A Summit of Unlikely Sisters

  • Commission

    Saint Dominico, Inquista
    September 25th, 2020

    The Archbishop sat quietly at her desk in the library of the Archbishop's Palace. She stared blankly at an empty scrap piece of paper, thinking of what to write. The Archbishop was hoping to extend an invitation to the Prime Minister of Czech Slavia, who the Archbishop eagerly wanted to visit Inquista for an official state visit. While the two countries may seem very different in many respects, their close proximity and entanglement of interests meant that there was a lot to gain from a mutually-beneficial working relationship.

    After rubbing her temples for a few minutes, and using all her brain power, the Archbishop finally managed to figure out what she needed to write down. The Archbishop then used her pen to write down her invitation, which she strongly considered to be a literary masterpiece.

    alt text

    The Archbishop then folded her personal invitation, and neatly put it into a pink envelope. The Archbishop called for an assistant, who was to courier the letter to the office of the Czech Prime Minister.

    Saint Dominico, Inquista
    October 1st, 2020

    alt text

    The Prime Minister of Czech Slavia landed at Ludovico II International Airport. Before her descent into the city, the Prime Minister was able to observe the large sprawl of the city, as well as its many canals, before landing near the country's southern coast. From the airport, the Prime Minister was to be transported to Saint Dominico's Square, where the Archbishop's Palace was located, and where she would meet Archbishop Mikaela Kligenberg.

    A red carpet met the bottom of the stairs of the Prime Minister's airplane, which extended to a large black limousine which was waiting for her. Members of the Saint Dominico Guard stood at attention along the sides of the red carpet, and they immediately saluted the Prime Minister as she descended down the airplane's stairs and onto the red carpet.

    The City Guard raised their sabers and saluted the Prime Minister. In unison, they chanted "For Holy Justice" three times, before then chanting, "Sanctus Iustitiae, puram", "Truth Prevails", and then, "Veritas Triumphet!"

    alt text

    The Prime Minister was safely ushered into her limousine, which then positioned itself into the centre of a large armoured convoy. Small Czech flags were attached to the front bonnets of the convoy cars. The armoured convoy then made its way to Saint Dominico's Square, passing over the canals which cut through the city.

    alt text

    The Prime Minister's convoy slowly moved through Inquista's old and narrow streets, which were clogged with traffic. As her convoy moved, the Prime Minister would have been able to catch glimpses of the city's many decorations and pieces of public art, which celebrated the country and its history. However, rather curiously, the Prime Minister would have also been able to catch glimpses of recent history: posters from Sofie Čikarová's commission campaign could still be found on the streets. Sofie Čikarová came second place in the Premier Commission election in Inquista, and she successfully managed to energize Inquista's nationalist and anti-EU base, which was left in an untapped void following the death of Archbishop Craticus.

    Czech flags also lined the streets, which were purposefully hung to celebrate the occasion of the state visit. Czech flags hung from light posts, along some of the canals, and also from the balconies of private residents and their homes and apartments.

    The Prime Minister would have also noticed another custom which is celebrated by the locals during official state visits. After the Fourth Crusade, in which Saint Dominico was almost sacked by other crusaders, Inquistans adopted a custom in which they dress in masks and costumes whenever a prominent foreign dignitary visits the city. The masks originally signified that foreign dignitaries could not always be trusted on face value, and that they often had hidden intentions. However, in current and modern usage, the masks are instead seen as more celebratory, and instead glorified state visits. The masks and costumes were often quite elaborate and intricate. Many of the costumes were red, signifying the most prominent colour of the Czech flag, as well as capturing the country's association with communism. However, others also sported masks and costumes which also contained blue and white, capturing the full three colours of the Czech flag. As always, some also donned white and yellow masks, representing Inquista.

    alt text

    The Czech Prime Minister soon reached Saint Dominico's Square. There, the Prime Minister's limousine was greeted by another red carpet. As the Prime Minister stepped out of the vehicle and onto the red carpet, they were once again met the City Guard. The City Guard flanked the sides of the red carpet and saluted the Prime Minister. The public were held behind the guard, behind red ropes which held quarters for members of the public to observe the event. Most members of the public clapped and cheered as they saw the Prime Minister emerge from her limousine. Some waved small Czech flags, and others donned red masks and costumes as seen before.

    Meanwhile, certain members of the public were far less enthusiastic. As part of country's Communist Refugee Program, Inquista has received an influx of Czech refugees in recent months. Some of these refugees have become particularly bitter and disillusioned with communism in Czech Slavia, and have become vocal and energetic activists within the conservative circles of Inquistan politics. These bitter and disillusioned Czech refugees stood on the sides of the red ropes and yelled profanities at the Czech Prime Minister.

    "Jdi do hajzlu!"


    "Jsi osel!"

    "Káča pitomá!"

    "Jdi do prdele!"

    Luckily, these swears were quickly drowned out as the orchestra, located at the far left-hand side of the square, began to play the Carmen de Bello, the anthem of the Inquistan military.

    Archbishop Kligenberg stood at the top of the stairs to the entrance to the Archbishop’s Palace, and oversaw the entire spectacle before her. She smiled as the Prime Minister walked up the red carpet towards her.

    Small children, who were also dressed in costumes and masks, threw commemorative coins - which were minted by the Bank of Inquista to commemorate the state visit - into the on looking crowds. The children also threw candies and chocolate money into the crowd along with the special coins.

    The Prime Minister eventually reached the stairs to the Archbishop's Palace, and ascended them to greet the Archbishop. Archbishop Kligenberg couldn't contain her happiness despite her best attempts to appear like a very serious statesperson, and let out a muffled squeal. The Archbishop enthusiastically greeted the Prime minister by kissing her on both her cheeks, and then grabbed her right hand, which she shook very vigorously. The Archbishop's vigorous handshake was interrupted by the Inquistan national anthem, which the orchestra began to play.

    Inquista Triumphantis, Inquista's national anthem, played as an Inquistan flag was raised at the centre of the steps to the palace. A choir, positioned next to the orchestra, belted the national anthem. Shortly after, the City Guard chanted "For Holy Justice" three times, before then chanting, "Sanctus Iustitiae, puram".

    The orchestra then began to play the Czech national anthem, Where is My Home, as Czech flags were raised on the left and right hand side of the Inqusitan flag. Lizzo suddenly emerged from the choir, and began to give a solo vocal performance of the Czech national anthem in a perfect Czech accent. Once the flags were raised and Lizzo finished singing the Czech anthem, the City Guards chanted "Truth Prevails" and then "Veritas Triumphet!" in complete unison.

    alt text

    Lizzo then took out a flute from her jacket, and began to play the flute to a track of Empire State of Mind. After her immaculate performance, the crowd cheered politely and Lizzo bowed with great pride and satisfaction.

    The Archbishop continued to smile, and then once again shook the hands of the Czech Prime Minister. Members of the press took pictures of the Archbishop and the Prime Minister, capturing the historic event. The Archbishop then motioned behind her, and asked the Prime Minister to follow her into the palace.

    Once inside the palace, and the doors closed, the Archbishop quickly turned to the Prime Minister and have her tight hug. The Archbishop then let out a loud squeal.

    "I've been waiting to see you again, Mira! You looked soooo stunning at that leaders meeting in Europolis, and I've just been waiting to cross paths with you again! Here, come, come follow me," the Archbishop commanded as she grabbed the Prime Minister's hand and led her to what seemed to be some sort of hair salon room located at the other end of the Archbishop's Palace.

    The Archbishop seated the Prime Minister in a chair, carefully removed her glasses, and then began to apply make up to her face. "Girl, you have such strong cheekbones! I love it. I wish I had them! You could totally guillotine a bourgeoisie traitor with those."

    Mikaela gave the Prime Minister a strong smokey-eye, before then applying red lipstick to her lips. "Scarlet red, just your colour!" the Archbishop commented approvingly.

    The Archbishop completed the look by grabbing a blonde wig and putting it over the Prime Minister’s hair. "There, you look like perfection. I have to say ever since that meeting in Europolis, I've been just dying to do your make up. Those red lips... girl, now that's a manifesto."

    The Archbishop then put the Prime Ministers glasses back on and then continued to fuss and fix the Prime Minsiter's make up as she began to deepen conversation.

    "Before we get into business, you need to spill the latest tea in Czech Slavia and all the gossip from within the National Front. Who's doing who in the National Front? Who will we be purging? Who's the biggest hottie? Who’s the biggest thot? What's going to happen to dear old Sofie Čikarová? I need to know all the goss."

    alt text

  • EU

    "Ms. Arch... Mikaela I must thank you for your hospitality, but in a term of gossip I worry that I bring nothing but disappointment to you. First of all, but that is more of a disappointment to me, National Front was disbanded, we now stand alone. But now regarding hotties and thots, and this may be a disappointment to you, but in the leading positions of the party there is not really a lot of people under sixty and even less under fifty, and the atmosphere is... largely conservative in this aspect. We can't all have people like Firoux, you won with him. And you yourself are also certainly a victory in this aspect! Do you even age? Perhaps you are just a capitalist vampire in the literal sense." Černá simply smiled a little at her own joke. And started looking around the room.

    "This place is massive! And I like your style, but I personally would decorate the room with a bit more images of inspirational people, or some nice realist painting, none of that fancy hard to understand abstract art, created by the pseudo-artists" she once again look around to see if she didn't accidentally insult Archishops's style.

    "Oh, you asked about Čikarová, right? Sofie is alright, She did quite fine in the election so we decided to give her a little bit of more space for independent work. You know we can't just start marching with her pictures around the city, countries like Fremet are too dependent on soy consumption to understand and we can't alienate Fremetians voters."

    "Now what about the men and women around you? Do you have any gossip... Or a magazine! We could rate the men there. I mean if you want to."

  • Commission

    "Honestly, the secret to not aging, is just not stressing out. Stress definitely causes a lot of wrinkles. Just the other day, my cousin, Silas, was yapping away about the budget, and telling me that we can't just keep throwing money at things. 'Money doesn't grow on trees,' he said. Duh! But like, you can still just print more money. Like there's machines that print money. Then he was telling me about this thing called 'inflation'. I was like, 'then just deflate it then'? Obvious! I swear, boys just make up stuff to make things more complicated. Boys are so stressful. Mira, I promise you, if you purged all boys from your party, you'd never age another day in your life."

    "I'm glad Sophie is doing well! I totally understand. Fremetains are total soy boys. I once dated this movie director from Fremet. He was very romantic, I do have to admit that. Like he cried when we watched Toy Story, which was kinda cute, but in retrospect, definitely a red flag. But the problem was that he couldn't even carry my purse from my Bugatti to the door. It was too heavy for him. What the heck? Fremetian women though... gorgeous. Built like tanks, but gorgeous. Have you had the pleasure of meeting Erna Solberg? She's an amazing Fremetian bodybuilder."

    The Archbishop paused for a minute and glanced around the room. She eyed some of the gunshot holes left in the the corners of the walls, which were left by the mob that attacked the palace and lynched Archbishop Craticus. Mikaela did her best to redecorate, and managed to plaster the walls with some new wallpaper, but some of the remnants from the revolution remained.

    "Honestly, I agree. I definitely need to step up my decorating game. Hmmm... some inspiring people? Like Jennifer Lopez? Maybe Sofia Vergara? I mean, I still do have some posters from my big days in the music industry. Maybe I could put those up? Oh! I know. Mira, you have such good taste! Here, let me grab my laptop, and you find some art for me, and I'll buy it!"

    The Archbishop scurried away from the salon room and disappeared. After a short while, the Archbishop reappeared in the room with two pink laptops and a magazine. The Archbishop placed one of the pink laptops in front of the Czech Prime Minister, and put the other away.

    "Don't worry about prices, I'll just expense it to the national budget. Pick out whatever works of art you think are good and I'll hang them up. I heard those in the UNSR are producing some good art. Probably can't buy those directly from Inquista, but I'm sure there are some middlemen we can go through."

    While the Czech Prime Minister perused on the laptop, the Archbishop then opened up her magazine, the Europolis Essential.

    "Unfortunately, not a lot of gossip on my end either. I met Prime Minister Bridges of Reitzmag recently. He really enjoyed going to the spa and shopping, so you know, I thought he was big time GBF material. He's married to a woman though, apparently. However, I heard he met up with Prime Minister Aguilar for a private meeting in a random park in Europolis. I don't want to draw conclusions, but I think there's something going on there. I also felt like there was a lot of... uhh... tension between them at the recent dinner in Inimicus. I think there's a romantic spark between them."

    After flipping through the magazine, the Archbishop stumbled upon a page she quite liked.

    "Oooh! Ok, here's a list of some of the guys in the European Council. Tell me what you also think of them. Councillor Michel? Honestly, he has such a cute smile. He's a 7. Speaker Firoux? I know him too well personally. Like a platonic 8. Would you ever date a capitalist like him? Be honest. I know he's married now, but like, hypothetically. Ooh! Councillor Klohout. Maybe like a 6. Councillor Shakur? He's a total 10! Councillor Shakur is the full package. I'm glad he's totally alive in Pravoslaviya and not dead at all. Councillor Plessis? Ok, I swear, I've seen so many memes of that man online. Total DILF, but he constantly looks like he's in a lot of chest pain. Maybe like a 4? Councillor Van Allen? Err... a 2. Councillor Tusk is last but not least. I bet he has a really big stimulus package. I'd give him a 7. "

    alt text

  • EU

    "No, no, I still haven't met Solberg in person, but I'll make sure to let you know in advance, so you can help me prepare. And Bridges with Aguilar? I don't believe it, until I saw it... but it would explain those drawings and short stories on the internet about them... hmmm, perhaps you could set them up? Like invite them here to diner with you, but don't tell them you invited the other one, and then surprise, Mikaela is nowhere to be seen and they are both sipping on the same spaghetti! At least it would be not a gruesome story for the people, different from the Haanean atrocities, not to say it would also give us all more space to do our stuff away from the eyes of those media vultures, everybody wins! Except maybe Mrs. Bridges."

    Černá now once again turned her attention to the computer screen. "You know Miky, hanging posters of yourself is not a bad idea, especially after successful revolution, but you'd have to spread them outside your office, they would be more important in the public buildings and streets more. And whoever you yorself find inspiration you should get. Nicoleizian paintings are pretty good... but if you would insist on something perhaps not as realistic I would recommend our very own Happy Flower but I know it is a conflict of interests.... but just know that you can say a word and we can deliver you whatever you want painted!"

    Černá resumed her gaze at the magazine "Michel is pretty cute, but honestly your ratings are pretty merciful, you can't expect that from me! He is a 4. But your Firoux is definitely an eye candy, solid 7, would be higher if he had different color of eyes. But you can't really date capitalists like him! Now one night stand , that would be a bit different.. Kohout is pretty old for my taste, 4. Shakur is 8, good body, but covered in indecent capitalist pseudo-culture. Plessis is just old again, but even older, 2. On the other hand do you remember Leagolian President Lifejumper? Now he is quite a fish! Strong 9."

  • Commission

    Mikaela smiled as Černá suggested the idea of setting up Prime Minister Bridges and President Aguilar on a blind date together. Mikaela thought it was a genuinely excellent plan. "Mira, that is such a great idea! I will have to do that. But honestly, doing that to Mrs. Bridges does hurt my heart. Although she really does deserve better, doesn't she? She deserves true love too. Maybe once Simey and President Aguilar finally confess their love, we can help set Mrs. Bridges up with someone else? Maybe with President Lifejacket?"

    "President Lifejacket is very dreamy. Only a 9? Honestly, I'd give him a 10. There's something in the water in Leagio, I swear. They're all so cute. I also feel as if I recognise them all from somewhere? I just can't put my finger on it. But yeah, I couldn't take my eyes off their President during that meeting in Europolis. Mira, you have very good taste. I'm definitely too generous with my ranking. I'm such a hopeless romantic... I need to set some higher standards for myself."

    Mikaela sighed, spaced out in the distance for a second, and then refocused.

    "You give such good advice, Mira. Thank you. I have so many good pictures of myself on my Instagram feed. It's a shame that they aren't just shown around in public. I wonder if I could have some electronic billboards installed all around Saint Dominico, and just have pictures from my Instagram feed just show up on there? I mean, not the pictures that I post about my breakfast, but like, the pictures of me at the beach, looking real skinny? Aww, that would be cute. People would love that, I feel like."

    The Archbishop then turned to the laptop screen and nodded approvingly.

    "I love this painting of the Happy Flower. I definitely need some copies of it! Hmmm. Maybe I should order 17 Happy Flower paintings? Well, just those for the palace. It's such a good piece, and it should also definitely belong in some museums too. Hmm... maybe, like an extra 124 copies? I can donate them to some galleries. Okay. Here's my final verdict. I will buy 223 Happy Flower Paintings. Please see if you can have them shipped here as quickly as possible."

    Mikaela then smirked and pulled out the other pink laptop she had brought in earlier. Mikaela then placed her laptop beside Černá's.

    "Oh, I have an amazing idea. When I first saw you Mira, I just knew you were also a gamer girl. Here, let's play something. Have you played Champions of Strength and Sorcery III? It's so good. The musical track is great. Not as good as IV, but the gameplay is better in III. We can play it multiplayer toegther! Come, join my lobby."

    Mikaela and Černá then put on their headsets, and began to play Champions of Strength and Sorcery III together, along with two randoms that grouped up with them in the lobby.

    "I love to play this game, especially with Prince Tommy and Queen Anastasia. Ani's got like 435 hours on this game, she's so good! It's so much fun. Ok, girl, we need to team up against the person playing as the Haane-Keste faction. Their special Ievonuia-tipped spear warriors are soooo OP! Even though I love this game, it's not as good as the recent CUK games, I have to say. Lead and Overpower? I'm obsessed. Would CUK games be interested in expanding to include an Inquistan studio?""

    As the two gamed, Mikaela shifted the conversation to some political matters. "Honestly, what's going on in Eastern Haane right now is so sad. I'm not sure how I feel about all of Europe coming to turn our backyard into a warzone. What do you think about the European Council's proposal on Eastern Haane? Would Czech Slavia participate as part of the EU mission? I think our countries need to be on the same page together, considering this is happening so close to us. What are your thoughts on a path forward for Eastern Haane?"

    alt text

  • EU

    "Either that or we could just let Mrs. Bridges in on them! Perhaps having another partner would just add another flavor to their relationship or perhaps they will start a fight over Mr. Bridges, either way it is big story for the media and that just means more space for us to act without their pesky noses being stuck into everything!"

    Černá had no idea how to play the game Mikaela has placed before her and was mostly trying to get Mikaela's attention away from the game to not let her see the lacking gaming skills. Černá never played any game that wasn't Match 3 or Bubble Shooter. "I think there will be no objections to a studio from Inquista to join CUK, they can just write a request and we will see how it goes from there."

    Černá finally turned her attention from the game fully, despite it being her turn, once she started talking about Eastern Haane. "Oh I think there is no choice but to participate, all order has fallen and the violence is getting out of hand, I usually oppose foreign involvement in other countries, but I feel like there is no other way." Černá eyes were now fixed on Mikaela "But there is one thing that separates us two and the other representatives of the European Union countries, they lack any vision, but we need to think about the future. What will happen to the country after our intervention? I couldn't agree with you more that we need to be on the same page. That is why we should discuss this problem. I admire how you mentioned to stabilize the society after the overthrow of Craticus and in my country we keep our country stable too, together with the fact of our proximity of Eastern Haane who better is there to advise them how to finally stabilize their country? Our countries should begin working on creating and assisting new Haanean government, and don't let those lacking vision having a word in that. I am sure we could work something out, beneficial for the people of Eastern Haane as well as our countries, and I am sure the people of Eastern Haane would love to see your Instagram pictures too!"

  • Commission

    "I hope so! It would be a devastating loss for the Haanean people to not see my Instagram pictures. They've already suffered enough. It's about time that they all begin to heal and come together as a country, and I think I have the face, the body and the right amount of facetune and filters to accomplish that."

    Mikaela and Černá both then refocused and continued to play Champions of Strength and Sorcery III. They teamed up together against the Haane-Keste player, before then ganging up against the Kaasian Sith Empire faction player. After the two n00bs were defeated, the two women were then left with no option but to turn against one another. Mikaela wigged in her chair as she jammed and listened to the theme of her Inquistan faction from head her headset. Miraculously, Černá managed to defeat Mikaela's champions and take her cities. Mikaela smiled and shook her head as Černá won the game.

    "I never win, I swear," Mikaela sighed. "The only games I win are ones with tons of microtransactions. Oh, and that one time I won minesweeper by clicking completely randomly."

    Mikaela put the laptop away and got up from her seat. "I managed to book us a dinner reservation at this really magnificent restaurant that's just around the corner from the palace. It's a very short walk. We can continue to talk over a lovely dinner."

    The two leaders departed from the salon room and walked into the main hallway. There, they were greeted by a group of energetic puppies. The puppies ran between their legs and spun around excitedly in circles.

    "My dogs, Sir and Duchess, just had puppies! This is their litter. They're Inquistan Terriers! They're considered our national dog breed."

    Mikaela lifted one of the puppies up, which seemed to have taken a certain liking to Černá.

    alt text

    "Aww, this one likes you! I believe this one is a she. Do you want to have her? I unfortunately have to give all the puppies away, so please do take her. Consider her a present from me to you, as well as a gift from Inquista to Czech Slavia. Oh! I have an idea. We can take her to the restaurant with us."

    Mikaela summoned an assistant, who brought a small pink leash. Mikaela attached the leash to a collar, which she put on the puppy. Mikaela then handed the leash to Černá, and they then departed the Archbishop's Palace to walk to the nearby restaurant.

    Once inside the restaurant, the two leaders and the puppy were taken to a section which was completely cleared from having any guests, as per the request of the Archbishop. The restaurant did not normally permit the admission of dogs or any pets, but they made an exception for the Archbishop. Mikaela asked that a kiddie seat be brought to the table for the puppy, who would be seated next to Černá. Mikaela then proceeded to order some food and drinks for Černá and herself, and also asked for some peppermint ice cream to be served as some dessert.

    Mikaela sipped on some wine as she then reignited some political discussion. "Well, I'm glad that you're just as eager to be on the same page. So when the Council establishes an EU-backed mission into Eastern Haane, we need to make sure that the intervening coalition doesn't get up to any funny business, and we need to keep them accountable. I don't want the situation to turn into a mess, you know?"

    Mikaela took another sip from her wine before continuing. "I also have some questions which might seem silly. If I'm honest, I don't know too much about how your country's economy works, Mira. People in Inquista always say communism is bad. I mean, sharing seems like a really nice and kind thing to do, personally. You're also very nice Mira, so don't worry, I don't believe all those terrible things. But the communists in Icholasen kicked out dear Anastasia from her house, took her crown, and now she's living in Ibiza. That wasn't very nice at all! Luckily Ani is a total Gemini, which means she can handle change, so she's fine."

    "But anyway, what's your country's policy on foreign investment? Are foreign companies allowed to operate in Czech Slavia? Could foreign companies buy certain stakes or make investment in cooperatives?"

    alt text

  • EU

    "Your dogs really are adorable, I love the one you gave me, does she have a name already? Speaking about dogs, the ones from the coalition might be quite naughty on the other hand, we will definitely need to keep them on a leash, if we are looking forward to securing happy future for Eastern Haane, I completely agree with you. But anyway, tell me, are Inquistan Terriers good with kids? Oh and by the way, I have no idea how I won that game, so don't feel bad about it, probably just begginers luck!"

    Slavomíra Černá was quite impressed with the restaurant in Inquista, she could only think about how to impress the Archbishop once she comes to visit Czech Slavia. "Your wine is so good! Is it local? Oh our economy? Well all of our companies are state owned, only media can be owned by political parties or cooperatively, but they are forbidden from receiving foreign founds. Penetration of Czech Slavia by foreign businesses is also not allowed, our state companies can trade with foreign companies, private or state-owned, and resell the products in our country but that is about it. We just don't think that kind of penetration is any good."

    "I honestly do not understand any stars that are not read or gold, so I know nothing about signs! But perhaps you could teach me something? And honestly, you shouldn't be so hard at our brothers and sisters from Icholasen, besides, what is so wrong about living in Ibiza anyways?" Černá smiled as she was finishing her ice cream.

  • Commission

    "She does not have a name! You should definitely give her a name. Maybe something in Czech? Hmmm. I don't know much Czech, but I do remember this one word that this Czech Worker's Paper called me... I think it was "děvka"? I think it means beautiful, right? Inquistan Terriers are very great with kids! They're very protective of them."

    Mikaela sipped the rest of her wine to completion, until she then poured herself another glass. "Yes this is local, but I guess it depends on how you define local. Inquista has many wine distilleries and breweries where we produce our own wines, but we import all of our grapes. We don't have any room of vineyards, or any agriculture, really."

    The Archbishop then ate a bit of her mint ice cream before continuing. "It's true, not all forms of penetration are good. Sister Helen at the Saint Dominico's Academy of the Cross always warned me about penetration, and I have always practiced it safely since."

    Mikaela drank some wine and then continued to talk. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with living in Ibiza, I love spending lots of time there myself. It's just that Ani isn't the same when she doesn't have her royal duties to keep her busy. Now she's spending all her time swiping on Tinder, hooking up with young tourists that come visit the island, and allowing Tommy to surround her with bad influences. Between you and me Mira, I don't think Ani is as sceptical of penetration as we are. I don't think I could handle becoming the godmother to another child of hers. That's a lot of pressure!"

    Mikaela then finished her glass of wine, and motioned for a waiter to come over and bring a new bottle of wine. The waiter returned with a new bottle, poured the Archbishop a glass, and then left the bottle at the table before walking away. Mikaela took a sip before then resuming her attention to Prime Minister Černá.

    "The economic system in Czech Slavia is very interesting. Well, I suppose that rules out any proposals I was going to make about investing in Czech Slavia. I know you say we shouldn't be harsh on our Nicoleizian friends, but ugh... we have to, and I hate that. I don't really don't like it. Unfortunately, sometimes in a messy breakup, as a friend, you just gotta pick a side, you know? I'm super loyal to my sis Ani, and so I have to have her back 100%. For me, loyalty is everything, and I super respect that you're supporting your friends in the UNSR. Even though we disagree, I really appreciate your sense of comradery, and I hope that you know that I will always offer that level support and friendship to you and your government as well, because you're just the best Mira."

    Mikaela downed her glass of wine and then poured herself another. She then opened up her purse and pulled out a piece of paper, which she studied as she began to speak.

    "Ok, so my cousin Silas wanted me to bring up something super boring... trade. Boring, I know! That's why I asked about the economic situation earlier. Buuuuuut, because Inquista is now in this unfortunate situation where we aren't trading with Icholasen, we've now lost our best trade partner. As a city-state, we basically import all our natural resources. As you can probably imagine, Inquista needs many resources to support our businesses.

    According to this list my cousin gave me, Czech Slavia has lots of iron, phosphate and rare earth metals. This list also says that Czech Slavia is the only country where we can currently import rare earth metals from. I don't even know what those are. Well, iron I know is important for blood. Never heard of phosphate though. Are rare earth metals like expensive rocks? Apparently Inquista imports a lot of those, which seems silly, because I don't know what we do with rocks.

    Anyway, so because state companies can trade with foreign companies, that means that Inquistan companies could buy from your mining companies? It would be great if this this was allowed, and if your government would allow Inquistan companies to buy all metals and minerals from your country with as few restrictions as possible. In return, my cousin said he would eliminate all Inquistan tariffs placed on Czech metals and minerals, encouraging more Inquistan businesses to buy from your businesses, and reducing costs for Inquistan consumers. How does this sound?"

    alt text

  • EU

    "Oh I was hoping to hear that Miky! We will be very happy to trade with your companies! And I can assure you that the money we get from trade we will put to further develop our mining businesses so our trading will become even more beautiful and beneficial for both sides with time! Invest more to the mines, to the equipment, to the miners and to the schools for training experienced miners. But of course, since you lost your trading partner in Icholasen, with a high demand we will really have to stretch our mining forces, that will be reflected on the price..... now if Czech Slavia was removed from that Communist Refugee Program, we would have more miners available and the prices for your market would be lower."

    Černá turned her eyes to the puppy and petted her "And then I think I will call this little bundle of joy "Dášenka", do you like it?"

  • Commission

    "Mira, that's a beautiful name!" Mikaela squealed as she took another swig of wine. "If Juan-Bernardo and I have any children, I will definitely need you to help me name them."

    Mikaela then downed the rest of the wine, drinking it until it was all finished. The Archbishop rocked somewhat uneasily in her chair and began to speak rather slowly and carefully, so as to not slur her speech. "I will... definitely see what I can do about getting... Czech Slavia... removed from the Communist Refugee Program. Not sure if I can get the College... of Bishops to agree... but I will try... I think Bishop Lallana would like that."

    Suddenly, the Archbishop's fitbit began to beep loudly. "Oh! We need to hurry back... our limo will be picking us up... soon."

    Mikaela stood up from her seat and then immediately grabbed onto the table, preventing herself from falling over. Mikaela then grabbed Prime Minister Černá by the hand, and together along with Dášenka, the trio departed from the restaurant in somewhat of a hurry, making their way down the street and back to the Archbishop’s Palace. Mikaela could barely walk straight, and relied on Černá to help keep her propped up straight. As they entered the palace, Mikaela pulled on Černá's hand and led her to the nearest bathroom. Mikaela plopped herself onto the ground, crawled towards the toilet and then began to vomit into it.

    Mikaela pushed her hair out of her face. "Mira... please... hold my... hair," Mikaela instructed. Černá politely obliged and held Mikaela's hair back as she then proceeded to continue to throw up in the toilet, emptying the alcohol from her stomach. Not since Areai's coup has Europe witnesses such a messy purge. Mikaela then fell over sideways. Černá let go of Mikaela’s hair but was quick enough to then catch the Archbishop by her arm, which she then held up.

    alt text

    After some time, Mikaela then sat right up. "Ok, I'm feeling much better. Let me brush my teeth and have a glass of water."

    Mikaela managed to get up fine and then walked hurriedly upstairs to brush her teeth. She then came trotting down the stairs, where she was greeted by an assistant with a glass of fresh cold water. Mikaela sipped from the glass of water as her assistant then informed her that her limousine had arrived. Mikaela finished the water and returned to Černá.

    "I'm so so so sooooo sorry about earlier, Mira. So embarrassing! But don't worry about me, this happens all the time. I'm good. Actually, I'm great, because we're going to a concert! Do you like Ava Max? We're good friends, and we also happen to have the same manager. We've been thinking we might collab in the studio soon. Anyway, she's very generously gifted me front row ticket to her show and I'm pretty sure it's going to start soon!"

    Unfortunately Dášenka couldn't attend the concert, so she was left behind as Mikaela and Černá went outside and climbed into the pink limousine waiting for them. The two were driven to a concert hall, and then made their way inside and to the front row. A couple of minutes passed before Ava Max appeared on stage and began to perform.

    Mikaela danced from side to side as Ava began to perform Kings & Queens. Mikaela then began to sing along with Ava. "We would pop champagne and raise a toast to all of the queens who are fighting alone; baby, you're not dancin' on your own," Mikala sang painfully off-key.

    Mercifully, Mikaela decided it was best to stop butchering the song, and then turned to Černá, speaking extremely loudly, as to talk over Ava's singing. "Mira, this has given me an idea. As part of our agreement, we need to sign an official declaration of friendship between the people of Czech Slavia and Inquista. Our people are not dancing on their own."

    alt text

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