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    Post any questions, queries, and comments about the EU's RP war system here.

    Alternatively, feel free to contact @Duxburian-Union or @Vayinaod, our war mods, or any member of the admin team.


    **Nation Name:**
    **Link to War List:**
    **Requested Slot: (Check System thread for details)**
    **Reasons for approval?:** (How does your nation fit the status of the producer? Recent RP History of your nation)

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    What's up everyone!

    Because of my ever lasting need for perfection I am currently working on War System v.5.1 or Hot Fix 1.0, the name is a WIP.

    Much like the actual content of the update.

    The goal of the update will be to flesh out the budget side of the system. I've been playing attention to the war lists released so far and more people are just maxing out their budget with no ill-received effects. (Few RL countries meet that 25% defense budget and most of those have various issues affecting them.)

    There's two ways I am looking into resolving that:

    • Method A- Will be that if you max out manpower, defense budget spending (i.e 25% of your government), and the hard cash value of your defense (i.e 5% of your Euro gdp) there will be some form of negative economic multiplier applied in the economic system.

    • Method B- Is taking the government spending in the economic from the Econ system and using that to help figure out what the true maximum of your defense spending should be using the %s . For example if you have a 450 Billion Euro GDP, and your government spends 100 Billion Euros yearly, you shouldn't exceed 25 Billion Euros in defense spending based on pure defense spending percentages, but accounting for the 5% GDP rule with that you should not exceed 22.5 Billion Euros. This would go both ways with the real defense maximum and the Euro GDP maximum working together to sort of balance each other out.

    In the end it might end up being a mixture of both, I've been toying with the idea of minor economic modifiers for the econ system but method B I feel (in some version of it) work out to be more effective.

    Will update you guys moreso once I got working concepts but for now feel free to submit thoughts.

    ALSO coming:

    • Producer slot applications
    • Space system applications
    • Custom unit/class/variant applications

    All located on this discussion thread.

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    Yo my peoples heres the beta version for the new war system patch please if you got time fill it out and it to me. Give me comments on organization or some other ideas yall might have.


    Some quick notes:
    Publicly disclosed changes are as follows:

    These new defense budget/defense multipliers:
    20.01% and above = WAR ADMIN APPROVAL REQUIRED
    10.01% to 15% = 1.50
    7.51% to 10% = 1.25
    5.01% to 7.50% = 1.0
    2.51% to 5.0% = 0.75
    1% to 2.5% = 0.50
    0% = 0

    Please input the newly required info for % of Gov spending in GDP and the actual defense spending % of the government budget.

    Please send me the sheet once you complete it.

    Negative Econ modifiers do exist but will not be disclosed at this time.

    Quick reference on defense spending %s are (in no particular order)

    Belarus (the top of the list) 32%
    United States 9%
    Korea, the REAL South, 12.4%
    Saudi Arabia, 25%
    UAE 17%
    Singapore 17%
    Russia 11.4%
    Japan 2.5%
    France 4.1%
    Sweden 2.1%
    Norway 3.4$

    The RL EU has an Average of 3.1%

    You should try your best to balance your Defense spending %, Defense Mod to have your Projected IC Budget match your True Budget.

    Post any questions here or send them to me on discord: This hotfix will likely be released July 6th or so.

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    System updated! You can use the new war sheet to get your stuff updated, I will be more than happy to help you out.

    You get a freebie update with this one, and you aren't required to make an RP posting surrounding the changes.

    Check the system thread for details.

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    Forgot to mention that the war list form itself was changed slightly so be sure to double check you are using the right one!

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    Nation Name: United Stars of Valhalla
    Link to War List:USV War List
    Requested Slot: (Australia)

    Reasons for approval?: I need this because in RP my nation went through a civil war so we need to arm up for if it to prevent it from happening again and I also fit because I'm an island just like Australia.

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    Nation Name: Kingdom of Reitzmag
    Link to War List: Reitzmag's Data Calculator
    Requested Slot: (Check System thread for details) India

    Reasons for approval?: Reitzmag had been occupying the swedish producer slot for about 4 months already due to its status. But things have changed since the past 4 months and Reitzmag has developed greatly in economic, military, and political aspects. An economic boom was experienced in which raised the Euro GDP of Reitzmag to about 400,000,000,000 Euros.

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    Reitzmag may update its inventory list to account for its new producer slot (meaning only clarify things you've already purchased not add new items). Nations who have declared purchases in the past from Reitzmag must retain the original swedish purchases. Those purchases are protected for whenever the next swedish producer comes around.

    While I got everyone's attention real quick (this is about something aside from the Reitzmag application). I would like to clarify something when it comes to declaring inventory. The only time (aside from updates which are supposed to only be reflective of an adjusted war list not an outright expansion), nations may retroactively add purchases from producers or not do any RP regarding their purchases is when they first make their war list.

    AFTER this first time, the expectation is that there is a level of RP surrounding purchasing these new producers. Whether its a news post or a summit, or whatever. There must be RP in regards to adding units or other purchases to your military, and these purchases should include what specifically is being bought to avoid future issues, but I can live without that /sometimes/.

    If you adjust numbers by a little thats typically fine,but do not abuse it so I can avoid banning that. Producers I am less so concerned with this as much as nations who buy equipment from other nations and rely on this equipment. For example if you when you first made your war list declared you bought 10 Su-30s from Icholasen, the expectation is that should remain the case and it should not suddenly jump to 35 Su-30s without RP reflecting the fact you illegally bought them with the communist regime.

    Basically, avoid editting what equipment you currently have just because you have more generous circumstances to get certain equipment.

    What you get is what you get, RP it if you want to change it.

    EDIT: I'll be working on a guide on ways to go about RPing war system RP like purchases or battles in the coming days just because I love you all.

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    Nation Name: Union of Duchies
    Link to War List: http://nseuropeanunion.com/topic/639/union-of-duchies-warlist
    Requested Slot: (Check System thread for details) Spain

    Reasons for approval?: Nation has invested alot in military companies. Being one of the biggest economies and a big military they adopted a policy of Duchy companies first resulting in a build up of contractors.

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