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    The Ambassador's receptions are noted in society for their hosts' exquisite taste...

    Representatives of other regions who wish to pursue diplomatic relations with the European Union are encouraged to apply here for an embassy on our forums. Approval is entirely at the discretion of the Commissioner for Foreign Affairs.

    If approved, we will create an embassy for you, and if we do not already have an embassy there, we will also reciprocate by applying for an embassy on your forums.

    To apply, please fill out the following form:

    **Region Name:**
    **Brief Region Description:**  
    **Nation and Title of Region's Leader:**  
    **Region Size:**  
    **Link to Regional Forums (if you have one):**   
    **Any other important details:**  
    **Would you like a Ferrero Rocher?**  

  • Diplomat

    Region Name: Europeia
    Brief Region Description: We are a Democratic region with powerful institutions.
    Nation and Title of Region's Leader: Kuramia (Chief of State - Foreign Affairs) - Rand (Domestic Affairs)
    Region Size: 1011 nations
    Link to Regional Forums (if you have one): https://forums.europeians.com/index.php
    Any other important details:
    Would you like a Ferrero Rocher? Yes

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