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    You have a choice of Recruiter or Ambassador to any of the regions to which I am the current ambassador. Or both- Ambassadorship involves (or should involve) posting a regional update authored by the Foreign Affairs Commissioner on the first of every month (although I haven't been doing that for a couple of months now). Please let me know of your choice- if you choose to get into recruiting I'll get to accommodating you in a timetable.

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    New diplomatic relations: The United Kingdom, New Earth, United Kingdom.
    Net Recruitment: 41: 109 as opposed to 68.

  • As Commisioner of Foreign Affairs I would like to ask fellow EU members for suggestions about other regiobs e.g Suggesting to make an Alliance or an Embassy Exchange.

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    Dear Europeans:

    My new role as Foreign Affairs Commissioner of the European Union is the most difficult and exiting challenge in my carreer.

    My work as Foreign Affairs Commissioner will have three priorities. First of all, I will work to increase the power and influence of the European Union in the international scene, with a coordinated diplomatic service and our economic strength as weapons.

    My second priority will be to promote free market agreements with interesting regions for our products and economic services and to help our corporations to sell their goods and services in more and more nations.

    And last, but not least, I would like that the promotion of freedom and the respect for human rights to be the main definition in the European Union Foreign Policy.

    Eleanor Kelly
    Foreign Affairs Commissioner

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    Hello there! I'm Enoch Shaw (ECR, Angleter), your Foreign Affairs Commissioner for this term in office. My plans for the European Union's foreign policy in this term can best be summed up in the following three points:

    1. Recruitment
    2. Power Projection
    3. Getting Into the World

    The first of said points is plainly obvious to us all. We shall actively work to increase the number of members within this region as far as we possibly can. 106 nations now stand together in our proud region, which though down from a high of 120 last month, is still a relative high given our Union's history- however, we are only the 62nd largest region in this world, and that is something that we must change. I shalln't set a target for this term, since circumstances can extenuate- my main focus is on establishing an efficient recruitment programme capable of bringing in new member states and that shall last beyond this current term. Furthermore, our delegate to the World Assembly carries only 31 votes to the floor, which I am sure is a case of our region punching below its weight.

    This leads me on to power projection, and by this I mean increasing the global power of the European Union by non-recruitment means, essentially. This includes encouragement of WA member nations to endorse our current German delegate, to further our region's power in the World Assembly- however, I should not want to pressure non-WA states to join the WA, as that would of course infringe on national sovereignty. Furthermore, this shall involve approaching fellow, smaller, European regions with less developed political systems as ours, and entering into partnerships with them to increase our clout yet further.

    Outside of European regions, it is also imperative that we seek closer relations with important regions across the world of all kinds, to get the European Union onto the world stage properly and with the intention to stay there beyond this term. This shall involve re-establishing the embassies that have decayed in terms gone by, and establishing new ones. We shall of course retain our neutral position as regards the raiding and defending game, but shall not hesitate to defend ourselves and call upon the allies we make to defend ourselves.

    If there are any questions, please feel free to ask them here, and any requests for interviews can be dealt with thus too. Thank you.

    The Rt. Hon. Commissioner Enoch Shaw OA, MA (Edess),
    European Commissioner for Foreign Affairs.

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    _Good evening, dear citizens of our beloved European Union,

    I am Martain Schush, the newly elected commissioner for foreign affairs for Commission XI: I must admit I'm a bit nervous since this is one of my first most tough role that I ever had the pleasure to assume, but this won't affect my period as commissioner for foreign affairs.

    My programme is based on:

    1. Improving relationship and maybe even to forge alliance with foreign people
    2. Giving each month an update about what happened in the EU that month (as former commissioner Shaw did)
    3. Strenghten our position in the international arena, extending even if possible our influence
    4. Trying to increase the nations belonging to our EU

    My programme has also the target to use diplomacy as mean through which peace can be established and renforced, seeking after a long and prosperous period for europe.
    I also promise that I'll be in tight touch with Occoron, our WA delegate, and to work together in order to make a prosperous collaboration to ensure our position in foreign relations.
    As the councillors from other nations belonging to the european union will enrol in order to look for a seat as my helper in this commitee, we will work together for a strong europe!

    If you have any question, please feel free to ask me here.

    Martain Schush,
    Commissioner for Foreign Affairs_

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    _Dear citizens,

    Thank you for giving me again a possibility to grant the European Union a future of peace and international collaboration along with our allies: thank you for giving Europe a chance to stand prodly among the potency of the world.

    My aim for the next 4 months as commissioner are these:

    1. Continue the collaboration between these office and the WA Delegate, Occoron, which has proven in the past to be a perfect match
    2. Try to increase even more Europe's population through a more friendly approach
    3. Bring forth the successful updates of our regional happenings for our fellow allies
    4. Use diplomacy to resolve possible conflicts or misunderstanding instead of war

    I think that this office should have a more present role in the European lives: I'll try to seek to achieve even that.

    Thank you,

    Martain Schusch,
    Commissioner for Foreign Affairs_

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    _Dear friends,

    My name is Felipe Gomez, and after being elected into the European Commission, I was appointed by Prime Commissioner Liszckoszi as new Commissioner for Foreign Affairs. And I am sure you all know that if Maleeka asks something, you simply do not refuse. It is impossible to excel the work of my predecessors, and I hereby refer to Commissioners Schusch, Cherton and Shaw, but I will at least try my very best to be almost as good as they were.

    My first and also main priority will be explaining to new and restored nations, why it is worth to join our Union. Former Commissioner Shaw said during his term in this office that would be one of his priorities, while fellow Angleteric and Commission candidate Peter Montfort spoke about ? introducing organization to our program of inviting nations to join the EU?. Explaining the benefits of the European Union and convincing those nations to join, in an organized way, will be my main priority. I do not believe it stops there, though, as I would also like to work together with Commissioner Kligenberg to make sure the new European member states get involved in European politics quickly.

    Another important point will be reinforcing the position of the World Assembly delegate, which starts by collecting endorsements. A strong delegate is absolutely necessary to ensure the strength of this region. The relations between the World Assembly Delegate and the Foreign Affairs Commissioner have always been very good, and I promise we will cooperate even more smoothly during my term.

    My last but certainly not my least priority is to deepen, defend and develop relations with other regions in the world. While it seems amazingly normal we should not forget our friends, we saw only a few weeks ago being friends today does not mean you are friends tomorrow. It takes serious efforts and a lot of energy to remain friends, and I believe we should never risk to lose an embassy due to forgetfulness again. Good relations should be maintained, bad relations should be improved and first of all relations have to be established. It seems very regular and ordinary for a Foreign Affairs Commissioner, but I really think it is worth pursuing that goal.

    If you have any question, my door is always open, you just have to knock.

    Thank you.?_

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    Fellow Europeans,

    I would first like to thank those who have put their trust in me by placing me in Commission XIV. I too want to thank Premier Commissioner Montfort for selecting me to be the Foreign Affairs Commissioner. This is the office I truly wanted and I'm ecstatic to be able to represent the European Union both here and abroad. The goal of this office has traditionally been oversimplified and generalized as getting more nations to ascend to the European Union. Over the past few years the responsibilities and expectations of the Office of Foreign Affairs has grown tremendously and I gleefully accept this opportunity.

    I am following perhaps the three greatest Foreign Affairs Commissioners the European Union has ever seen. Commissioners Shaw, Schusch, and Gomez have each revolutionized this office in their own ways and I look to continue this trend while furthering their legacies. As Enoch Shaw brought recruitment to new heights, I plan to streamline the process and get more people involved in the art that is getting nations to join our glorious union. Schusch prioritized evaluating and expanding our connections with the outside world. I too will seek for more active and friendly relationships with those outside of our region. Commissioner Gomez completely rewrote how this region communicates and interacts with foreign entities. I will continue his genius innovations and perhaps expand them so that we may interact with our friends more often.

    European Union is a great region that enjoys a warm and healthy kinship and it is my ultimate goal to expand our family. We can do this by getting more nations to join our Union, establishing more ties across the world, and furthering our current relationships with established friends. I know it in my heart that Commission XIV is going to be great time for our region and I am honored to be a part of such an excellent group of people. Lets get to work!

    Colleen Bennet
    Foreign Affairs Commissioner

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    Friends and Europeans,

    Let us, first of all, remember my predecessor. Colleen Bennet was a capable commissioner, one of the best this Union has had. She developed an embassy programme which I will try to further develop; she has expanded a good recruiting schedule. These programmes and developments have to be continued, and therefore I will do my best doing so.

    Also, I would like to thank the councillors who cast their votes in the Forgein Affaris Commission by-election, those who voted for me especially, of course! It is always good to see democracy solving an empty commission spot quickly and without problems. The voters have graciously elected me, and therefore I will carry out the task of Forgein Affairs Commissioner as best as I can, and I am anxious to begin work. As Colleen previously stated, I also plan to let member states have more of a voice in the Forgein Affairs Commision. I will ask them for counsel when I need it, and ask for their approbation whenever I have something interesting to prospose.

    Two months is, of course, not a long time to spend in a commission seat, yet I will try to do as best as I can to help move this Union forward. I will try to continue and expand recruiting and the embassy programme, which have helped our region with the vital task of getting more members joining the Union. That is what we have to achieve, and that is what I'm axious to do. If anyone has questions, I am happy to try to answer them!

    Augustus Barrington
    Newly-elected Forgein Affairs Commissioner

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