Meetings Of The Commission

  • "Yes an investigation seems a good initiative. Then we will know better how to act. I think the Commissioner of Internal Affairs and me can manage that."

    Commissioner of Defence and Peacekeeping Raul Morland

  • "I am sure that would be covered by the Defense Budget."

  • "Indeed, the budgeting will have to come from the Defence and Peacekeeping office. I suggest Mr Morland and Mrs Kligenberg start their investigation as soon as possible, as lives are on the line here. I recently visited Davishire, and I was told that over two thousand have already perished on their own side, let alone the casualties on the Prussian end of the stick."

    Premier Hitchens

  • Admin

    Mr. Hitchens,

    In regards the assignment of position, I'd like to propose an alternative:

    I have been speaking to Mr. Hunt and he and I both agreed that we'd be better suited to the others' recent assignment. If it would not be too much of an issue for you, we would like to switch.

    Would you agree to such a switch?

    • Renata

  • If this does indeed improve the Commission's revenue, I wholeheartedly agree with a switch. I am glad this matter has been brought to my attention.

    Eric Hitchens

  • Admin

    Thank you very much sir. Does a formal announcement need to be made?

    • Renata

  • If you would. We want transparency, after all.

    Premier Hitchens

  • Commissioners,

    Starting a new term is always daunting, but continuing one often even more so. Therefore, I would like to ask each of you to set out your goals for this term. This way, we can communicate clearly and get our focus straight.

    Premier Hitchens

  • IC: I'd like to work towards Europarty reform with my fellow councillors, and push for the ECB or another body to make development loans for smaller or more developing nations readily available.

    OOC: I'd like to have a review of recruitment and welcoming new nations to the NS region, and encouraging them to participate on here.

  • OOC- We should work together on the recruitment thing and the following welcome. I think too many new members are leaving because they struggle to get involved.

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