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  • Terror Attacks in New Paris

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    Paris Nouveau/New Paris, FRA -- French Albion was set ablaze this morning and hit hard in its capitol city. Interior terrorists attacked one of the few mosques around the country, as the Islamic religion has recently seen an influx due to increased immigration of those citizens into French Albion. A French Catholic terrorist group that calls themselves Catholicisme Premi?rement or Catholicism First. This group of radical right wing terrorists have been trying to use violent means to get the national Christian conservative party Front National and their agenda across to people. There were also attacks on the public transport system and a relatively failed truck bomb, meant to be driven into the President's building.

    The first attack was on the only mosque in New Paris, in the 14eme Arondissement. The attack happened at about 9 pm, just as people were beginning to leave from their evening prayers. Police and witnesses suspect that five grenades were thrown from three white males. After the explosions pandemonium ensued, but gunmen were waiting in front of the exits and began to shoot anyone who tried to leave the burning building. They seized control of the building by about 9:10 pm and turned it into a standoff between rescue crews, policemen, and the gunmen. The standoff continues at the moment.

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    The second attack happened in the Place de Clichy REM station a few miles away from the mosque, which was in an immigrant neighborhood. An additional gunman walked into the station and began shooting suspected, racially profiled Islamic participants. This attack happened at around 9:50 pm, and a total of 60 people were killed from the automatic weapon fire. An additional 100 civilians were seriously wounded. The gunman was arrested immediately upon police arrival, as they were given instructions to fire at will at the man. He is currently being interrogated in the police bureau building in La Defense.

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    The final attack happened at 10:30 pm, and occurred on the M40 southbound in New Paris. A truck bomb exploded prematurely as it was heading towards the political district, and was nearing the exit for the presidential building. Witnesses said the driver was controlling his vehicle erratically, and the bomb exploded in the far right lane. Firefighters put out the fires, but very little of the truck was left.

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    The toll from inside the mosque will be figured out once the police are able to storm the building, as more assailants have joined the three initial gunmen.

  • President Jacques Chirac has issued a statement about the recent attacks, and the revelation is shocking.

    _"People of French Albion, this is a tragic day for our nation. The Clichy Mosque, home to more than 1,000 people in its congregation, came under siege by mindless terrorists at a time when the entire congregation was present. 300 people have lost their lives, and 467 have been injured in the initial grenade explosions and in the gunning after the events had taken place. Also, a truck bomb headed for the capitol exploded prematurely on the highway, causing hours of delays and closure and a gunman gunned down innocents in the Place de Clichy R.E.M. station, killing 60 and wounding 100 otherse. In total, 360 people have died while 567 are in the intensive care.

    The group responsible for the attacks is Catholicism First, and they have claimed that they have received funding from the Inquisitan Catholic alliance to wage an interior war against French Albion's non-Catholic population. As a result of this news, French Albion has officially denounced any and all religious ties in our government, and we have abandoned the Catholic Church as our national faith. Furthermore, we are going into the Inquisitan Civil War and making sure that the people who have funded this group be severely punished and that a government be restored there quickly. We, the people of French Albion who I so dearly protect, declare war on the Catholic forces in Inquisita but not the official Papal armies. Clearly, there is a sect of the Catholics in the conflict that want nothing but ethnic and religious cleansing, and that cannot be tolerated."_

    This news has shocked people in the capitol, but according to the government policies of French Albion, the President has been given the powers to not only police conflicts with the French military...he can also declare war on other powers. Therefore, French Albion is at war with the Catholic leaders in Inquisita, excluding the Pope and his official armies.

  • French troops have arrived in friendly Calabria-Piemonte today, settling into the military base set up temporarily in the outskirts of the nation's capitol Turin. The military is preparing for a swift strike into North Inquista in order to deal with the leaders of Catholicism First, who fled the country after a 2 day stand off in the Parisenne Mosque in the 14em Arrondissment of New Paris. President Chirac has also landed in Calabria-Piemonte, and is setting up a meeting between Chirac and Calabrian Prime Minister Michele Fiala to discuss the terms of this base and other business, according to the President.

    Meanwhile, Prime Minister Francois Fillon has officially declared the French Army mobilized for war, and has said that all aid to the mosque and victims of the shootings and bombings will be given with great speed. French Albion has ballistic missile capabilities, including nuclear, but the Prime Minister and President refused to come public with use of such weaponry.

  • It is reported out of Turin that French Albion and Calabria-Piemonte have established a mother state-protectorate treaty, in which Calabria-Piemonte is autonomous yet is part of French Albion. The treaty will be made public within 24 hours and the treaty would go into effect immediately.

  • French troops today have successfully finished their operations in Northern Inquista, finding the members of Catholicism first in a swift, efficient strike on the stronghold. Leaving at 3:00 am local time, the French troops are successfully back in New Paris, and the terrorists are incarcerated, waiting for their trial, which is set to take place next week.

    Meanwhile, in the situation in Inquista, Unfreedomia has moved into the North in what is a clear violation of their own statutes regarding the region. The standoff between Unfreedomia and French Albion has been escalating since the moment French Albion was dragged into the region. Currently, Unfreedomia is the only foreign power helping with military aid to such an extent in the civil war and is claiming a separatist agenda for an already small micro-state. The ballistic armory of French Albion is currently set at a high state of alert.

  • Euro Commission Nomination Selected: Mauresmo

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    New Paris -- The government of French Albion has selected a candidate for the European Commission elections. The candidate is former tennis player Amelie Mauresmo, who has recently climbed the political ladder from grassroots participant to national leader of the Union for a Popular Movement. The centrist-left government majority found Mauresmo to be a pleasing candidate for her ease of speech and willingness to work for the good of the French people.

    "Mlle. Mauresmo is someone who only works for what's good for French Albion, which is crucial in these times, but she is also looking beyond this nation and wants to provide what is good for all of Europe. I am very excited for her to step into her first big election season and prove herself," said current President Jacques Chirac, who approached Mauresmo after the national gala. Normally, it would be the job of the Prime Minister, the head of government, but PM Francois Fillon was in Angleter for a diplomatic visit.

    Mauresmo was in her home in Germain-en-Laye (southeastern French Albion) when President Chirac called her, and her response was "cooperative and excited". She is most known for being a two time Grand Slam champion in tennis, winning the Australian Open in Melbourne and Wimbledon in 2006 before retiring late last year. Since then, she was elected to the Senate following an upset victory in the first round of voting of the incumbent of Parti Gouche (Conservative Party) Arnaud Martinique. She then quickly mobilized the UPM party and brought new fire and support amongst the younger generation and the old guard, leading to the current majority in the French Albion parliament and government.

    Major opposition in French Albion were considered for the post, more specifically Nicolas Sarkozy, but was eventually discouraged by Fillon and Chirac, as their values did not represent the majority government and what they had envisioned as a good representative of French Albion.

  • Mauresmo Wins Premier Commission; Sets Agenda

    Europolis, EUROPOLIS -- Amelie Mauresmo of French Albion received the highest honor in European politics last week; the Germain-en-Laye native won the Premier Commissioner spot on the European Commission and will now be working hard to promote ideas that would best suit Europe. Her victory outside of French Albion had been considered an upset by many, but not by the French or Mauresmo herself.

    "I am honored to be serving the people of Europe, and it is my duty as a public servant to continue to listen to the ideas of my other commissioners and of the European public and go from there in modifying my agenda that I have planned. Reform within reason is what we need in Europe. A lot of things go well, and there are a lot of things that need to be improved and my colleagues and I will work hard to make sure we have a bright, positive, strong Europe," said Premier Commissioner Mauresmo from her new office in Europolis after being sworn in.

    During the debate, Mauresmo promoted the ideas of peace, cooperation, and reform. IN particular, she wants to start a multinational peace-keeping force in order to respond to crises in a peace-keeping/rebuilding manner, something that Europe currently does not have. She also said that she would capture the rogue Spanish de facto leader General Villar by way of asking for an arrest warrant and trial by the European Courts of Justice. Finally, a European center for health and safety for quicker responses and distribution of vaccines and aid to nations in regards to outbreaks of diseases and other pressing health issues.

    Her official stance on a new European parliament hasn't been documented yet, and in an exclusive moment, Le Monde talked to Mlle. Mauresmo about the subject.

    "Honestly, I feel that the current system has been effective in legislation. What I would like to see happen is that there be a system of endorsement for legislation or legislative committee which would include non-Commission and Non-Court of Justice nations in looking at the proposed legislation and raising questions for debate and suggesting where changes could be made. Too much legislation tends to be proposed and due to one flaw, it gets lampooned. I'd rather have a process where there is what I would call a 'pre-hearing' and the Legislative Committee would suggest changes and work with the Council Speaker in guiding debate so that we have efficient and quick debates. In the representation debates, a percentage representation by population or land mass would be terrible for the smaller nations like Inquista or Calabria-Piemonte; but I also agree with the Soviet Union and Nazione Italiana that one vote per nation isn't necessarily fair when you have populations of 200 million plus. In an ideal legislative body, a bicameral legislature similar to the United States congress would work, but are European's willing to end up paying for more government at the same time? It is something that will be put up to debate on the Council floor and then we will act accordingly."

    French Albion awaits the exciting reform that Ms. Mauresmo proposes.

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