The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

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    The UK is one of the world's oldest and most successful states, presiding over almost 1,000 years of unbroken governance over the British Isles. It is responsible for much of the development of the world, through its colonial intercession in India and Africa, its founding of the American colonies, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, its conception and exportation of parliamentary democracy and its traditions of competence in the civil service, free market economics and courage and respect in the armed forces.

    The UK is also a rich treasure trove of traditions and history, which enriches its vibrant modern day society and economy.

  • Government:

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    Head of State:

    His Majesty King Charles III

    Head of Government:

    Lord Protector Anthony Blair

    Government Departments:

    Office of the Lord Protector

    Office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer
    Department of Finance
    Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment
    (-Industrial Development Authority)
    (-Natural Resources Agency)
    (-National Employment Agency)
    (-Industrial Relations Agency)

    Home Office

    _Department of Internal Security
    -(Royal Courts of Justice)
    -(Office of the Attorney General)
    -(Associated Constabularies Agency)
    -(Internal Intelligency Liason Office)
    -(Borders and Naturalisation Agency)
    Department of Social Services
    Department of Health
    -(Emergency Health Trust)
    -(Central Disease Agency)
    Department of Transport
    -(Road and Rail Transport Agency)
    -(Sea and Waters Transport Agency)
    -(Aviation Transport Agency)
    Department of Agriculture
    -(National Land Agency)
    -(Farming Agency)
    -(Fishing Agency)
    -(Game, Bird and Wildlife Agency)
    Department of Arts, Culture and Tourism
    -(National Tourist Board)
    -(National Museum Administration)
    -(National Trust)
    -(National Parks Association)

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Department of European Affairs
    Department of American Affairs
    Department of African Affairs
    Department of Asian and Australasian Affairs
    Department of International Affairs
    -(United Nations Liason Office)
    -(External Intelligency Liason Office)

    Ministry of Defence

    Department of the Army
    -(Royal Army)
    -(Territorial Army)
    -(Land Reserve Forces)
    Department of the Navy
    -(Royal Navy)
    -(Merchant Navy)
    -(Naval Reserve Forces)
    -(Fisheries Protection Agency)
    Department of the Air Force
    -(Royal Air Force)
    -(British Royal Space Agency)
    Department of Military Intelligence
    -(Military Intelligence Agency)
    -(Internal Intelligence Liason Office)
    -(External Intelligence Liasion Office)
    Department of Military Justice
    -(Office of the Armed Forces Attorney General)
    -(Military Courts Agency)
    -(Combined Armed Forces Constabulary)
    Military Research Institute
    -(Armed Forces Scientific Research Agency)
    -(Land Weaponry and Tactics Research Agency)
    -(Naval Weaponry and Tactics Research Agency)
    -(Air and Space Weaponry and Tactics Research Agency)
    -(Missile Research Agency)
    -(Non-conventional Weaponry and Tactics Research Agency)

    Ministry of Intelligence

    _Department of Intelligence
    -(Internal Intelligence Agency)
    -(External Intelligence Agency)
    -(Combined Intelligence Liason Office)

    Department of State Security
    -(Military Intelligence Liason Office)
    -(Special Intelligence Agency)
    -(Special Intelligence Constabulary)_


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    How the system works:

    The British Cabinet is the assembly of the Lord Protector, the Executive Ministers (Secretaries) of the Government super-ministries and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; aided by whatever subordinate junior ministers, high ranking civil servants, military officials and experts which are needed from time to time to advise them on specific matters of state.
    There are several other permanent members of the Cabinet, who sit ex officio and do not vote, usually one from each of the most important departments in the super-ministries.

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    Current Cabinet

    The Lord Protector Tony Blair (Prime Minister)
    The Chancellor of the Exchequer David Cameron
    Secretary of the Home Office Charles Clarke
    Secretary of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office John Reid
    Secretary of the Ministry of Defence Adam Ingram
    Secretary of the Ministry of Intelligence John Scarlett
    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Sir Michael Jackson

    Ex Officio Members

    Minister of Finance Peter Mandelson
    Minister of Internal Security Michael Fisher
    Minister of International Affairs Jack Straw
    Minister of the Army Geoff Hoon
    Chief of Staff of the Army General Sir Michael Walker
    First Lord of the Admiralty George Jellicoe
    Admiral of the Fleet Admiral Sir Benjamin Bathurst
    Minister of the Air Force James Fyxit
    Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Sir John Abrams
    Minister of Intelligence Alistair Campbell
    Minister of State of the Combined Intelligence Liason Office Guy Lidell


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