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    Press Statement - 22nd of February 2021

    Dear Europeans,

    I am grateful that you have elected me as your Commissioner. I am glad that my extensive campaign has worked throughout Europe. I have already gotten to work as your new Commissioner, I start my job with a sunk heart as I receive the news from my homeland breaking up into pieces. The system that Alkharya has been subjected to was broken for centuries, and the cracks are now showing even more. I hope that I can bring better days to my nation and better days in Europe.

    For that, I am going to slowly roll out the promises I've made in my rallies. At the end of my four-month term, I will do, or attempt to do, the following:

    • Adjust the budget of Eurorail to ensure no money is taken from non-participating countries
    • Combat misinformation by adding a fact-check feature on the European Commission app
    • Establish at least one summit in my term
    • Ensure that Alkharyan turmoil does not spillover to nearby countries
    • If possible, ensure a negotiation table with the Union of Syndicates after the terror settles down

    I hope that I can bring substantial change to European Union during my term.

    Take care,

    Münevver Birdane
    Internal Affairs Commissioner of the European Union

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