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    So many memories, ahh! Four versions of EU. I am the longest-time standing roleplayer around here, since 2004, so I felt like sharing some history all out of a sudden. I was a co-admin in v1 and v2, by the way. EUv1 and EUv2, ran by the same group of people and essentially being continuations of each other, lasted from 2004 to 2005: two amazing years, believe me. EUv3 sucked hard, but I am posting it here for historical purposes.

    EU version 1: The original. Fun stuff...
    EU version 2: Golden age of EU. Not related to NS anymore, global map and roleplay, but awesome rp community. We kept the NS region, of course.
    EU version 3: By then, I had left the forums since they were filled by wankers and had no relation to NS at all.
    EU version 4: Does this look familiar to you?

    I hope we can reach another golden age, or at least "silver age" in any case.