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    This will be, primarily, to update member states on the agenda of the Office of Economics.

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    Greetings, members of the European Union. As the newly elected Commissioner for Economics, I wish to state the matters I have been tasked with by the Premier Commissioner.

    *Organizing a Conference for Neo Venetian Reconstruction and lobbying national governments for funds in order to invest in the redevelopment of that country.
    *Draft a plan for the freer movement of people and labour in the European Union.

    With these two overarching goals for the Office of Economics, I seek to embark with all of your help on a mission to see them realized.

    James Howard Stanton
    Commissioner for Economics

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    Hey there EU! I am your new Commissioner of Economics, this means any concerns of EU finance should please be taken to me.

    My goals are simple. Continue to move forward into a green economy, a diverse economy, and a stronger economy.

    I will create a formal watchdog over the EU economy, so we can spot a economic disaster before it may occur. I will manage to get all war-torn countries back up again. This includes Neo-Venetia, Borvosky - everyone. And lastly, I will make the EU stronger than it was before.

    Thank you again,
    Alexander Kligenberg - North Inquista


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    Greetings Citizens of Europe,

    Having been appointed to the position of Commissioner of Economics, it is my goal to increase European activity in the Economics sector. I would like to state my economics agenda, which will be augmented by my Premier Commissioner's requests.


    -I will be issuing a 4 part economics guidelines for a more in depth understanding of economics and how to better RP them.

    • I will begin the Europolis Stock Exchange and the European 100 Index, which will trade futures, finances, and commodities during my tenure.

    • I will provide a GDP per capita (PPP) top 20 list every month.


    • Advise nations on how to improve their economics.

    • Begin discussions on a loose eurozone for those who already use the currency; it will not be mandatory for all European nations to join it.

    • Begin a European Disaster-Relief Fund and regularly ask for donations from private citizens and governments.

    I look forward to working with you all on our economics and work towards a prosperous Europe.

    Dr. Michael Reed, United Kingdom
    Commissioner of Economics

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    Good evening, citizens of the European Union.

    It is truly an honour to be elected to the European Commission, and I am eternally grateful to all of you who placed your faith in me. I can assure you, I will work with all my strength to apply our shared values and beliefs in this office. I'm sure you will all join me in congratulating my fellow Commissioners elected into office. I know we can all work together constructively to build a better Europe for every citizen.

    As you will no doubt be aware, my campaign focused heavily on the needless spending and financial incompetency of the European Union. The newly-elected Premier must be applauded for allowing me to rectify these problems. Through my position as Commissioner for Economics, I will make sure that the EU takes some fiscal responsibility, and transforms into an effective international Union. Some of my critics have pointed out that the EU has a large budget surplus, and that we should be using this money for one thing or another. That, my friends, is called spending for the sake of spending, and is something I am keen to stamp out.

    If I may outline my policy aims for this term?

    I want to see every member country of this Union flourish and bloom, both economically and socially. To do this, we need to oppose excessive regulation coming out of Europolis. Now, I'm not advocating a completely laissez-fair approach. But legislation from the Council that strangles small and medium sized businesses is out of the question. Which brings me to my next point. Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of any economy. I would like to pursue a small business start up fund, whereby aspiring entrepreneurs can apply for limited funding towards their idea.

    I am following in the footsteps of Dr. Reed, who has left the office with a spectacular reputation. I aim to continue his legacy by developing the Humanitarian Relief Fund to the point it can be presented to the Council, and further authoring of the European Budget.

    I know this job won't be easy, but I'm always up for a challenge. Thank you for your kind attention.

    Susan Callaghan - Halsberg
    Commissioner for Economics

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    First of all, I want to thank the European people and the European Council for their confidence and Premier Commissioner Peter Monfort, for giving me the chance of working in improving the economy of the whole region.

    My aim in this position is to give more efficiency to European economy, fighting against unfair oligopolies, making doing business in foreign member states easier, thinking on remedies to the plague of unemployment and working for a responsible economic development, with respect to the people and the environment.

    Economy is not about abstract concepts, exotic numbers and men in tuxedos making deals. The economy has a direct effect on the life of the average European. I consider my duty to create the conditions improve his or her life standards.

    Marie Rivas
    European Commissioner for Economics

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    I would like to begin by thanking all y'all who'd supported me. Without y'all, 'dis really wouldn't be possible.

    I know that 'dis was a very sudden election, and that the next Commission elections are already approaching us very soon, but I ain't gonna roll over and be a mere placeholder. Aw nah, no way sista'. I wanna use dis' time to sort out a proper budget, make sure that all of Europe's institutions and programs are well funded and equipped, and that Europeans can access these programs without without hassle like 'dey dealing with the Popo, ya know?

    I've already started working on the budget, which will need a complete overhaul because of all 'dem reforms that have happened lately, so it won't be an easy task. But gurl, trust me, I will get it done. *snapas finger*

    I'm also already workin' on finally setting up the European Finance Agency. I can't believe that it hasn't even been properly opened yet. But then again, so many of our great institutions have been forgotten. Just earlier today I was talking to Commissioner Kligenberg about the European Heritage Site Program and and I was like, "Hey gurl", and She was like, "Hey gurl, wussup?", and then I was like, "Ya know gurl, dem Heritage sites need approvin'. I ain't gonna help fund dis' program if you ain't gonna approve 'dem heritage sites!" And she was like "Gurl, you know I like that fancy art 'n stuff".

    There is a lot of work that needs to be done in a matter of a few weeks, but I look forward to the challenge. Feel free to holla at yo gurl and drop me a line!

    JennaMarelle Johnson
    Commissioner for Economics

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    Haaay y'all, it's yo gurl Mama JJ here!

    It's officially been one week since this big booty has been sittin' in the Commissioner fo Economics Office chair. And lemme tell ya boo, I'mma been makin' the most of it. I just wanna let y'all know that I have officially opened the European Finance Agency. Dat's right, we're open for bisniz! Elections for the Junior Finance Officer is still be ongoin', so have yo eyes peeled out fo dat! Our European Patent Office has also been without a chairman for a longer time than Mariah Carey has been without a numba one album, so that's unacceptable! Elections fo dat are ongoin' too. I can't believe the sorry state our institutions are in, so I'm just sorting out the offices and making sure that all position are gonna be filled.

    I've also published a draft budget. I know, finally! The EU hasn't had a budget in over a year... over a year! Dis is a mess. I just wanna finally start fundin' our programs properly. Please, everybaaaady, please, go look at dat budget. Dis is really important. Once dat draft is approved, it will be presented to the European Council.

    Hope y'all had as good of a week as I did!

    *air kisses* Mwha!

    JennaMarelle Johnson
    Commissioner for Economics

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    An Urgent Statement from the Commissioner for Economics

    My fellow Europeans,

    As many of you are aware, the European currency is called the euro. I call it the European currency because it is, as defined by the constitution, the currency in which the European Government collects its revenue and makes expenditures.

    That currency has reached a dire situation.

    Due to a lack of central monetary policy, nations that currently use the euro have been able to print the euro at an alarming rate. The Office informed me that as it stands now, with the amount of euros in circulation, the currency is worth 0.77 of what it was worth in 2014. This is a staggering loss of value and puts the European budget at risk.

    The European Council has voted for a budget which provides 36 billion euros in surplus. However, with the recent fall in value, the expenditures now cost 108 billion euros, shrinking the surplus to 18.332 billion euros. That may seem like we're in the clear, but the trend is worrisome.

    If the European Government does not have enough of a resolve to solve the crisis, we could be looking at a potential budget deficit for the first time in its history for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. This may show the Union that monetary policy is just as important as fiscal policy. When the two are separated, disaster could prove eminent.

    I call on the Council to do something about the Euro crisis as it could render our European Government insolvent very quickly, particularly as other countries join the eurozone meeting fiscal and monetary policy goals, nor a central printing and monetary authority that can keep the euro strong.

    This is not about big government. This is about the future of Europe and the immediate solvency of its Government.

    Renata Kligenberg
    Commissioner for Economics

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    27 May 2015

    My dear European Governments and Finance Ministers:

    The Office of Economics will begin, starting tomorrow, offering appointments to those who wish to have an outside perspective on their national economies. Advice will be given on fiscal and monetary policy steps that will be used to promote growth and prosperity for your nation. These will be of detailed quality.

    Also, the Office will issue ratings and regional economic data beginning Friday, 29 May 2015. The ratings will be based on data compiled objectively by our office. As we are not a body that can issue loans, these ratings will not be tied to a nation's ability to borrow money or servicing of its existing debt. They can be useful though to show progress on economic factors.

    Lastly, we must thank Sir Eric Pickles of Davishire, who has stepped down from the European Finance Agency. I wish him luck in the future with his endeavours and appreciate his service on behalf of Europe.

    Renata Kligenberg
    Commissioner for Economics

  • Good evening to all the nations of the European Union from the Office of the Commissioner for Economics.

    It has been a very pleasant surprise and honour for me to be elected as a Commissioner. As a lawyer I did not expect to find myself operating as the Economics Commissioner. The son of one of my friends is currently studying 'A' Level Economics and he has leant me an excellent book on the subject. It is called "Positive Economics" by a Canadian called Richard Lipsey. I'm already on chapter 3 and am hooked.

    Apparently its all about dem and us - oh no sorry that should be demand and supply.

    Before I begin my role, it would be useful if each nation could provide me with details of their senior politician who has responsibility for economic affairs.

    Suzanah Beech - Commissioner for Economics

  • Good evening to all the nations of the European Union from the Office of the Commissioner for Economics.

    This is an update to brief you on the work that I have been undertaking as the Commissioner for Economics, since my appointment nearly two weeks ago.

    My first task has been to appoint an advisor, and I am pleased to announce that Dr Henry Davidson, the Dean of the School of Economics from the Heutenberg University of International Studies in the Weiss Isles, has accepted the appointment and is already working at my right hand. His presence has already been exceptionally beneficial.

    My immediate duty was to commence a review of the workings of the European Central Bank and its operation of the Eurozone currency.. The review is now complete and its interim findings are under discussion amongst the other Commissioners. There are a number of recommendations and alternatives, all of which could have significant implications for member nations. The possibility of Miraco withdrawing from the Euro is also informing the review. I hope to be able to present the findings of my view very soon.

    I have also been busy trying to resolve the issues between the Governments of the United Kingdom, the Duxburian Union and Framptonia concerning trade protection. Discussions between the UK and Framptonian Governments are ongoing at the moment and I am sure that a solution is within grasp.

    I have also started working on some possible labour market reforms and will be approaching Council members with a view to consulting on how they might be implemented.

    Suzannah Beech - Commissioner for Economics

  • My Fellow Europeans,

    As my term has begun, I would like to submit a formal agenda for what I plan to do between now and May. The EU budget for the 2016/2017 fiscal year will be submitted in this coming week. I also have plans to increase trade among European Nations. I plan to transform the ideas gathered from discussions at the Winter Summit in Fremet into a formal agreement. I also plan to hold a summit as to what to do about what is left of the Eurozone. I hope that this letter clears up my plans for this term, and I hope that my time as Commissioner for Economics leaves Europe a better place to do business and has higher economic cooperation between member states. Thank you.


    Thomas Ericsson

  • Thank you for being able to handle a task as important as the one you have chosen to perform. We hope to increase trade with other nations to increase our nation's growing economy. Our President is thankful for your work.

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