Act to Establish the European Corps 2020

  • Commission


    Proposed by Commissioner Antoni Reynels (Inquista) :: Passed (10-1), June 8th, 2020 :: Unamended


    The purpose of this Act is to establish a voluntary military corps to protect the European Union and our allies from foreign invasion, to liberate regions which have been invaded or occupied by other regions, or take offensive action against belligerent threats to the European Union.


    I. The European Corps, hereafter referred to as the Eurocorps, shall consist solely of volunteer units contributed by member states of the European Union.
    II. A volunteer unit needs to be approved by the Eurocorps Commander before they can serve the Eurocorps.
    III. Once a volunteer unit has been approved by the Eurocorps Commander, they shall receive training from the Eurocorps in order to be prepared for combat operations.
    IV. Each Eurocorps unit shall be commanded by a national of their member state of origin, who shall be a military officer of a certain rank that is deemed acceptable by the Eurocorps Commander.


    I. The Eurocorps may be deployed defensively to protect the European Union and its allies, or to defend and liberate regions which have been invaded or occupied by other regions. The Eurocorps may be deployed offensively if the target meets institutional criteria as a belligerent threat to the European Union.


    I. The operations and administration of the Eurocorps shall be overseen by the Eurocorps Commander.
    II. The Eurocorps Commander shall be appointed by the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs for the remainder of the Foreign Affairs Commissioner's eight-month term.
    III. The Eurocorps Commander shall serve in their position until the end of the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs’s term, or until they resign from office.
    IV. The Eurocorps Commander may delegate and appoint Eurocorps Officers to undertake certain duties or responsibilities. The specifics of these duties or responsibilities are decided on a case-by-case basis by the Eurocorps Commander.
    V. The Eurocops Commander may dismiss any Eurocorps Officer or Eurocorps force from duty for any given reason.


    I. The Eurocorps shall be entirely funded by the European Union and its budget.
    II. The Eurocorps shall procure its own equipment and shall receive enough funding to adequately equip, train, transport and operate all its forces.
    III. Member states which contribute forces to the Eurocorps will not be responsible for equipping their volunteer forces once they are in service to the Eurocorps. However, once a force is no longer in service to the Eurocorps, then that force shall surrender all equipment back to the Eurocorps.

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