The Free Land of Inishlindon

  • Inishlindon is a small, rural county in southern scandinavia. It is a beutifull mixture of mountains and seaside country. Its few cities are old, charming, and full of neoclassicall architecture. The people of the country are obsesed with political freedomes and they do not mind paying insanly high taxes to make sure they get them.

    Inishlidon's governmnent is parlamentery is style, with no seperation of powers. The parlament votes for Prime Minister once every two years, but the people can overrule parlament by voting at least 57% against that canidate, in which case elections can be very long. The Longest election in history was in 1964 when the election took 16 votes by parlament until the people apporved, halfway through 1965 ohmy.gif ! Although this system is cumbersome(it is the same for supereme court justices, exepet that they have a 8 year tearm), the people love it because it is always bound to give a good election, full of unpredictablitiy. The elections get quite costly, causing Iniishlinod's absurd tax rate.

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