The European Health Organization Act 2020

  • Commission


    Proposed by Cllr. Kent Evergreen (Malborya) and Cllr. Edward Firoux (Inquista) :: Passed (10-0), July 20th, 2020 :: Unamended


    I. This Act shall hereby establish the European Health Organization (EHO) to monitor, research and collect data on public health, and coordinate responses to health risks.


    I. The EHO shall be responsible for monitoring the public health of member states of the European Union, as well as the responses, strategies and measures that member states may have in place regarding public health risks.
    II. The EHO shall collect public health data from and on all member states of the European Union. The EHO shall have access to all unclassified publicly owned health databases that are used by the highest health authority of each member state. The EHO shall also disseminate regular national health surveys to the highest health authority of each member state, which must be answered as truthfully and honestly as possible, failure to do so may result in action by the European Council on behalf of the EHO. The EHO shall triangulate all data it collects from the national healthy surveys with the data it has collected from databases, as well as data collected from other sources the EHO deems appropriate, such as data ethically collected from and by other organizations, persons or parties. The EHO shall not transfer data from one member-states database information to another without explicit consent for each set of data transfered. The public health data of a member-state may only be used for EHO research, studies, etc. or by the member-state of its origin.
    III. All data that is collected by the EHO shall remain anonymous with no identifying personal information. In need of information from a specific person the EHO may make a request to said individual(s) to obtain the information, the said person shall be informed of the request by the authorities of the member state. The requested individual (s) have the right not to consent to provide the information. The EHO shall not disclose or disseminate any identifying information of specific persons to the public or any governmental health authority.
    IV. The EHO shall research areas related to public health. The EHO shall be responsible for disseminating and sharing its research findings back to the highest health authority of each member state and to the European public.
    V. The EHO shall create recommendations and strategies on ways to combat public health risks using its data and research findings. The EHO shall share these recommendations and strategies, as well as any additional policy advice on public health matters, to the highest health authority of each member state.
    VI. The EHO shall coordinate responses to public health risks by working with member states' authorities, and by organizing meetings between EHO representatives, to create consensus on strategies and measures to combat public health concerns.


    I. The EHO shall be headquartered in the Free City of Europolis.
    II. Each member state shall appoint a representative to the European Health Organization.
    III. The Commissioner of Internal Affairs shall appoint a director, and may remove them at any time they see fit. The Director of the EHO has no term length nor limit and serves at the pleasure of the Commissioner for Internal Affairs. The EHO Representatives may in extreme circumstances remove the EHO director via a supermajority vote as defined by the EU Council, until such time as the position is filled the EHO Representatives shall elect an interim Director.
    IV. The Director of the EHO shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the EHO and shall work in partnership with health authorities and governmental health departments as required.
    V. The EHO shall fall under the Commission for Internal Affairs.
    VI. The Commissioner of Internal Affairs, as well as the European Council and European Court of Justice, have the right to investigate any and all potential breaches of this act by the EHO or by member-states. Any breach of this act may result in a number of administrative actions, as well as legal actions undertaken by an appropriate jurisdiction.
    VII. The European Biotechnology Advisory Board shall be administratively under the purview of the EHO for the purposes of funding and support. The European Biotechnology Advisory Board shall otherwise retain its independence. Board members of the EBAB may be the EHO Representatives concurrently if a member-state so wishes.

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