The Banishment of the Barringtons

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    Part IX
    March 14th, 2021
    On the steps of the National Capitol in Tullion, State of Tullion, Leagio

    "Repeat after me, Miss. Mouri-Kudo." The Chief Justice of the Commonwealth Jean Hilton said as he held up a copy of the Leagioan 2020 Constitution in his hand along with the Leagioan Declaration of Independence. Mouri-Kudo had her hand on top of the copy as a crowd was around her from above and below her. Her husband, Speaker of the House of Councilors and soon to be First Gentleman, Shinichi Mouri-Kudo was there right beside her and was especially holding their 3-year-old son, Conan. To her right was soon to be former President of the Commonwealth Kenith Lifejumper and a representative of the Inicumis government. Leagioan Secret Servicemen were all around the area on the lookout for anything that was spelling trouble out of them. She knew that once she was fully sworn in as President, the next three years were going to be tough as she was now setting a standard of a female leader in the office of President, especially having a divided government with Magic Kaito being elected as Governor-General and will be soon be sworn in as well on the floor of the Senate of the Commonwealth.

    She remembered her husband sugested last year that she should run for President. She was against it at first with being satisfied as leader of the Progressive Alliance Party, but eventually she was convinced especially after the Eastern Haanean Crisis and then she won the party primary then eventually the election itself in both rounds with a landslide in the Second Round. But the thing that was now in her mind was the issue of Barrington who was wanted by the Emperor of Inicumis himself for trying to kill him. The past few weeks have brought some insight on the search but the problem was that whoever Barrington knew in Leagio was hiding him very well. She knew that after being sworn in that she would need to talk to the Emperor as she and her husband have a possible guess as to who is hiding him. But the question that she and her former detective of a husband was trying to answer was how? How did the Black Organization, an underground criminal syndicate that is the greatest threat to the well-being of the Commonwealth, know a former friend of the Incuminis Emperor and former Councilor of said nation? Barrington had made many visit to and from Leagio but why? What did the BO and Barrington cooperate on? Did they provide information to the bastard in exchange for something? And if yes, why? There were so many questions running through her mind about the Barrington situation that she had to mentally shake herself to get back to the inauguration. Maybe after the speech that she gives after swearing her oath, she could talk to her husband to see if there was something that they were missing in this case of the traitor that is Barrington. She and Shinichi had always acted like a team when it came to any issues that they encountered, especially when it came to the Black Organization and its band of thugs.

    (OOC: Just imagine it how a US president actually repeats after the Chief Justice at this point)

    "I, Ran Mouri-Kudo, swear in exercising the powers of the President of the Commonwealth of Leagio to respect and safeguard the rights and freedoms of human and citizen, to observe and protect the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Leagio, to protect the sovereignty and independence, security and integrity of the Commonwealth, and to faithfully serve the people to the full extent of my abilities."

    "My Congratulations, Madame President." The Chief Justice said holding out his hand after placing down the Constitution.

    Ran smiled as she shook his hand.

    "Ladies and Gentleman, the 27th President of the Commonwealth of Leagio." said an announcer through the speaker system installed for the event.

    There was cheering and clapping for the news that the people of Tullion just heard. Ran walked up to a stand with a mic at the top for her to give her speech. Her first one as the President, especially as the first female president of this democracy.

    “My Fellow Leagioans, today is a day of great joy and celebration where we get to experience the abilities of Democracy……”

    Then an gun shot was heard from a distance that caused panic in the crowd as Secret Service Agents were running towards President Mouri-Kudo to get her out.

    Mouri-Kudo felt a pain in her chest and noticed that in her breat was a bullet wound there that went through completely. She knew that as felt blood coming out of her back. As the Secret Service people were about to grab and get her out of the line of sight. She looked from where she was standing to the direction of the shot that enter and exited her body. Although, it was not a good angle, she was able to tell exactly where the shot came from by looking at a shop where one would see it as someone holding a boom box but she saw more than that. She could see the makeup of a tiny barrel coming out of it and some smoke from firing it. She glared at the individual that was holding it.

    “Why you little…” Ran muttered while somehow having the strength and energy, she jumped from the podium and ran towards the person that ruined her speech. The crowd in sheer surprise watched as the new President that was literally just shot was running to where the shot came from like as if it had just pinked her. They could also see the look of anger on her face at the same time, while her husband and son where following her trying to get her to stop in order to receive medical attention. At the same time, Secret Service Agents were following behind trying to do the same but as well as get her out of the now danger zone.

    “Ran…wait…it’s not safe…you need to see a doctor….” Shinichi was yelling not far behind her. Sometimes, he could just not believe his wife in how she just has no hold backs in wanting strike someone that would try to hurt her and possibly her family.

    The person holding the boom box could see that they were now in danger of one pissed off female president and began to run until someone interested to see what was going to happen and tripped him, which caused him to stumble for a second before regaining his footing. He ran past many crowds watching as he began making way for the escape tunnel in the sewer, but he was not fast enough as he felt a hand grab his jack then spun him towards a face of the woman he just shot and failed to kill with the shooty boom box sniper weapon that was given to him for his part. The face that was seeing was one of that he could tell wanted to get justice and such as there were no words said by the female president of this country.

    alt text

    Thinking quickly he pulled out his pocket knife that was covered in a special poison that kills in seconds and was about to attack with a cry but he found out that this woman was no ordinary politician of this country; which should have been something he could have learned by seeing her run towards. She kicked his armed by sending it up in the arm with a loud crack, possibly breaking it in the process, and then he wished he had not done that even more as she spun herself around with her own cry by lifting her leg and then she kicked him in the neck sending him falling to the ground in both pain and shock at what just happened.

    alt text

    The crowd watched in stunning silence at what just happened while the press were tacking multiple pictures of what they had just seen. No doubt that it would be talk of her entire presidency. Then came cheering from the crowd of the entire event. Meanwhile, Ran just blushed as the Secret Service finally caught up to her and told her that she needed to be taken to safety.

    “Sure, after I finish my inauguration speech first.” She responded as the agents grabbed the shooter and summon a police car to take him where he would be inspected for medical attention if needed as the nearest police station was near the University of the Commonwealth Hospital.

    “Madame President, it is not safe to have your speech after what had just happened.” One of the agents pleaded.

    “Ran, please….” Shinichi as pleaded.

    “It won’t take no more than 30 minutes I promise.” Ran said as she walked back to the podium after the Secret Service extended the distance of the crowd from it and had a Helicopter in the air for safety’s sake.

    Eventually, she was able to continue, “I do apologize to the members of this crowd, if it is not obvious from what just happened, I was just shot at with a unique sniper weapon, that this speech is not as long as it was suppose to be; but to calm the brave members of the Secret Service and my family I must shorten it a bit. Now, as I was saying, today is a day of great joy and celebration where we get to experience the abilities of Democracy. Leagio is not a monarchy, not a autocracy, nor a dictatorship but instead it is a republic that hold the values that everyone no matter their origins have a chance to make themselves free from persecution of civil rights, liberty, religion, culture, and peaceful political values. This era of the Commonwealth that we are apart of is heading to a new era with it’s membership in the EU about to be a full year and we continue to see the rise of concern about the rise of evil occurring all around but we hold the power in ourselves to show the world that democracy no matter what forms holds strong against any threat that wishes to see its destruction….”

    She continued to speak for about 40 minutes where the crowd heavily clapped and cheered at the end. Afterwards, she was escorted by the Secret Service with her family alongside her to the nearest hospital to ensure that the bullet did not hit anything vital or leave fragments.

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    Part X
    Office of the President of the Commonwealth of Leagio, Executive Mansion, Tullion, Leagio
    March 19th, 2021

    President Mouri-Kudo entered her office to grab an intelligence report about the Black Organization that was written by the Common Agency of Crime and Terrorism also known as CACT. Apparently, CACT knew of the existence of the Black Organization but not as long as she and her husband knew. She remembered back when they were high school students and they were a date at a local fair in Tullion City, there was a murder that had taken place where someone in a ride had their head removed. The crime happened right in front of her and Shinichi, which was really a shocker. However, her detective of a boyfriend at the time solved the murder; but among the crowd that witnessed the murder were two men that were wearing black and looked as if they had delivious intents for something. Her husband decided after the solving the case that literally happened in front of them that he would just see what they were up to, but Ran decided to join in it on it as she had a very bad feeling for the safety of her boyfriend at the time. So, Shinichi went over and saw some sort of deal going on where it was more than just drugs but like espionage of some sort. From what they were able to guess, it might have been some sort of plan to eventually take over the government.

    They were caught and almost killed when they were discovered by a man that was known as Gin, where he tried to poise them after they held up but failed after Ran managed to free herself where she then kicked their butt with karate. After escaping, they had to hide and ensure that this Black Organization that they called would not find them very easily at all. However, they knew that this group of people were dangerous and had to be stopped. So through out their lives, they had to be one step ahead of the organization in looking for ways to take them while acting as if nothing happened at all in order to not draw attention to themselves. Then they went into politics; initially it was going to be Shinichi being a Councilor but then he convinced her to run for President and the rest is history as well as know to the pubic. Now she knew that the Black Organization with members that had the names of alcoholic drinks were aware that they were in a position of being crushed by a person that they had thought was token care of and had the power to take them down.

    The Black Organization had tried to take her out but failed and now they had the attention of Incumis as well; possibly even certain sectors of Europe if she had to guess as well. After the attempted assassination on her with a sniper rifle disguised as a juke boom, she made a phone call to Emperor Artabanos about what she knew of the Black Organization and that it is possible that this organization had in aiding Barrington escape to Leagio unseen. He suggested that he send people that he could trust to help out that were the best in their position of law enforcement. Ran agreed to it as she wanted to have individuals outside of the Commonwealth here to provide an outside perspective and advice on the matter on the Black Organization. Right now, CACT and the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) were working 24/7 to find the location of Barrington. Both Agencies were trying to get the assassin that shot her to talk after he finally recovered from the aftermath of the beat down he had received from her foot. He had not said anything yet, but Ran was assured by the Directors of both agencies that they would get him to talk.

    However, the good news that they gave her though was that they had footage of him entering the crowd from a black sudan that had no license plate though. Although, this would be bad in a normal situation, the saving grace was the vehicle had went through multiple cctv cameras as it went into the highway leading from Tullion to Vese, Gopen which meant that this would possibly be the first breadcrumb that might lead them to the headquarters of the Black Organization and its members. The only thing was that this was only the beginning of the search. There will no doubt be more leads that will get them to Barrington.

    “Ran?” Shinichi said coming in, who she had not seen all day due to his job as Speaker of the House.

    “Yes, Shinichi, dear?” Ran said dearly.

    “Federica told me to tell you that The team from Incimius is here. They have just arrived to the city by plane and landed safely. They are on their way here before they get sent to the Common Security Building with CACT and the NIA there as well.” Shinichi said as he walked up to her and gave her a loving hug of love.

    “Careful on the hugs, please, dear. My chest still hurts from the shot.” Ran complained as she kissed his cheek.

    “Sorry…..Don’t scare me and Conan like that please….I thought that I was going to loose you or something.” Shinichi pleaded.

    “Alright…I will try not to.” Ran said.

    In honesty, she was glad that she had gotten the guy that did the shot as apparently it had prevented her from going to the motorcade, that was nearby for a situation like to take her out of danger, which was somehow rigged to blow up with a bomb planted in it. This information was something never made public in concern of causing a panic but the Artabanos was made aware of it as Ran was curious if it was made of the missile component used in his assassination in Needletail One. Anyone that tried to kill her family who would have been in the vehicle had she not went after the smuck had better watchout as nothing would hold her back should anything happen to them.

    “Is Conan asleep?” Ran asked.

    “Yes, after I told him a story to go to bed. He seems to be alright after all of this.” Shinichi responded.

    “Good…..I will meet with the Delegation and then I will go to bed, I suspect we will give the press conference Sunday and hopefully by then we will have a very good lead to Barrington.” Ran said.

    “Alright…try not to be up too long…you got a long week coming…your Green Deal will be in the Committees in the House all next week…hopefully we will get it all through to the Senate by April 11th, especially with everything you wanted.” Shincihi said.

    “That’s good.” Ran said, “once it fully goes through, I can see if I can get Juncker to come and witness the signing of the bill.”

    “What trying to score more points on the polls? You already got a lot for the kick you made.” Shinichi joked with a chuckle.

    “Funny.” Ran said as she sat back on her desk to look over at the painting of Jean Huttson, the Founder of the Commonwealth.

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    Tullion Airport
    22nd March, 12:00pm

    alt text alt text alt text

    Imperial Consul Lord Christopher Strathclyde, Imperial Guard Investigation Unit Commander Albert Rosenfield, People's Tribune Lynda Cocx

    "Ah yes, thank you. You must be Ran? We were informed you would be meeting us. I'm Christopher Strathclyde, Imperial Consul. This fine gentleman is Albert Rosenfield, commander of the Imperial Guard investigation Unit, and here we have Lynda Cocx, People's Tribune. May I start by expressing my anguish at the attempted assassination of your newly elected President? Such horror."

    The Inimicians followed Ran inside, and awaited his words. Christopher recalled the anger with which His Imperial Majesty had ordered him and the other two to Leagio. "...don't come back without chains, Christopher, nothing less......take Cocx with you, she'll keep an eye on you two....." It seemed that the betrayal of the Barringtons, whether real or fabricated, had turned Artabanos into a paranoid figure, a man who saw enemies around every corner, even in the Imperial Consulate. Nothing was further from the truth -- although Christohper had acted out of his own interest over the past few years, his interests never collided with those of the Emperor, and if they would, the Emperor's would always come first. Artabanos's distrust of the Imperial Consul was entirely unwarranted.

    Christopher needed this mission to go well. He needed to win back Artabanos's confidence. If he didn't, well, it may well be him in the Imperial Crown Court next.

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    “Thank you very much, sir. The Secret Service will be acting as your escort to the Executive Mansion, where the President Mouri-Kudo will be waiting for you and give you the rundown of what is going on so far. Afterwards, we will read then taking you safely to the common security building here in the city and be introduced to the various law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth that will be working with you in this crisis.” The Secret Service agent responded.

    “If you step into the vehicle sir, we will now proceed to head to the Executive Mansion and take you to the President.” Another agent responded indicating his hand to the black motorcade right beside him.

    The group entered the vehicle, where they were then taken for about 30 minutes in a drive to the Executive Mansion. Eventually they would arrive where they were taken inside the building and went through a security procedure run by the Secret Service to scan them for any weapons and sort that would harm the President. After a procedure that took about three minutes in total, they were led to the office of the president of the Commonwealth of Leagio who was waiting for them and look to be a bit tired.

    The president smiled as she watched a group step in and gave their introduction to her.

    “Welcome to the Commonwealth, Lord Strathcylde, Madame Cocx, and Commander Rosenfield. My apologies for not mean yell at the airport as the Secret Service does not want me out in public and open areas for long period of time because of the recent assassination attempt on my life. I wish that we were meeting under better circumstances but it seems fate has other plans unfortunately. But I will say that is quite the start to my presidency and is not some that I had in mind. I just hope that we catch Mr. Barrington as soon as possible and end this whole nightmare before it gets worse with his new friends as we will call them. Oh well, let’s get to business I guess.” Ran replied as she rubbed her shoulder at the spot at where she was shot at.

    “As I’m sure you’ve been informed, the Commonwealth will gladly turn over Sir Barrington, although at this point the use of sir might not be necessary in present tense, to the authorities of your nation and especially his Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos. The crimes that Mr. Barrington has committed in your country will take priority over any crimes that he has committed here as long as his friends, if we want to call them that, gets to be tried here in Leagio for their crimes because I, including my husband, have personally witnessed the things that they have done for many years. You will be briefed in much detail about old stuff of the Black Organization, as I call them for many years, by particularly the directors of CACT and NIA (including the Ministry of Justice) as they have been tracking with insiders before they lost touch of the position as well as strategy of the Black Organization. The Commonwealth will gladly provide quarters for you to sleep in throughout this whole ordeal that we have to go through that will be not far from the Common Security Building. Although, I have no power to order you like this but take it as a suggestion from someone who has been a personal target for many years to the Black Organization that is aiding Barrington be careful when going out at night as they have done many kidnappings of people that are threat to them in the dead of night in open areas on people that they even feel is a threat to them.” Ran explained to the group as she handed them a CACT file of known members of the Black Organization that was marked as classified.

    “Furthermore, let me just say that if you have any questions about this organization that you feel you must ask me or even my husband about don’t be afraid to ask. Now focusing on the assassin that tried to kill me, we have his name and identity but wherever or not has any personal connection to Barrington is unknown at this point and I highly doubt he even knows where he is if he did have any. We do know that he knows individuals from the Black Organization that I mentioned earlier and are keeping him secure in a secure prison cell to where his friends will not kill him as a loose liability to their integrity, which is very common of what they do when they have a problem. The boombox that was designed as a hidden sniper rifle is currently being examined at this point to see if it was made by any criminals in the our database; we will gladly let you examine it to determine if it matches the work of any criminals in your own database as well.” Ran explained as she fixed herself a cup of tea.

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    Feeling like they were in some kind of action film, the Inimician delegates were hurried into the black, blinded motorcade and rushed to the Executive Mansion of the Leagio President. "...If only the Imperial Guard managed to be this epic...", Commander Rosenfield noted, reminiscing about his days as a Special Agent of the Republican Guard, all those years ago, before the Imperial Revolution of 2011. The fast cars. the funky music, the cliches. He was happy then. Before he could properly finish his thoughts, however, the cars arrived at the Leagioan President's mansion and the delegates were ushered inside.

    "Madam President, thank you for seeing us at such short notice", Lord Christopher Strathclyde began, "And may I just say what a pleasure it is to see you alive and well. We were all most shocked by the recent news of your life-endangering circumstances. Of course, in Inimicus, we have recent experience with attempted assassinations of national leaders. It is indeed a strangely coincidental occurence that our Emperor is nearly assassinated, only for one of the suspects to flee to your country, and for you to suffer the same fate. I assure you, we will assist however and wherever necessary to see your assailants brought to justice."

    The Inimicians listened carefully to the President's explanation of the circumstances of her attack. "...Barrington has ties to this Black Organisation?...", thought Commander Rosenfield, "...Why am I not surprised. The rot inside the system is far, far deeper than I'd ever imagined..." The advice of the President about being careful to go out at night was received with some angst by the Inimicians. "Personally, I was not planning to leave my accommodation unless in an emergency, Madam President", Lyndah Cocx said, "Not with these vicious murderers around."

    "Anyway, Madam President", Commander Rosenfield began, "I hear you're attempting to extract information from your would-be assassin. How is this going? Would you mind if I was present for some of the interrogations? Any information that leads us to Barrington is most valuable in our eyes."

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    “You may talk to him at your leisure, Commander. Just a heads up though, he might be hard to look at because apparently, I kicked the son of a gun so hard that he permanently lost some teeth. I don’t know if that picture of me kicking him reached your country, but apparently, it has become an icon of Presidency already. All I ask is that when you interrogate him is to ensure that it does not result in a lawsuit that goes to the ECOJ. He did confess that he is working with the BO (Black Organization) but apparently he is small fish in the syndicates chain of command. But he might have something of use for us in finding. Both my directors of CACT and NIA feel that he knows something but what it is exactly we are not sure? But like I said give it your best shot……” Ran stated as took another sip of her tea at that moment.

    Then a phone call on her desk came. Ran answered it on speaker.

    “Yes?” Ran answered.

    “Madame President, I have the Minister of Defense on the line. He wishes to speak to you really quick. He says that it is urgent. Also, a reminder Madame that you have your son’s open house school meeting this week” a female secretary stated on the line.

    “Send him in then and thanks for the reminder.” Ran said as she hung up and looked at the three in front of her.

    “My Ministry of Defense is also something that will be providing a hand as technically this whole scenario in Leagioan Law falls under the category of Terrorism.” Ran explained to them.

    The door opened to reveal a man in Leagioan Air Force Uniform and wearing a moncle, while smiling.

    alt text
    (Minister of Defense Wilhelm Klink)

    “Madame President…..” The man said saluting.

    “Klink, good to see today….this is the delegation from Incimius that will be aiding us in finding Barrington and his friends….Commander, Lord Strathclyde, Tribune, this is my Minister of Defense Wilhelm Klink…..So, Klink, what is it and it better be good?” Ran said.

    “Madame President, I have excellent news. We were able to track that vehicle that dropped off that would-be assassin during your inauguration to a warehouse facility in Vese, Gopen. We found it through CCTV cameras that it went through….” Klink explained in excitement.

    “You have told CACT and NIA right?” ran asked.

    “Yes, they already have agents on the way to the facility; Although, I have doubts that Barrington would be there but there is a small chance.” Klink stated.

    “Alright, make sure that the place is surround. No one gets in and out unless told otherwise by the Director of CACT.” Ran ordered.

    “Yes, Madame President.” Klink said with a salute as he ran off to issue the orders.

    “And I guess this is where I leave you to do what you three do best. If you encounter any problems with my staff or agencies, let me know and I will see what can be done to help. Best of luck to you.” Ran said.

  • ECoJ

    Outside of a Warehouse in Vese, Gopen, Leagio

    The sound of police cars was loud around the area as they began to surround a rusty old warehouse in the middle of the capital of the state of Gopen. Police cars from the local city police of Vese were there along with Gopen state police, CACT agents and NIA agents. It seemed that for whoever the occupants of the warehouse is that there was no chance for escape. Eventually after about 10 minutes since the start of the siege around the warehouse, a shootout had begun with the sound of a shotgun being fired from one the windows of the warehouse. It seemed pretty obvious that the occupants of the warehouse were not going to go down without a fight and were going to take as many lives as they could with them. Bullets of many calibers were being fired upon from both sides and eventually it seemed to be that this would be what the siege will be like for the next few hours. However that changed, when one of the occupants of the warehouse began throwing grenades and even using, or attempted to use the police were not sure, a rocket launcher on the siege of squad cars. However when the RPG was spotted by police, the army was eventually called in with permission of the president.

    The Army was needed for the situation as it was obvious that these people that were occupying the warehouse and firing back and forth at them were experts in marksmanship and maybe even had military training from some unknown factor. The Army eventually decided to send in the Special Strikers unit, which was formed as a unit capable of hitting hard, fast, efficient, and capable of doing special forces tactics within short time spams. This unit would be used as the infiltration unit to take over the warehouse and neutralize the occupants inside.

    “Colonel Meyer, good luck.” Said a Officer Santos

    “Thanks.” Colonel Meyer of the Special Strikers replied with a handshake.

    Five minutes later the team went into the warehouse as the gun fire intensified as the occupants were firing back at the team in attempt to kill them. Everyone in the surrounding listened as they began to wonder how this was going to go. Bullets and flashbangs were heard constantly for the past ten minutes. When the sounds stopped, there was a sudden tension in the air as they waited to hear what was next. Eventually after a minute, Colonel Meyer stepped out and gave an all clear to the police officers. Everyone gave a sigh of relief. As men of the Special Strikers Unit were hauling numerous individuals that were in the warehouse with handcuffs in their hands. Some of them had wounds of various degrees on them. Some had cuts on them while one had a not so serious gun shot wound on their hand.

    Officer Santos walked up to the Colonel.

    “How many were in there?” He asked.

    “About Twenty with various weapons. Some of them were ones that I recognized as Inciumius and Neo-Venetian as well.” the Colonel responded.

    “That is not good I would assume.” Officer Santos stated.

    “Nope. Means that whoever tried to kill the president with Barrington on the sidelines watching it might have been possibly involved in the Emperor’s assassination attempt last year. But there’s more.” The Colonel continued.

    “Does it get worse?” Officer Santos asked very concerned.

    “I don’t know. I honestly don’t know.” The Colonel said, “We found some documents and intelligence that is in a language that I am not familiar with. But it will will be sent over to CACT and NIA for analysis as those documents had the flag of Spain on it. And what that has to do you with that country in particular? Well I have no clue at all. Your guess is good as mine.”

    “Did we lose anyone in there?” Officer Santos asked.

    “Unfortunately yes. We lost a man halfway in there. He died by gunfire from the bastards. But we got more of them than they got a us. You will find in there about seven other bodies inside there. Furthermore, we could not find Barrington in there at all. I highly even doubt he was even here in the first place. If he was no he didn’t stay for long.”

    “What about the unmarked vehicle?” Officer Santos asked.

    “If it was there though, it didn’t stay for long either. Must’ve drop something off and hightailed it.” The Colonel stated as he grabbed a Spanish made Cigar from his pocket and light it as he smoked it. “But we also found other neat gadgets that they were planning to use or did use early today. Like the RPG you mentioned, it was homemade but faulty which is lucky for you.” The Colonel said as he took another breath out of the cigar.

    “Jesus Christ!” Officer Santos said. He had served in the police force for the state of Gopen for 15 years and he never knew that eight RPG could even be homemade at all.

    “Yeah, whatever is going on here in this country is some really deep crap.” Colonel Meyer said.

  • ECoJ

    Common Security Building, Tullion, Leagio
    March 28th, 2021

    “What have got? So far……” Director of CACT James Cruz asked as he stepped in for the weeks briefing over Barrington, which was going to include the recent police raid in Vese where documents and illegal weapons were found.

    “Those documents with the Spanish flag are still being examined at the moment. But the President did send the Spanish President a head-ups about it as she was not certain if there should be any concern about it; but she was not going to take any chances at all.” Minister of Defense Klink explained as he was writing a report on the current status of the Leagioan Army.

    “I see.” Director Cruz said as he was looking over photographs of the various illegal weapons that were found in that warehouse. Most of it were from Inicumius and were of heavy weaponry especially. Grenades, rockets, assault weapons, etc… This stuff had to be transported into the country over a long period of time. IF Cruz had to guess, Barrington was the supplier of the goods and used his trips to Leagio.

    This situation was very concerning as this made many people as there was concern on who was using these weapons in the Commonwealth. However, the Director hated to imagine the reaction of the Emperor of Inciumus when the news of the weapons comes; especially with some of them being Neo-Venetian as well which was a warzone at the moment. The Director felt sorry for the delegation that were here to provide a helping hand in finding Barrington and especially the people that were involved in the assassination attempt on the President two weeks ago. The thought that Barrington was involved in smuggling weapons illegally out of their country and into Leagio must be one hell of a headache for them.

    “We still interrogating the various thugs from the warehouse….so far, of the 10, only two have talked but it was mainly stuff that we already know about the Black Organization. However, it is possible that at least one of them have something significant that will provide a very good lead for us at the moment. The only problem is getting them to talk.” Attorney General CJ Cregg said as she entered the room, “By the way, the Inicimus delegation will be in the building soon for the briefing on the current situation over Barrington. We just told them that we have no evidence that confirms Barrington was at the Warehouse at any point within past three months.”

    “Great.” Cruz said as he was now getting a headache at the moment from this endeavor.

    “Well, I imagine that they will want to see the bastards from the warehouse as well.” Klink muttered.

    “I would not have any doubts at all about that.” CJ Cregg said.

    “If we do catch Barrington, does the President still intend to hand him over to the Emperor?” Klink asked curiously.

    “When hearing about the Iniciumus Arms smuggled in the Commonwealth, she made a dispatch to the office of Artabanos to reaffirm the Commonwealth’s commitment to turning over Barrington should he be in our custody.” CJ responded.

    “Alright, the delegates will be here and then we can start the briefing then get to work.” Cruz said.

  • Commission

    Commander Rosenfield entered the Common Security Building in Tullion through the staff entrance, and, upon encountering Director Cruz and Minister Klink, began: "I must apologise for the absence of my two superiors, gentlemen -- I'm afraid they had slightly too much of the local cuisine, to which our Inimician stomachs appear to be quite unused. They have had to excuse themselves for the day. Nevertheless, I carry with me a signed warrant from the Imperial Consul stating that I speak on his, and therefore, the Emperor's, behalf today. Now, shall we begin?"

    "I hear you have located weaponry originating from both the Empire and from our troublesome neighbour, Neo-Venetia. Of course, this is not Inimicus's only troublesome neighbour, our border with Dromund Kaas having been universally closed off since 2011, but nevertheless... This concerns us. I spoke with His Imperial Majesty directly this morning, and He is more adamant now than ever that Barringon and this Black Organisation are, to put it bluntly, in cahoots with elements of the Neo-Venetian regime. It is likely the Inimician arms were obtained through the hideous treachery by the Barrington family.

    "The Imperial Government thanks you for your commitment to extraditing Sir Augustus when we find him - and find him we will, and further thanks you for your assessment of his whereabouts in relation to the raided warehouse. If possible, the Emperor requests that I should be allowed to interview the most senior of the suspects apprehended at the warehouse site, to further ascertain the link between the Barringtons, Neo-Venetians, and the Black Organisation. I trust this will not be an issue for you?

    "Anyway, you called me here for a briefing -- I can't wait to hear what you have to say."

  • ECoJ

    “No problem, Commander. I guess that we can begin the briefing, then. First welcome to this band of different departments here for the purpose of finding Barrington and BO. Let’s start with the obvious elephant in the room and that is those weapons. Needless to say, it is without any doubt that everyone here has been taken completely by surprise on the fact that weapons from Inciumius was found but also Neo-Venetia. If I had to make an assumption, it was to give justification that the Commonwealth is unable to handle the problems of the current world that we live in. Far-right eggheads would say that the Communists in Neo-Venetia is trying to take over the Commonwealth and that the Empire was trying to influence the Commonwealth on its side of the issue; causing for a need to topple the government or blow up the President’s plan whenever she goes on a trip to say that Barrington was a victim in the situation as well and buildup popular strength against the Emperor in some way. It really does not take much to convince fools wearing tin-foil hats at all.” Cruz stated while roiling his eyes at the last part.

    “Possibly you are right.” CJ stated, “The weapons that were smuggled are right now being held at a CACT storage facility as evidence. At the moment, all of the bastards that were in the warehouse are being charged at the moment with Smuggling and Terrorism on various degree’s. Most of them are at the moment looking at life sentences and we are hoping that with that we might have some talk for a lighter sentence but we are not sure yet. Out of the 10 in our custody, two have talked but with not anything substantial.”

    Then an aide for the Attorney General came with a file and handed her the file, who opened it and read it . She then had a smile.

    “Looks like we might have a break, because it turnouts that one of the 10 has a citizenship in the Incumius. This situation now puts him in a bind more than it already is. Does not have any personal relation to Barrington but he was in the warehouse fighting against the law enforcement and Special Strikers; so that makes it for grounds to Terrorism at most and, if the Minister of the Interior is of the same opinion as well, enough to deport him back to his homeland; where he would then have to deal with Inciumius Law Enforcement of similar or even worse charges if I was to make a guess.” CJ explained.

    “Well, then on your request to talk to the 10 smucks from the warehouse. At moment, they are all saying that they are underlinings that just supply the building. But we doubt that as they knew how to use those weapon very well like as if they were trained to use them, except that homemade rocket launcher that they used.” Director Cruz explained.

    “Speaking of the weapons in the warehouse, does the media know about them Director?” Minister Klink asked.

    “My sources nationwide and in Vese, especially, say at the moment ‘no.’ The police chief in Vese and the Gopen State Police told me that they will keep it silent for the moment to avoid a panic.” Cruz explained.

    “Good, it would be best that in the coming press conference that the weapons being kept silent as with the way tensions are at it would jeopardize the 2nd Capsian Sea Negotiations, which the President hopes will go well this time. So for the moment, as far as the public knows it was just regular Leagioan weapons…not Incumius nor Neo-Venetian….If Bridges hears about this, then god helps as he has become unpredictable now a days…..Half of the Commonwealth fears that if it isn’t solved then Europe will be in a war that will help out the UNSR. We would appreciate if the Emperor does not mention about the weapons to the public yet if possible, Commander. Just for the sake of the investigation.” Director Cruz explained.

    “Now that is the jest of the situation at the moment….Now boys and girls, let use go over what we all know of the BO at the moment…most importantly the big honchos in it. Let’s start with who we call the Janitor of the Black Organization, known as Gin. The reason we call him the ‘Janitor of BO’ is because he is the cleaner of the organization in maintaining the integrity of the BO. You work for the BO and are being followed or traced by the police, you go to Gin. You feel someone is onto the existence of the BO then you go to Gin. You make a mistake on a mission and get the police on to the BO, then Gin comes to you. BO has had always ensured that their operations are kept out of the loop of the police for decades until about 20 years ago when the current President of the Commonwealth accidently caught on to their operations. We had to get them watched and protected around the clock until they decided to go into politics, which took CACT by surprised as it for sure put them in the spot light. But back onto Gin, I would not have any doubt that Gin is watching Barrington like a hawk while providing him shelter in exchange for aid and advice for whatever they are now planning.” Director Cruz explained as he showed a image taken of Gin.

    alt text

    “Next, we have Vodka. Essentially the bus boy of the BO and Gin’s best friend, if you want something delivered, you have Vodka do it. He is most likely the person that transported all of the weapons to that warehouse. However, he can also do some of the roles that Gin does as well when needed.” Minister Klink explained.

    alt text

    “Then Chianti, known previously as Mary Hartford, the Sniper of the BO. Expert marksman and former operative of the Special Strikers…. Dishonorably Discharged…..Considered one of the best Snipers of the unit at one point as she could shoot a target at 600 yards. We thought when we first heard of the attempt on the President that she was there on March 14th but does not look like it. We even thought that she somehow had a part in the taking down of Needletail One…but turns out not so….”

    alt text

    “You might notice that so far that these members of the BO have alcoholic names to them. This is something that every member in the BO has. The boss of the BO who we have no identity to has a liking to name high ranking operatives to alcoholic beverages. We do not know what he looks like, but we know his personality. Cunning, Patient, Clever (bit too clever according to some sources that we have under witness protection), materialist, and able to keep everyone in line within the BO. At first we thought that Barrington was the Boss of the BO but in the end, he did not fit the bill. We do have a sketch of the Boss’s shape but not much as he always had himself under darkness even with his own members wanting to talk to him.” Director Cruz explained.

    alt text

    “So, when the suspects start mentioning alcoholic names, take notes as it might be info everyone. Also, I do not know if your government has been informed yet, Commander, but we found documents with the Spanish flag on it in a strange language that is not of this country. But we assume that it might be Arabic though. We have told the Spanish President about this as we are not taking any chances in having a Spanish President suddenly get attacked and we had the knowledge to warn the Spanish about it all along. ” Klink explained.

    “Any questions, so far?” Cruz asked everyone in the Briefing.

  • Commission

    Commander Albert Rosenfield listened intently to the Leagoians' briefing, attempting to pick out any details that could lead to the conviction of the Barringtons and their associates. He was slightly shaken up by Cruz finishing his talk -- after a few moments, he managed to stumble: "All clear, Director Cruz, thank you. I'm sure the Imperial Government wishes to convey its thanks to you and all Leagoian authorities for their arduous intelligence work on this Black Organisation. The fact one of these captured individuals is a subject of His Imperial Majesty is indeed concerning. Would you send this person's details over to Imperial authorities so we can conduct a proper background check on them?" The phrase background check, in the Imperial Guard Investigation Unit's terminology, had become synonymous with a full, semi-torturous interview, a complete ravaging of a person's financial, medical, movement, and travel records, as well as substantial blackmail. But this was not something Commander Rosenfield felt Director Cruz had to know.

    "I will ensure the Imperial Government's statements are run by your office before they are released to the press, Director. I must ask you though, where does this leave us? How will we get to the bottom of this organisation, and, perhaps more pertinently to the Imperial Government, how will this lead us to Sir Augustus?"

    "Would you allow me to speak to the Inimician directly, Director?"

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