Questions To The Premier Commissioner

  • "What is love?"

  • Banned

    "What is your quest?"

  • Why Bother?

  • If your biscuit falls down into the milk, do you use your fingers to get it back or the spoon?

  • "What is love?
    "Love is different for every individual, but it is a wonderful thing, and I hope every European citizen gets a share of it."

    "What is your quest?"
    "Ah, another tough one to put into words. I feel I have a responsibility and a calling, you might call it that, to stand up for the 'joe-average' European citizen. That is why I chose to go into politics in the first place, because I saw many people were in a horrendous state, and I felt I needed to improve that. This is also why I wanted to act immediately in the Davishire crises recently, because I knew the suffering the invaded people, and indeed the Davishirian soldiers, are currently going through, which I want to end as soon as possible."

    "Why bother?"
    "Why not?"

    "If your biscuit falls down into the milk, do you use your fingers to get it back or the spoon?"
    "I have to admit I rarely dunk my biscuits into my tea, and if I do I'm usually careful I don't drop it in. However, if a terrible crisis like this does arise, as a polite gentleman I would see fit to use a spoon, and not to spoil my drink even further by using my possibly germy fingers."

  • Further Questions will of course be answered by Premier Eilidh Whiteford.

  • "Madame Premier, what progress has been made in the transformation of the European Commission into an effective and strong executive, capable of actually implementing EU legislation and values?"

    Former Commissioner Susan Callaghan, via satellite phone from the HNS Athena

    "Does the Premier, and indeed the wider Commission, have a view on the pressing, international problem of climate change, and if so, what does it propose to do regarding that issue?"

    Mrs. Barrington, Chair of the Terra Quaestoris Branch of the Inimican Green Party

    "Would the Premier support the creation of a voluntary, EU-wide space agency, under the auspices of the European Commission?"

    Raphael Stasney, leader of the Halsbergian Libertarian Coalition, High Presidential Candidate and discoverer of the 13th planet, Minaj

  • "Hello Susan." The Premier said, sitting in a large leather chair. "We've offered Europe the chance to reform the Commission and no one came forward to propose any change. Ergo, there will be a vote on the 15th of January (Because there's no propositions to discuss and amend) to either keep the Commission in its present form, or dissolve it completely. I have debated with myself to instigate reform of my own, but I thought against it." The Premier continued, sipping her tea. "Good evening Mrs. Barrington. I think Climate change is a top issue, especially considering the events in the Duxburian Union. Therefore, I am going to propose some climate change legislature to the European Council. I will collaborate with Councillor Duchess Poppy Carlton-Romanov the Third in order to issue it to the Council. Of course I would Mr Stasney. I would certainly welcome such a proposition, and if you want my support, I will gladly give it."

  • Admin

    Hello Premier. I hope you're doing well.

    I just wanted to inquire about the future of the current Commission. Now that the Commission has been reduced to only yourself and Mr. Asquith-Robinson, will you be looking to dissolve it in the coming days and call for a brand new one? It seems like an election should be due. I love what you've done with your hair, by the way. Please don't tell Councillor Stuart that I said that.

    Best wishes,

    Edward Firoux

    Councillor of Inquista

  • Why hello Eddie. My hair was done by the finest hairdresser in Europolis. It's based off of my routes as an onion seller. You can see the onion shaping. It's layered because as you know... onions have layers!

    But onto business. I think we should hold elections for the posts and then see how the Aalenic proposal goes down. Depending on the outcome, I will make a final decision about disbanding the Commission. I feel the need also to fulfill my term in office as that is what I worked so tirelessly, and was given the mandate by the people of Europe to do. And I will do my best to fulfil that. However I have done everything I set out to do. Thank you for your Question.

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