Anti-Terrorism Act

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    I believe something similar to this has become a resolution already.

  • In that case since it is a good motion, Anti-Terrorism, and it coincides with the UN Nuclear Stockpile Maintanence Proposal would it be possible to instead put it forward as legislation to the Security Council for eventual implementation within the European Union?

  • Have moved this to the Security Council area.

    Please do not vote on this until the SC has validated and accepted the proposal (which I am sure we will - formality).

    Thank you,
    Comrade Phillip

  • Vote FOR it to go before Parliament, but what's this similarity you speak of Belarum? I'm sure I've seen this somewhere before as well blink.gif

  • This is being forgotten guys! I think we need to start working on these resolutions for putting them forward to Parliament - people are gunna start asking where their proposals keep going!

  • Apparently there are no propositions from the SC to modify or discard this resolution, so it should be now sent to the Parliament.

  • Indeed it seems so, but I think we better get the OK from everybody before we send it to Parliament.

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    The Federal Republic of Belarum has read and analyzed the Anti-Terrorism Act proposed by the ESP, and votes FOR the resolution as is.

    [IC RP]On a more personal note, the nation of Belarum has struggled from time to time with terrorism within it's own borders. For more information on the subject, see Belarum's NS Wiki article.[IC RP]

  • Still waiting for Soviet Union's input on this matter! We do need it before we put it before Parliament don't we?

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    ABSTAIN. The Soviet Union neither supports nor condemns this piece of legislation, hence we acknowledge it is time for the Parliament to begin voting for it. I would like this specific topic to be locked and a copy of it to be posted in the parliament, if possible.

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