Hospital Ship Classification and Protection Act 2020

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    Hospital Ship Classification and Protection Act

    Proposed by Cllr. Francis Plessis (Leagio) :: Passed (8-0), June 20th, 2020 :: Unamended


    The European Union has seen various forms of warfare throughout its history with each one having a varying level of death and destruction. Warfare and disaster will always occur through the world with people that need various help. This need is where the Hospital Ship comes in and sails to bring in the wounded, whether they are of the ship’s nationality or not. It is without any doubt that every nation within the European Union has guidelines or plans on how to quickly transform a merchant vessel into a hospital ship, a ship that heals the wounded and sick. However, within the European Union, there is no formal protection from international law that ensures that a Hospital Ship is not intentionally attacked; whether it is by a submarine equipped with various weapons, a warship on patrol, a aircraft on patrol, or any other form of attack not mentioned. This Bill is to have the European Union provide Hospital Ships international protection from any form of attack by military powers and provide a steadier classification on what makes a vessel into a Hospital Ship.

    Section 1: Definitions

    1. Hospital Ship: A vessel that was built or converted (from a merchant ship of any type) to aid and medical support to any one in large number.

    2. Patient: A person that is wounded or requires immediate medical attention that was resulted from any form of disaster, whether it is an earthquake, warfare, political turmoil, and other forms of pain and destruction.

    3. Military Power: A military system that has the ability to attack any one with weapons of any form.

    Section 2: Protections of a Hospital Ship

    1. A Hospital Ship that meets the required classifications described below is regarded as a vessel that is immune from being attacked by military powers in form.

    Section 3: What Classifies a Ship as a Hospital Ship

    The following guidelines implemented will internationally classify a ship as a Hospital Ship:

    1. The entire Hull of the ship must be painted white with a wide red strip running along the side of the hull or just a few meters above the waterline. In addition, on the red strip, there must be at least two red or green crosses that ensures that the vessel is recognized as a hospital ship.

    2. In addition, the vessel must be equipped with red cross lights on the sides of its hull, in order for it to be recognized as a hospital ship. These lights are required to be on during the night, fog, or any form of bad weather that impedes the vessel’s ability to see in the horizon.

    3. A Hospital Ship must not be used to transport Ammunition, guns, or any weapons of war meant to harm individuals. It may be allowed to have a military squad equipped with weapons as a way to protect the crew, medical staff, and patients from any threat that seeks to cause harm.

    Section 4: Consequences of Attacking a Hospital Ship

    1. If a hospital ship is attacked, raided, sunk, and stuck upon by a military power, the European Union Court of Justice shall issue economic sanctions or whatever punishment that they think is suitable.

      a. However, before any punishment is issued, the case of the any incident involving a hospital ship must be investigated by the European Union Court by revealing the evidence that either ship has.

      b. In the worst-case scenario that there no survivors of what happened to a incident that involves a hospital ship, then the country or organization that operates the Hospital Ship may act as the plaintiff in the situation

      c. The European Union Court of Justice shall examine both sides of the situation and determine whether or not that the attacker of the hospital is liable for the damages and/or loss that occurred in the incident.

      d. The European Union Court of Justice may instead if sufficient evidence can be provided that the Hospital Ship should be held liable for the incident that involved it issue a punishment to the operators or captain of the hospital ship.

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