The Holy Emperor of Pylea sends Greetings

  • The Holy Emperor of Pygea has recently had Pygea moved to the European Union from the North Pacific by airlift.

    His Supreme Imperial Majesty wishes goodwill to his European Union neighbours and hopes to work together in a spirit of co-operation to achieve the joint aims of Pygea and the European Union.

    His Imperial Highness, Emperor Paul the 1st, is from Dublin, Ireland and enjoys talking about himself in the third person. He is a student of Computer Science at Trinity College.

  • Admin

    Welcome to the EU, your Holyness. biggrin.gif

  • lol - indeed, greetings from myself, Comrade Trenchtown Phillip on behalf of Aesop Rocks.
    And Trinity College huh? You clever one, you wink.gif

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