rumors of even more desperate measures to resist. I have never seen so many rumors, so much fear, and so much doubt in my life - instability itself is normally rare in my homeland.

    Please reconsider the course the Commission has been taking and thank you for hearing my people out, for it is really them addressing you.

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    My apologies for being unable to attend to my questions for some time, I will try to answer them the best that I can.

    The Rt. Hon. the Viscount Grey, I can assure you personally that education and improving regional standards is one of the main concerns of the Premier Commissioner?s Office. I believe that by setting guidelines by which nations can be suggested to follow we can set a great example for member states in the European Union while maintaining individual tradition in the education systems of member states.

    Representative Xeale Kaarevithovomneilyyn am Varia, I believe that the matter has been blown out of proportion entirely. National rights are of paramount concern to my office, and we will shortly make a public statement on the issue in more detail. I can say now that I personally feel as though the Finance Act is somewhat dissatisfying, although I feel that comparing a system of regional taxation to ?rape? is extreme. I believe wholeheartedly that taxation at the regional level must be very carefully worked out among member states of the EU so that no nation feels that too much burden falls on them. Financing the European Commission with the proper amount of funds is certainly a great concern of this office, but we are simply not yet of the opinion that it requires taxation, and we will continue to rely on grant sums from nations to sustain operations. I think all those representing their nations in the European Council and even those who sit on the European Commission need to step back from this widespread hysteria and realize that no one is infringing on the rights of any nation whatsoever; neither the Treasury Finance Act nor the National Rights Act has passed, making most of these shouting matches a moot point.

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    [Sophia Khodorkovskaya, Commissioner for Defence]

    I wish to inquire the Rt. Hon. Premier Commissioner on the status and priority of the European Defence Force's armament programme. The Office for the Defence and Peace-keeping Forces is ready to begin a competition to evaluate arms offers, however the financial situation is of great interest.

    We would like to begin the competition to at least be able to inform the Commission about the final costs of the whole programme.

  • Greetings friends and colleagues! It is my honour to address this most noble and distinguished body as Premier Commissioner. It is my hope that we may work together to create and sustain a brighter future for our beloved Union.

    Permit me to resume where the previous Government left off. In response to my Rt Hon. colleague, the member for the USSR, I say that the European Defence Force (EDF) is of the utmost importance to the defence and maintenance of the Union. I whole-heartedly support his noble efforts to procure and provide regular armed forces for the European Union. His competition via bids has my endorsement and I urge him to begin as soon as he sees fit.

  • Aesop Rocks congratulates Mr McDowell on his new Premiership. We wish him the best of luck in his position and hope he shall serve his people well.

  • I thank the Rt Hon. gentleman for his warm wishes and I would likewise wish him well as the Chief Justice of the European Courts. His is an important duty that I know he will fulfill to the very letter of perfection.

  • The Empire wish to extend their congratulations to the new Prime Commissioner. We can only wish him good times to lead in, as his actions will decide wheter the people of the EU made the right decision. The Empire are however certaint that this is the case.

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    Sophia Khodorkovskaya and the Council of Ministers of the USSR congratulate the new Premier Commissioner for his historical election. May the aura of change last in this region beyond your term.

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    President of the USSR Gennady Zyuganov would like to inquire the Premier Commissioner concerning his stance regarding the recent provocative actions announced by Mr. Draugen of Belarum.

  • "Mr. Premier, congratulations on your victory.
    We have a question for you Mr. McDowell: many government before you failed to establish a working financial system for the Union, it is still unclear how the Union gets the money it needs to operate, since you are now in charge of the Union Government, do you have any plan to set up a system to support the Union?" asked Konya Black, Confederate Press reporter.

  • I thank all my Hon. and Rt Hon. friends and colleagues for their messages of congratulation and support. It is my deep honour and priviledge to serve this Union as Premier Commissioner and I look forward to the successful execution of my duties.

    To my Rt Hon. colleague, the member for the Soviet Union, I believe he quite rightly perceives a certain unbecoming air of hostility between the nations concerned, however, I do not believe the Rt Hon. gentleman would wish me to comment on the proposed budget of the sovereign Federal Republic of Belarum. Whilst the ETO may or may not be an active organisation, the organisation had no formal pronouncement and therefore, without formal dispensation, it is unreasonable for the Rt Hon. gentleman to be expected to assume that the ETO no longer exists. It has long been my personal philosophy that the ETO perpetuatues and agravates a divisive issue that is not relevant to the day-to-day governance of the European Union. I cannot see how the ETO is beneficial, and I urge its current and/or former members to denounce the existence of the organisation.

    I thank my Rt Hon. friend, the member for Aleutia, for his messages of hope and congratulation; they are gratefully received. On the matter of Union finance, we currently operate on a budget comprised of large donations made by the governments of the FR of Belarum and Derbyshire and Fife, with other minor contributions from assorted members. It was my aim as Minister for Economics to establish a formal European tax revenue system that would support the governance of the Union for generations to come. Sadly, this was not achieved and the European Finance Bill was defeated in the European Council. In my election campaign, I promised to pursue a revised version of this bill, outlined in the EuroFin White Paper that would primarily focus on a VAT with the possibilities of certain stamp duties in reserve. I believe this system would be beneficial to the EU and I will conduct meetings with the Rt Hon. Commissioner for Economics to fast-track this bill to the Council.

  • Aesop Rocks wishes to question as to why the Prime Commissioner feels he has the authority to request the exemption of Justices from the European Court of Justice? It is not under his jurisdiction and we find it extremely worrying that the Mr McDowell apparently has such a feeble grasp upon our Constitutions and Laws. Aesop Rocks requests Mr McDowell withdraw this request and make an apology to the Courts of Justice.

  • The Rt Hon. gentleman may read my full response to this question in the ECoJ forum, but I shall recap the particulars of the case.

    1. I believe that the people have a vested and representable interest in this case and that therefore,
    2. They should be represented by an attorney general.
    3. In present circumstances, I saw fit to assume the duties of attorney general pro tempore.
    4. If the Hon. Chief Justice will re-examine comments made to the ECoJ in this light, I am certain he will take away a different impression of the run of events.

  • I question the Rt Hon Gentleman as to his basis for these 'facts' he presents before us. The case the ECoJ are looking in to is between Aesop Rocks and Aleutia. There is no 'People Vs...' and I do not believe the self-imposed representation is viable within the Constitution. There is no position of Attorney General within any European Union Law or Legislation and I question where the Gentleman from Derbyshire came up with such a belief? I understand that the Gentlemen was aiming to represent the interests of the European Council, however I feel the problem arises in that there is no such interest coupled with the fact that the ECoJ is a supranational body which does not sit to serve the interests of member-states but instead of the Union as a whole. As such, as already stated in the ECoJ, Chief Justice Stipe and Justice Lloyd will give their opinion on the matter and shall uphold their position of trust.

  • I thank the Rt Hon. gentleman for his persistence, but I still wish to emphasise the points outlined in such matters. The interest represented by the attorney general is the interest of the people. There are several legal points from which could be drawn the legal basis for EU representation. Firstly, this matter involves two nations thus the case merits the observation of the people. Furthermore, the only motion made by the representative of the EU was to ask two justices with a former personal interest in the case to step aside. This is a common practise in such cases and does not raise alarum. The Hon. Chief Justice overruled the objection, and to put the point on the record, the EU representative took exception; again, a common enough practise. To this, the Hon. Chief Justice seemed to forget law school and seemed to take this motion as a challenge of his authority (to take exception generally requires a reason, understood or otherwise). Let me be absolutely clear: it was nothing of the kind. I have every faith in the facilities, capabilities and fairness of the Hon. Chief Justice and the proceedure was a signification of such; furthermore, in legal fairness, the motion should have indeed been overruled, as parties from opposing interests were represented, neutralising any possible bias. If, however, the Rt Hon. gentleman is arguing, as it seems to some, that the EU has no right to represent itself in the courts, I believe he is treading on thin ice. I believe that every entity, legally defined, has the right to self-representation in a court of law; to suggest that some entity has no right to self-representation is to suggest that the entity itself has no rights or does not exists, when, in fact, the entity in question is the regional government. Where subsidiaries are entitled to representation, the sum of the whole is also guaranteed representation, aside from issues of fairness.

  • (the Rt Hon. the Viscount Grey, Leader of the EPP-ED)
    Allow me to offer my congratulations to the new Premier Commissioner and all newly elected members of the European Commission. The European Commission is a symbol of trust with the People, and I hope that the Rt Hon. gentleman opposite will not violate that trust. I personally intend to see to that task.

    Mr Speaker, I know that the whole Council will wish to pay tribute to the Rt Hon. former member for Derbyshire, Michael McDowell, who has taken the decision to return to domestic politics and resign his Council seat. Mr McDowell served as a long-time Commissioner and former Premier Commissioner. His contribution to the European Union shall not be forgotten. (Hon. members: Hear.)

    Mr Speaker, we have heard a great deal concerning the agenda of the Government. Let me say that we will continue to review any plans put forward by the Rt Hon. gentleman and do our level best for the People of the European Union to work with him on a range of matters across the board.

    In his speech to the European Commission, the Rt Hon. gentleman outlined plans for discipline of Commissioners, whereby the Rt Hon. gentleman opposite would take action based on 'powers given to him'. What precisely, does the Rt Hon. gentleman have in mind?

    The financial state of the European Union is a shambles. There is no budget, we have no proposed sources of income and individual nations have gone into debt to cover the costs of running the beaurocratic behemoth that is the European Union Government. What priority can we expect the Rt Hon. gentleman to give to this situation?

    Many have taken notice of the plans for a European Defence Force. Given the astronomical estimated expenditure such an endeavour would certainly cost, does the Rt Hon. gentleman have any reservations in regards to this programme?

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