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    ELDL Seal Victory in Comission Election

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    The European Liberal Democrats League are celebrating victory today with not only have the Premier Comissioner as an ELDL members but also our very own Maleeka Liszckoszi taking the Comissioner for Internal Affairs Position.

    Europolis welcomed Amelie Mauresmo of French Albyon to the highest office in the comission this morning where she announced her Comission team with Liszckoszi taking the Comissioner of Internal Affairs position, a key place for Liszkoszi to implement motions of great change for the council.

    We asked the Rt Hon Maleeka Liszkockszi how she felt about this great victory:

    'It is a great honour to be serving with my ELDL colleague Amelia Mauresmo i the new Mauresmo Comission of the European Union. When working for Harajok Zelezny, former head of the ELDL, on building up our liberal europarty we could't have imagined this massive success. We nwo have to chance to bri great change to the Union. I met with our new Premier Comissioner yesterday and we are very positive this comission will work well to bring the most change Europe has seen.

    What do you think of comments form Angleterian Paper 'The National OPbserver' in regards to as a person : 'who saw her Europarty largely desert her for outsider Ms. Mauresmo'?

    'What people don't realise is that French Albyon have been prominent in past comission elections with Frnacois Fillon filling the my new office in the ocmissioenr before Vooleck's. Amelie has a certain vivacious quality that comes across well, she is a personality recognised for her great achievments as a sports woman but her political skill and will ot represent the poeple is what has given her success.'

    'I completely welcomed the idea of two ELDL candidates which increased the chance of at least one comission spot, I did not proclaim myself as an official ELDL endorsed candidate as I wanted members to make their own mind up, Im not going to enforce doctrine, I am merely chair not dictator of the party my role is merely administrative. I feel people may have not taken to my radical policies which I was more than vocal about and had my ideas picked apart by other candidates who offered simply nothing new, they didnt even publish a manifesto! My ideas of political form were ripped apart then some candidates regurgitated what I had suggested in a different way changing the idea of a fixed number of ministers, a point every other ministerial candidate bar Mauresmo attacked me on! I think my problem was that I would not role over in the debates answering everything and holding my hands up to ideas which wont work but these were merely proposals, as I pointed out in the debates it would be arrogant of me to presume I alone can make law!!

    In my new office I will make change and with Ms Maruesmo we will certainly give the system a shake up. I hope to meet with the comission to get parliamentary reform on the agenda as we need it.

    The other elected officials were:
    Defence & Peacekeeping- Christiane Vooleeck (Grossdeutsches Reich)
    Foreign Affairs- Felice di Francesco (Nazione Italiana)
    Economics- Peter Petrenko (Unfreedomia)

    Corelia Today believes the main shock of the eleciton to be that Felice di Fancesco failed to elevate the EPP to the great heights it perceives itself to acheive and even the europarty backing couldnt bring him to victory. Mr di Francesco was the favourtie to take the Premier Comissioner position but perhaps his right-wing responses didn't rub well with some nations.

    In Other News

    Prime Minister Dorelia Astollo announced today that on June the 11th the city of Kaldoon will be welcoming Chancellor Robert Mainzer and a delegation from Grossdeutsches Reich for a summit between Os Corelia and Grossdeutches Reich on a variety of issues form trade negotiation to treatise to work in an inter-nation co-operation. This is the first major summit The Os Corleian Parliament has ever called and the invitation was issued by Viscount Xavier.

    The Corelian Folk Orkesta will be performing for the Grossdetuschian delegation at the Karpathian Ampitheatre. Tickets will be on sale at the ampitheatre on the day of the show, 11th of june, for 22 Qotsmas.

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    _Comission Article - Leit Volmanstav _
    _In Other News - Peit Freit _

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    Os Corelia Prepares for Grossdeutsch Reich Visit

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    The citizens of Kaldoon have been sweeping the city steps and polishing the statues in preparation for the delegation from Grossdeutsches Reich. Lady Katruschka Milios the MP for Falleija South ordered the flying of twinned Os Corelian and Grossdeutches Reich flags and praised the city for all pulling together in an effort to make the visitors feel welcome.

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    With only one day to go Prime Minister Dorelia Astollo gave a special press conference with Lady Milios about the forthcoming summit. This is what Prime Minister Astollo told the public and press:

    'It is only one day until we have our visitors from the Grossdeutches Reich and everyone not only in Kaldoon but across the country have been gettin ready for not only a visit of great political importance but a great oppurtunity for a cultural exchange. As you will know I have a vast interest in culture and have been working with Lady Milios to ensure this event leaves a little bit of a cultural legacy.

    The political discussions we hope to open up an exciting relationship based on great co-operation. We will be starting talks with a meeting at the Falliejan Parliament Centre down at The Mermaid Quays in which the full cabinet will talk in session. Then after the session has retired we will be moving up to The Leodis Parliament Building in Aerodimus for a formal parliament session in which Chancellor Mainzer will address parliament. After this Viscount Xavier will be hosting Chancellor Mainzer for a meeting of the heads of state followed by a ministerial mixer before a formal dinner at the Vritraen Palace the Viscount's formal Residency.

    We will be giving our guests a taste of Corelian culture with a variety of performances which will be unveiled as we go along. The one event we are holding of great interest is a grand concert by the Corelian Folk Orkesta'

    The Corelian Folk Orkesta will be performing for the Grossdetuschian delegation at the Karpathian Ampitheatre. Tickets will be on sale at the ampitheatre on the day of the show, 11th of june, for 22 Qotsmas.

    Lindhert Vendetta Dissolves Third Party Coalition

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    Corelian Parliament announced the enforcement of the education rights act which has allowed everyone a right to an educaiton up and through university if they so wish for free. There is an expected amendment to further include Masters students and PhD students who will be given a student loan to complete studies.

    Also in parliament third party coalition leader Rhoda Lindhert presented the quarterley bill, the coalition present one bill to be voted on by parliament per quarter. This bill motion was for devolution of more powers to the coalition but speaker of the house Leijna Patran refused the vote decribing the vote as 'an idiotic move by a party desperately seeking power, this is a blatant abuse of trust and I would be careful as to not have your current powers take from you'

    Vice-President Jelesniak on behalf of the Viscount who was giving a lecture at the University of Seacove and Prime Minister Astollo who was in Falleija preparing for the sumit described the actions as 'a desperate rummiging for media attention, it is clear Ms Lindert is still licking her election wounds. It is clear there is a systematic abuse being seen here. We will be invesitgating the coalition's actions and place it under monitoring as I am sure the other parties in the sub-parliament did not go alon with this and wished to present something more sensible. I will inform the Viscount and request that he dissolves the coalition until we sort out this abusive system. You forget one thing, you were not chosen by the people you were not elected we only allowed this quarterley bill to allow those who voted for you a chance to contribute positively. Ms Lindhert you have let your voters down'

    Ms Lindhert was allowed a rebuttle by the speaker: 'My voters would see your underlying hipocrisy this house is contemptable! I should be given a seat in parliament to represent the lost views you have nglected, so much for equal say and the dissolution will see the end of your democacy Jelesniak. This parliament is nothing but contemptable with a speaker who doesnt know her mouth from her backside!'

    Speaker Patran immediately declared an 'intolereance for this insolence, by insulting my authority you have just managed to dissolve your own. I hereby declare this matter of the electoral college, Ms Lindhert is stripped of her position as coalition leader as is the Corelian Conservative Alliance and their partners in leadership the westfallon homeland party. In accodance with Eelectoral College regulation 7.63 I hereby declare their respective seats in sub-parliament to be taken by lyce?an parliament until further notice. Now Ms Lindhert you are to leave in grave disgrace and fi you do not remove yourself further incursions will be made'

    Rhoda made a swift exit and has not been seen since the decision was made.

    In Other News
    Corelian Band Tunng have been selected to represent the nation at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. They won the national selection final securing the vote of Judges Culture Minister Lady Milios, Corelina Performing Rights Society Boss Leilan Krey and songwriting legend Dock Keys to get in the top three before winning the public vote with their catachy folk trimmed tune 'Hustle'. The band are a strong entry and who knows they may even win the event!!

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    Summit Article - Tanear Koern
    Parliament Article - Leit Volmanstav
    In Other News - Peit Freit

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    Os Corelia/Gro?deutsches Reich Summit Hailed as Great Friendship

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    Today Viscount Xavier revealed to the press the exciting new friendship agreement with Gro?deutsches Reich. Over the last few days The Viscount had hosted the Chancellor of Gro?deutsches Reich Robert Mainzer and a visiting delegation of his top officials at the Falleijan parliament facility.

    The new agreeement sees military forces from both nations joining in assistance in situations of great concern and in training exercises. Trade exchange has been boosted with free passage and Os Corelian citizens won't be subject to border checks upon visitng the Gro?deutsches Reich and the reverse replies as well. The agreement also see the first Os Corelian in space! The government will be assisting funding the Gro?deutsches Reich space programme and one astronaut from our nation will be participating in the Artemis 4 spaceflight to the moon.

    Since this treaty of friendship was announced there has been a boost in holidays to the Gro?deutsches Reich and hotels in Kaldoon, Haladon Province and Port Harbour have become quickly booked up by tourists from Gro?deutsches Reich. This is an exciting time for both nations with more to come!

    Annual Parliament Rocks Evenet Sees MPs get groovy!

    It is no secret that some of our members of parliament, senators and political figures love their music and are actually rather good at it! Last year Prime Minister Astollo then the minister for arts and culture created the 'Parliament Rocks' event in aid of the national philanthropy fund which annually distrubtes billions of qotsmas to various causes. This year the event was at Blackbird Park in Aerodimus.

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    Dorelia Astollo compare this years event which opened with a beautiful set from Leader of Os Corelius Party & European Liberal Democrats League in the Foreign Affairs Senate, Senator Eldert Trilstrea of Seacove performing Cape Verdean style music she wrote herself reflecting her cultural heritege.

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    Opposition leader High Lord Herioc Hadronkheim got the crowd rockin with his alt rock masterpieces while he jumped up and down on stage getting the crowd going/

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    It was up to Senator Jeneriok Kalsterio of Pietros to bring a slice of Corelian folk to the affair tellin tales and yarns of days of yore as well as cheeky folk songs about his girlfriends and mishaps in youth.

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    Lord Griontria Malstern of brazillian decent brought Corelia his unique brand of Samba Malstern! Which really got the crowd going on many occassions dancing with members of the audience. he managed to get a whoel crowd join in a fun dance routine!

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    But the unarguable highlight of the evenning had to be headliner Viscount Kalistus Xavier and his band The Heartbreakers who certainly stole the show. The Viscount joked 'Im the head of state so I can headline any concert I want' before blasting into a hit filled set including Learning to Fly, Refugee and a finale of Corelian Girl. During the set the viscount playing numerous guitar solos and running down the long runway to play for all of the crowd before even crowd surfing for a bit!!!! To round off the evening he introduced to the stage his 'new backing band' The Administration which saw Lord Kammensent on lead guitar, Lady Milios on keys, High Lord Jelesniak on Bass and Lord Mankioro on Drums with backing vocals from Kaiserin Limmenat, Praetor Malsteern, Lady Malsteern, Lady Permint and Prime Minister Dorelia Astollo join the Viscount on lead vocals for a stunning rendition of the song 'Do Your Thing'. To round off the night the other performers from earlier int he day joined in on a massive sing along to the song Treehouse.

    The night was a massive success raising 20million qotsmas of donations helped by the broadcast on OsCos Tv.

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    Summit Article - Tanear Koern
    Parliament Rocks Article - Hennie Trejnt

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    Government Unveils New Minister for Science & Technology

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    Today in Parliament backbench MP Lord Khayn Krimtak of the Pietros North constituency was selected by the Viscount to be in his cabinet as the new Minister for Science and Technology. He was elected from a secret shortlist by the Os Corelius select comittee which includes the party leader, chairman, vice-chairs and cheif of staff. The Viscount announced a unanimous decision was made and they called Lord Krimtak forward before council as Minister of Science & Technology.

    The Viscount revealed that his nomination was sponsored by Lady Milios who is first vice-chair of the os corelius party. Traditionally when a new postion is made the two vice-chairs and cheif of staff each sponsor a potential candidate form the list of backbanch MPs taking into consideration the ministers experience in the field.

    Lord Geltar Wolstenholm of Westfallon East and Lord Drake Mepelsh of Taloshia Forest South were equally hot favourites for the job being both in stable Os Corelius majority states and both having Masters of Science and working in Sience and technology respectively with Lord Melpesh working previously as the deputy cheif of Konicon the computer company and Lord Wolstenholm as head of the faculty of biological sciences at the University of the Outer Territories now known as Westfallon Gates University.

    The party Chairman Kairos Jelesniak revealed that Lord Melpesh was on the last but the other selected minister was Lady Libitia Kolvek of Starliousa who holds a Professorship in Chemical Sciences and Pharmacology gained at the Unversity of Stratton Beck the capital of Starliousa.

    Lord Krimtak was invited to make a brief speech to which he stated distinct shock and surprise at his appointment

    'It is a great shock and honour to be even considered for this great position, I thank Lady Milios for her sponsorship of my candidacy tot he select comittee I am indebted to your belief in my skills. This position has been created in the wake of the frienship treaty and now with the establishment of a Ministry of science and technology we can work on advancing not only space travel on the Artemis 4 project but also infrastructure of this country improving communication and researching medicine. My credentials in this field lie in my work in developing and testing new medicenes in Pietros advancing vaccines to tackle all diseases from AIDS to Heptitis and the avian flu vaccine. I worked for the European Health comission on the advisory pannel. I also helped develop the comvac a painless method of vaccination. I guess I'll hope to take you to the moon and back!'

    Lord Krimtak moved into his new ministry set up at the Pietrian Parliament centre in the city of Mossgardt and the Astrophysics department at the University of Mossgardt Tech is expected to supply potential candidates for the first Os Corelian in space.

    Krimtak is an eccentric character, nothing short of a mad scientist but he is expected to help advance the naiton technologically by moving funding ito key research projects.

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    Minister Election Article - Jepp Tymas

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    New Parliament Act Decrees Oppositon Cabinet

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    Today in Parliament the opposition leader High Lord Herioc Hadronkheim of the State Index Party requested permission to form a shadow cabinet to provide an effective opposition. This is the first time an opposition leader has had to request permissionas the State Index who are the opposition party only have two MPs so other cabinet members would not be elected officials.

    High Lord Hadronkheim presented a speech to support his case:

    'The State Index Party are the recognised opposition party here to question the decisions of the govenment on a variety of issues to debate in an open forum. The only way we can effectively oppose the govenment is through a shadow cabinet formed with unelected officials. We are the elected opposition and all members of the cabinet would be towing the party line so to speak. By granting us the permission to do so you will be reinforcing the democratic values this new parliamentary republic was built upon. Even though the majority of cabinet would be unelected we would not have a major effect on the general decision makin on the country other than to advise our opinion and have our two MP votes'

    The Prime Minsiter stated the case ought to be in the domain of the council fo regional decreement and asked Lord Malstern to present his views in line with the constitution. Lord Malstern stated that:

    'It is true for a successful opposition there needs to be an adequate team in response. A decision of approval would not affect the parliamentary voting system and would only operate in an advisory capacity.'

    The question of the involvement of High Lady Gwilis Kwensee of the Mutantian Socialist Party within this cabinet was raised by Lady Malsteern to which Hadronkheim statedthat she was not a member of the oppoition and it was not of the interes tof the party to include her in such a cabinet. Kwensee is rumoured to have attempted on several occasions to form a coalition opposition an idea the State Index Party has always stated it was against.

    22 MPs were present in chamber to vote with 18 Ayes 3 Nos and 1 Abstention thus passing the decreement. The Prime Minister formally invested powers of shadow cabinet to High Lord Hadronkheim stating that he cannot create a position in opposition to head of state with party leader equating to Premiership alone.

    The State Index Party have called conference this weekend and are likely to reveal their Shadow Cabinet tomorrow. The non-elected members can attend Parliament in the corin benches but will be oficially know as Shadow Cabinet Advisors or SCAs and cannot vote even for MPs who are not present.

    The State Index party who gained their first MPs and the opposition of the house role are still relatively unknown outside their elected MPs constituencies. They are a left wing party build on co-operative policies and they work with 2 of the main unions in our nation 'Congress of Unity' and 'The Together Union'. Herioc Hadronkheim the party leader is a former boss of the Together Union and has a reputation for anti-elitism activism within parliament and has managed to decree in his constituency through regional parliament the dissolution of private education.

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    Shadow Cabinet Article - Jepp Tymas

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    Opposition Cabinet Announced

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    Today deputy opposition leader Lady Vre Telshi announced the opposition cabinet at the State Index Party conference in Yellownak, Xantosia. The cabinet mainly consists of elected councillors who specialise in the relavent cabinet departments and have experience within their relative fields.

    The list of new cabinet members are as follows:

    Opposition Leader - High Lord Herioc Hadronkheim

    Deputy Leader of The Opposition - Lady Vre Telshi

    Shadow Minister for Arts and Culture - Councillor Leit Kreiff SCA

    Shadow Chancellor of National Economy - Councillor Hanhanna Portiscu SCA

    Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister - Councillor Hanbek Wilt SCA

    Shadow Minister for Education - Councillor Roygen Treaymer SCA

    Shadow Secretary of State - Councillor Milbecker Perimnt SCA

    Shadow Minister of Health - Councillor Jilley Mazstra SCA

    Shadow Minister for Regional Parliaments and Councils - Councillor Leijama Kringos SCA

    The Cabinet are set to be in parliament from monday's session with the councillors granted dispensation to be away from their council sessions.

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    Shadow Cabinet Article - Jepp Tymas

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    Electoral College Opens Its Door For the First Time In History!

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    The Lyc?ean House

    In a bid to make the parlimentary system transparent and understandable to the public the Electoral college has opened its doors to allow media and the public to visit its exclusive four houses for one weekend only.

    The electoral college is the institution that regulates all elections in Os Corelia and runs the country during election period. It also provides speakers for national parliament, the reigonal parliaments, third-party coalition chamber and the international affairs senate. The institution constantly researches elections and finds ways to improve the system to make things more simpler.

    The college works in a four tier system with each level known as a house. To become a member of the electoral college you have to have had no political influence and most importantly never voted in an election. The intake starts from the age of 18 with an application intent form submitted while someone is 17 to make sure they do not vote in an election.

    When you begin your journey into the electoral college you are a member of 'The House of the People' where you begin a Batchelor Degree programme (BA Electoral politics), the students are given the responsibility to work as ward returning officers. Students study in this house for four years to ensure a general election happens within a year of study so the civil duty is fufilled.

    Out of the 1,152 graduates only 72 are accepted into the next house, 'The House of the Republic' where you begin a masters programme(MA Electoral Comissioning), the Graduates as they are now known are given the responsibility to work as council election co-ordinators each over seeing a particular council and making sure their electoral processes are up to scratch. A Graduate is expected to study in this house for two years which matches the frequency of council elections.

    We now progress to see all the 72 Graduates be accepted into the next house (pass permitting although no single member of the house of the republic has ever failed to progress). This penultimate house is known as 'Democracy House' - a strange piece legislation made by the electoral reform comittee calls for the destruction of. this house should democracy fall, a chilling notion indeed. In this house the now Masters study a PhD in Electoral Democracy. These Masters are put in pairs and act as returning officers for constituencies with constituency MPs subject to a review by the Masters every year, a process which includes a rigorous interview that not even the viscount can escape to ensure democracy is protected by the elected representative. The Masters are also responsible for appointing the third-party coalition member for their constituency which is the highest placed candidate from a non-elected party. A Master studies within this house for four years to gain a doctorate.

    52 Members in total are in the final house 'The Lyc?ean House' which has strict rules on intake. Only if a member of the house retires, resigns, passes or is fried can a new member be admitted. For this reason most people from the previous house become University Lecturers as they gain a doctorate. Also in the interest of keeping the top house free from political bias the new intake are only selected from the final year Democracy House students. The duties of the house differ and each year 48 roles are reviewed with the only mainstay being the chapter heads who run each of the houses who are elected within The Lyc?ean House and serve 4 year terms. The 48 other doctors are split as follows: 36 of the doctors hold Lyc?ean Parliament minister posts (the parliament who run the country during election time), 9 are the regional parliament speakers and the last 3 are the thrid-part coalition speaker, the internaitonal affairs senate speaker and finally member 52 of the house the speaker of national parliament. The speaker of national parlaiment is known as Member 52 the traditional house name and the speaker holds room 52 in the house, lives in flat 52 and has all 52 keys to each members offices and research cabinets.

    If that has all confused you come alon to the electoral collegethis weekend and learn from the people studying and the Lyc?ean Doctors as the mysteries unfold!!!

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    Eelectoral College Article - Yiinnii Krimtap

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    Kwensee Given Marching Orders from Mutantian Socailists

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    High Lady Gwilis Kwensee, the only Mutantian Socialist MP and party leader, was today subjected to a vote of no confidence at the annual party conference in Aerodimus. The party leader was ousted with an 80% vote against Kwensee continuing as leader. This will mean a by-election for Kwensee's seat will be occurin in a weeks time.

    The party were unhappy with Kwensee not forcing a position in the shadow cabinet being refused an opposition coalition by The State Index Party. The leaders unpopularity is believed to have lost the party their seats at the previous election. During the election campaign Kwensee is accused to have spent resources on smear campaigns instead of making policies known.

    Kwensee submitted her resignation to the constituency master this morning and already candidates to replace her have been announced by The State Index Party, Os Corelius Party and Corelian Conservative alliance.

    The Mutantian Socialists have yet to decide a candidate but are likely to vote on it tomorrow.

    The Candidates announced are:

    Councillor Milbecker Perimnt SCA - State Index Party
    user posted image

    Dr Harajok Zelezny - Os Corelius Party
    user posted image

    Miss Rhoda Lindhart - Corelian Conservative Alliance
    user posted image

    The three candidates are all very politically experienced but the one big surprise is the return to domestic politics by former ELDL President and EU Economics Comissioner Harajok Zelezny.

    Early indications on announcement place Milbecker Perimnt at the top of the polls at a clear 57% with Zelezny in second place with 30%. The constitutnecy of Pietros West has never tended to favour The Os Corelius Party being known as the socialist haven seat but by fielding a respected politician the party may make some ground. Zelezny aware of this says he will do his best to inform the people of Pietros West of what Os Correlius stand for and how they can benefit the area.

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    Kwensee Resignation Article - Jepp Tymas

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    First Opposition Address Given in Parliament

    Today in Parliament the Opposition Cabinet were in attendence for the first time and to mark the occasion deputy opposition leader Lady Vre Telshi was asked by her party to make the dutifull shadow cabinet speech commenting on the governments actions. She choose her speech to combine positives alon side negatives and sought for a more social assertiveness in parliament.

    'It is clear today that we have two kinds of politics in this chamber. The politics of the centre-left and the politics of the left. We have a party in power with only mild left views which brings me to question the extent the government is willin to go to for the working man. I do have to admit that this government have responded very clearly to what the people have wanted and have acted swiftly and in gaining recent treaties have secured our place in Europe. Even though this is the case I worry about our European commitments when at home there are a few issues I feel this government have ignored. We need to abolish class in society and make sure the rights of the workin man come over those with extravagant lifestyles. We would like the first major step to be an abolition of private education and a rise in taxes for those who inherit vast amounts of money and never earn its value. We need social equality to make society work'

    All MPs applauded and even though the Education Minister Lord Zeltra Mankioro was offered a rebuttle by the speaker he politely declined as this address even though uni-policy-centric was a general accord to a new shadow cabinet. Instead Lord Mankioro simply offered to debate this request further in chambers.

    Other News

    Councillor Hoopi Hedgkansteen has been selected as the candidate for The Mutantian Socialist Party for Pietros West while Senator Jeneriok Kalsterio of Pietros is taking party leadership. It is agreed if Hegdkansteen can hold the seat for the socialist party that he will become party leader.

    Councillor Milbecker Perimnt is still leading the polls even with this announcement which suprisingly only places the Socialists in third place behind Harajok Zelezny of Os Corelius.

    _Editor - Laane Malenak
    Shadow Cabinet Article - Jepp Tymas
    In Other News - Peit Freit

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    Viscount Announces Recipients of The Guild of The Republic Award

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    Today at The Guild of the Republic house in Aerodimus Square Viscount Kalistus Xavier revealed the list of the recipients of this prestigious award for services to the republic in The Arts, Humanities, Politics, Human Rights, Science and Education. The recipients are chosen by a panel which includes The Viscount, The Minister of Arts, The Minister of Science & Technology, The Minister of Education, The Chapter Head of The Lyce?an House and a Cultural Amassador who is a former recipient of the honour which this time was the previous winner of the politics award Dr Harajok Zelezny.

    The Vicount announced the list as follows:

    The Guild of The Republic Award for The Arts
    Danios Verit? - Film Director
    Dr Heiglink Vikaffel - Musicologist and COndictor of the Orkesta of Talios
    Linnie Mietr??k - Musician
    Vongol Avterdammert - Artist
    Len? Kro?d?nt - Dancer

    The Guild of The Republic Award for Humanities
    Shillie Mikelstred - Philanthropist

    The Guild of The Republic Award for Politics
    Count Leinnie Vordenveck - Founder of Os Corelius Party
    Rt Hon. Gwillis Kwensee - Former Leader of Mutantian Socialist Party
    Count Jibirigal Utzo - Viscount Emeritis

    The Guild of The Republic Award for Science
    Dr Pasos Taelenthrek - Cure Discovery Centre Director

    The Guild of The Republic Award for Education
    Countessa Heddaridge Vordenveck - International Education Foundation

    The list is varied including the founder of the Os Corelius Party chosen for his contribution to grand political reform. Leinnie Vordenveck was awarded by Parliament the order of Count of Kaldoon and Aaerstabeck given a palace in both cities. Viscount Emeritis Count Jibirihal Utzo was chosen for his contribution to opposition and coalition politics awarded the Emeritis title of Count of which he presides over Leodika and Mossgardt. The artist Vongol Avterdammert has been awarded for her visionary sculpture park on the Port Elleija as coast. The youngest recipient is the 18 year old philanthropist Shillie Mikelstred from Aeriok whose work helping the homeless and campaigning for their human rights nationwide has been ground breaking.

    Editor & Awards Article - Laane Malenak

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    State Index Win in Pietros West

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    Milbecker Perimnt has won the by election in the seat of Pietros West after Gwilis Kwensee's resignation. The State Index candidate who is from Pietros West town Milhardjt won a solid 50% of the vote with a close second place for Harajok Zelezny of Os Corelius with 40%.

    The full polling results were as follows:

    PERIMNT Milbecker - STATE INDEX PARTY - 20,000

    ZELEZNY Harajok - THE OS CORELIUS PARTY - 10,000





    Rhoada Lindhart has been left red faced ater coming last with a vote not totalling to the corelian conservative alliance membership in the constituency. She has refused to comment and is removed from the third-party coalition permanently to be replaced by a Yellow Liberal giving them a house majority.

    The Os Corelius Party are celebrating making ground in this constituency which the party knew they couldn't win.

    The Now Lady Milbecker Perimnt is to join parliament for inaugeration tomorrow and will become the pro-vice leader of the council of regional decreement. Herioc Hadronkheim has expressed his delight in people's trust in his party and believes Lady Milbecker Permint will be an asset to parliament with her strong beliefs.

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    By-Election Article - Jepp Tymas _

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    Lady Telshi Welcomes Perimt to Parliament

    user posted image

    Milbecker Perimnt was inaugurated into parliament today after winning the by-election in the constituency of Pietros West. After a reading into parliament at the Pietron Parliament Centre in Mossgardt by Leader of Regional Parliament Lady Jillam Potro, Lady Perimnt was escorted to the high office of Shadow Cabinet by motorcade. Lady Vri Telshi received Lady Perimnt in the office and spend time talking through the shadow cabinet plans for Perimnt's new role a Pro-Vice Leader of the Council of Regional Decreement. Press were invited to this meeting where the shadow politicans joked around pulling faces of shock for the camera.

    Lady Perimnt was called before parliament by the Prime Minister who with the Viscount's permission inaugurated the new minister. Permint was then asked to make a maiden speech into parliament:

    'It is a great honour to represent the people of Pietros West in parliament. Coming from Milhardjt, the constituency town, I have seen many things change and have always wanted and dreamed to be the person who could make change happen. I would like to pay respect to my predecessor The Rt Hon Gwilis Kensee who served the Muantian Socialist Party as a great leader and matriarch of a party whose beliefs in social welfare have made great advances. The State Index party aims for a unified state by which the people, its citizens come first, we need to break down social barriers and turn the ladder on tis side. It is clear the eucation is the keystone to changing social atittudes towards a more focussed view by which every individual is important and through co-operation we can work together. I look forward to working with Lord Malstern in the council of regional decreement in my role as Pro-Vice Leader. It is only through co-operation we can fufil a dream fo being unified and at true peace'

    Her speech drew thunderous applause wit respect shown from all parties present. Parliament was then suspended as the motorcade escored Lord Malstern and Lady Perimnt to the Regional Decreement Council offices in Aaerstabeck, Starliousa.

    In Other News

    There is speculation over the health condition of opposition leader High Lord Herioc Handronkheim who was missing again from parliament today. He has shown signs of fatigue in recent public appearances and has missed vital engagements leaving his deputy Lady Telshi to run affairs. Worry set in when the aiden shadow cabinet speech wasn't given by Hadronkheim who looked visably weary. The State Index has refused to comment on High Lord Hadronkheim's condition dismissing signs of fatigue as a result of over workin to prepare the shadow cabinet.

    user posted image

    Lord Tomak Bazarak LRP

    Lord Tomak Bazarak, leader of Falador's regional parliament, has announced plans for a state prize for the arts, the Faladorian Culture Medal will be awarded to someone each year who has inspied Faladorian culture to new heights whilst preserving an identity. Lord Bazarak revealed by comission of the Viscount he could bestow the hereditary title of Baron/Baroness to the winner and their family. Similar project are expected to be aanounced in other states based on the success of the faladorian prize. Barazak will chair a prize comittee consisting of Lady Milios (culture minister), Guild of the Republic Artist Vongol Avterdammert, Songwriter and Producer Dock Keys, Theatre Kozal director Kairos Kozal and cultural sociologist Dr Abisca Lynemia. The pannel will reveal a top five short list which will be voted on by the public to choose the winner.

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    Shadow Cabinet Article - Jepp Tymas _

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    Viscount Makes First State Address of New Parliament

    user posted image

    Today the Viscount was out and about in his home constituency of Falador South in the city of Haladon Province with his wife High Honoured Viscountessa Maleeka Xavier for the customery State Address of New Parliament. The Viscount chose the setting of The Haladon Province Viscounts Palace to set out what he hopes his parliament to acheive. The whole of parliament was formally requested to attend along side the shadow cabinet and the electoral college Lyce?an House who all turned out except for ill Shadow Leader High Lord Handronkheim.

    The address was given at noon in the reception hall of the palace. We could not print all the hour long address but have been given the list of parliamentary comittments by the Os Corelian Parliamentary Keeper Vice President Kairos Jelesniak:

    1. Revolutionise education by extending the liberation fo education to Undergraduate level and access practical qualifications as deemed appropriate.
    2. A reduction of taxes to match the wealth rates with an increase on the top 10% of citizens in wealth ranking
    3. A review of drug trials to see if the time can be reduced while not jepordising health
    4. A promotion of arts and cultural events in the nation by investing in regional state cultural agencies
    5. An investment for a space programme and scientific advancement with tax payer consideration
    6. A commitment to monitor banking and transport by the part-nationalisation of services
    7. A review on the political efectiveness of the third-party coalition and voting reform discussion as requested by The Shadow Cabinet
    8. A crime education parameter by which prison is always given as a last resort in smaller crimes and in civil cases aso educating school children about all crimes without jepordising age responsivity
    9. An increase in involvement within the EU including meeting more nations for treatise to further advance our place within the region
    10. To appoint a suitabel day for Democracy Day a new national holiday marking the coming of democratic parliament to Os Corelia

    The parliamentary 10point plan is expected to be reached by mid-term with some commitments marginally easier than others. The biggest surprise has come in the obligitary Shadow Cabinet chosen request which instead of being on education, an issue that the viscount requested not to be on the commitments due to debate bein needed on the discussion, was a call for the dissolution of the un-elected officials meetings originally set up to appease political persuations effect on parliament something that has recently been subjected to abuse by requesting divolvment of powers.

    The Viscount has announced that Democracy Day date will be announced next week.

    In Other News

    High Lord Handronkheim has been admitted to hospital after he was found on his office floor shortly after his meeting with the shadow parliament members. There is a question on whther the opposition leader can continue in his role and the possibility of the second by-election of a parliament only a couple of months old although a direct replacement is expected to be discussed in a special consideration tribunal if Hadronkheim resigns his post. There has been talks of an unnamed political figure returning to politics in state index colours.

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    Prime Minister Article - Yiinnii Krimtap
    In Other News - Peit Freit

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    Handronkheim resigns

    user posted image

    Today at Yellownak Hospital Lady Milbecker Perimnt announced that High Lord Herioc Handronkheim was recovering well in a more stable condition to the relief of the nation. Although this good new was announced we were then told that High Lord Hadronkehim has resigned and she was the proxy in a ceremony in the Yellownak centenary square outside the hospital held by the speaker of state who accepted the resignation by proxy due the exceptional circumstances and stated High Lord Hadronkheim is now known as The Rt Hon Herioc Hadronkheim.

    Lady Telshi was inaugurated as opposition leader making Lady Perimnt her deputy. Vri Telshi was appoint a High Lady of the Parliamentary New Republic i' Service. In her first act she requested from the speaker a special consideration tribunal to seek a direct replacement in parliament. The Os Corelius Chair Kairos Jelesniak was in attendence and announced that his party would not field and opposing candidate for the seat int he event of election and supported the tribunal. The Lyce?an House have arranged a special session with an announcement expected tomorrow. The outspoken conserative alliance spokeswoman Rhoda Lindhart has protested "for the name of democracy" a jibe that has once again caused angry condemnation. The Yellow Democrat party ahave abstained from comment buying time to observe who things politically play out.

    We spoke to Corelian Bookmakers CosBet who have announced their top 4 likeley replacement candidates:

    Councillor Roygen Treaymer SCA - Shadow Education Minister - 3/1

    Councillor Hanhanna Portiscu SCA - Shadow Chancellor - 4/1

    Councillor Hanbek Wilt SCA - Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister - 10/1

    Councillor Leit Kreiff SCA - Shadow Arts & Culture Minister - 15/1

    This evening Councillor Jilley Mazstra SCA, shadow health minister and party secretary, has revealed that the party have lined up a candidate who will be announced in the event of either succession or ballot listing. Councillor Roygen Treaymer SCA, shadow education minister, is odds on favourite as he is the most senior male politician in the State Index cabinet as he is the Yellownak council leader and came a very close second to Herioc Hadronkheim in the last leadership contest. Councillor Hanhanna Portiscu SCA is on very close odds being a close adviser to High Lady Telshi.

    An unnamed source who was at the emergency meeting has suggested that the party have picked a candidate of great political standing but may not be expected by anyone.

    Hadronkheim Articel & Editor - Laane Malenak

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    Emergency Referendum Results in Direct Replacement

    user posted image

    An emergency referendum in the constituency of Xantosia West by electronic election box each citizen has in their home has ended with a 95% yes vote for there to be a direct replacement of their MP after the resignation of Herioc Handornkheim due to ill health. There was a record turn out of 87% on the issue.

    A referendum was decided on after an emergency meeting of party leaders at the Lyce?an house this morning at 3am. At the meeting Os Corelius and Mutantian Socialist party leaders backed the State Index request whereas the ANE coalition fervently refused to back down and demanded a by-election. It was Liberal Yellow leader Mirial Utzo who suggested the referendum as a compromise that all agreed on. The polls close at 10pm and the result as announced at 11pm.

    Against all predictions the new MP for Xantosia West was announced as Yellonak'sown political legend the former Viscount-in-coalition Kadreya Vasilius.

    user posted image

    The politican after the collapse of his Corelina Democrat Party revealed his elft-wing sympathies and joined the party last-year unbeknowns to his former party who joined forces with the members of the former Love is Noise and Mutantian Liberal party members.

    High Lady Vre Telshi revealed the new MP at midnight at the Yellownak parliament centre press conference hall and revealed that Vasilius was chosen in a unanimous vote after he was suggested ot the panel by Concillor Jilley Mazstra as High Lady Telshi explained:

    'The announcement of Lord Vasilius may come as a surprise to people expecting a shadow cabinet member to take the position. It was clear that we would need to appoint a new SCA if we picked from within the cabinet and indeed a few names were in the ring until Councillor Mazstra suggested Kadreya. We invited him tot he meeti and he admitted he had been seekin a return to politics. We know he has previously worked for the social interests of the nation in coalition government and worked hard as our European Council representative giving us our place in Europe as it stands. Lord Vasilius will take on the responsibility of Shadow Secretary of State and will have the left side seat in parliament. We are excited to work together'

    Vasilius also made comments to the press: 'I am delighted to return to politics it is quite exciting to be returning to Leodis square serving once again the people of Xantosia. I am fully supportive of the State Index Party policies and am keen to assist the party stanc eon education forward which we indeed have made our primary target as oppostion. I will continue the work of Herioc Handronkheim a great friend who I'm sure will offer me advice on what work he would have liked to done if he coudl have continued.'

    The State Index Party infact reveal there was a torn vote between Hanhannah Portiscu and Roygen Treaymer for the position which couldnt be resolved until Jilley Mazstra's suggestion.

    Lord Vasilius will be inaugurated for the second time in tomorrow's parliament session.

    Hadronkheim Articel & Editor - Laane Malenak

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    Faladorian Culture Medal Nominees Announced

    user posted image

    Lord Vasillius escorts his dear friend The Rt Hn Gwilis Kwensee ot the Awards Shortlist Announcementat Haladon Arts Palace

    Lord Tomak Bazarak and Lord Kadreya Vasillius today revealed the nominations for the presitigous new Faladorian Cultural Medal which not only carries a 200,000 qotsma prize but a hereditary title of Baron/Baroness to be shared with their spouse.

    Lord Bazarak invited Lord Vasilius to join the panel as previous to his election Vasilius had becoem a national treasure directign major independent films encouraging the independent film industry to grow and be sufficient. Vasilius was asked to be the vice-chair of this committee.

    A prize comittee consisting of Lady Milios (culture minister), Guild of the Republic Artist Vongol Avterdammert, Songwriter and Producer Dock Keys, Theatre Kozal director Kairos Kozal and cultural sociologist Dr Abisca Lynemia as well as the two aforementioned Lords decided the nominations after working through a mountain of cultural occurences.

    Lord Vailius was asked by Bazarak to announce the nominees as Bazarak willproclaim the winning culutral architect.

    _Nominees for The Faladorian Culture Medal _

    Balia Dardrich - For his film - Same Lines

    Jonek Klipaste - For his sculpture - The Fisherman's Keeper - In situe at Port Ellieja

    Shemihintri Xavier - For her play - 'Stories of Old & Weir' - Haladon Arts Palace

    Misean Chiempyk - For her album - 'Talk to Strangers' - Walltown Records

    Ladyero Kosozzi - For Her book - 'The Life We Drew Into a Lake' - Elodriff Press

    Lord Vaillius describe the nominees as: 'A great list of cultural ambassadors of the state of Falador with each not only producing great artistic work but sourcing their distribution and materials with Falador. Every nominee shows alternative representation of Falador through different mediums. As an outsider I have been heavily educated about the state's history through these particular works and at the end of the day that is what this prize seeks to assert and value. Each cultural architect should be proud and as a sign of recognitiont he state parliament wish to offer the shortlisted artists the title of Cultural Architect for they shape the cultural future of this great state.'

    We have on the list Shemihintri Xavierthe playwright who is actually a cousin of the Viscount but nonetheless is regarded as a great writer with works premiering all over the nation with her Corelian Myriad 'Algokahn' opening in Kaldoon just last motnh.

    Balia Dardrich's 'Same Lines' has become a great representation of corelian culture and working around the harships of reality. Set in pre-democracy times Dardrich explores the intimate relationship between tradition and wanting to revolutionise focusing around the faladorian wall erected by Viscount Koustass of Taloshia out of paranoia of the autonomy the people of falador asserted with dignity and humility.

    Jonek Klipaste's The Fisherman's Keeper has become not only a greatly visited work of art but is a symbol for Port Elliaje greeti home the fisherman after weeks of trawlering. In a community where fishermen risk their lives to provide while the wives sew nets and tell tales. The keeper is a manifest of the protective will of Port Elleija and she rests her arms as if to cradle the fishermen for safe passage.

    Ladyero Kosozzi's 'The Life We Drew Into a Lake' is a beautiful work of literature focussing around the first democratic election when Viscount Xavier declared Taloshia a dead country and the birth of The New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia. In a sign of new birth the new constitution of democracy was copied by hand and thrown into the great lake of Aerodimus in a symbol of rebirth. The story follows Selefkia a young faladorian seekin answers to uestions we follow as she grows to learn her democratic rights and becomes politically involved wanting desperately to meet the Viscount. She meets him once and enters into the electoral college. Throughout she faces dissolutionment but grows stronger in faith in democracy as she helps fall the taloshian beareaucrats still scaring mongering citizens.

    Finally we have Misean Chiempyk's prolific album 'Talk to Strangers' songs based on conversations she had with strangers all across falador when she travelled on the trains. She explored the good nature of faladorians in wanting to share their stories, tales and advice. Even though at first they were strangers all are named with each song called 'Advice from Lealeandrika' or 'Hadrion's family values'. It is a charming collection of songs that will ennoble the beautied heart

    Editor - Laane Malenak
    Prize Article- Yiinnii Krimtap _

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    Kwensee Named Countessa as Parliament Explains Peerage System

    user posted image

    Today parliament have revealed the peerage system on the dawn of a new system of citizen awards that was sparked after the announcing of the Faladorian Culture Medal. The Viscoutn earlier this month called for the complete transparency of this syste to assure people that those appointed are done so for great achievement as opposed to donating money.

    It has been detailed that Count Leinnie Vordenveck will be appointed head of The County Hall a house of civil countenance. The house will meet and offer an advisory role to the government as well as carrying a state position of being elders giving them the honour of attending state official events.

    Parliament is makig it clear that all appointed Counts and Countessas will ONLY have a ceremonial role and will not be involved in parliamentary/constitutional reform as they are un-elected and this would go against the Parliamentary Republic constitution of the New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia.

    Also today in an official peers statement it was announced the appoint of Gwilis Kwensee to the position of Countessa a motion supported by ruling and oppositon parties with Lord Vasilius placing the motion and a seconding from the Viscount himself.

    There are currently only two counts appointed and two countessas being:

    Count Leinnie Vordenveck & Countessa Heddaridge Vordenveck - a hereditary appointment shared with his spouse Leinnie Vordenveck was the founder of the Os Corelius Party Movement in pre-democratic Taloshia as Corelia was known. He fought for the democracy of the nation and supported Kalistus Xavier in bringin down the regime from within. When the new republic parliament announced a keeping of the head of state title of Viscount, Xavier procalimed that Vordenveck was the architect and father of Corelia democracy therefore the Count of democracy. He was enobled upon the signing of the consttution.

    Count Jibirihal Utzo - Appointed a non-hereditary peer after completing a joint-vicouncy with Viscount Xavier in the first elected government, his appointment by parliament was made by Viscount Xavier and President Vasillius after Utzo failed to reclaim his seat and his party collapsed. The appointment was for service to democracy after securing a successful stable coalition government.

    Countessa Gwilis Kwensee - Appointed a hereditary peer for her service as the first oppositon leader of the nation after forming an opposition coalition under Lyce?an House guidance with the corelian conservative alliance. She fierceley kept the Mutantian Socialist party autunomous within opposition and made great progress for socialist politics campaigning for more welfare systems including job seekers allowance and health bonuses offering free prescriptions to those with less income. She was the only Socialist to retain her seat in the last election and tried to join with the state index party inan opposition coalition but this idea was rejected leading to her expulsion as party leader and her seat under party constitution. She has been the country's leading female politican and was the only leader to have challenged the consitution.

    Also revealed in the County Hall is the order of Barons and Baronesses a title given in citizen awards breated within regional parliaments with the first appointment of the title to be given to the winner of the Faladorian Culture Medal.

    The county hall is on the premesis of the old Taloshian General hall an act of reclaiming dignity.

    Peerage Article & Editor - Laane Malenak

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    Culture Minister Launches The Os Corelian Film Festival

    user posted image

    Today the ministry of culture has unveiled an exciting plan to boost the film industry in Corelia by announcing the first Os Corelian Film Festival which will be know as The Aeolian Film Festival named after the mythicval creatures associated with Corelian Folklore.

    The venue of the film festival will be in Stratton Beck the state capital of Starliousa in the consituency of Starliousa South. Consituent MP Lady Nathiela Shybek has announced great delight at the selection of Stratton Beck to host the festival and was in attendence at the launch she expressed a desire to see Aaerstabeck to be the film capital of Os Corelia . The city has a rich history of film making with Guild of the Republic Award winning film maker Danios Verit? leading a host of new directors strengthing the independent cinema scene working as Auteurs.

    The film festival will offer five awards including the golden aeolian which is the grand jury prize, the golden orb for best Corelian Made film, awards for best actor & actress as well as a prize for best youth film made by a director aged 18-25. Each prize will come with a yet to be decided prize fund.

    _Editor - Laane Malenak
    Film Festival- Jepp Tymas _

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    The First Corelian In Space Has Been Revealed!!

    Today in a ceremony at the new Ministry of Science and Technology it was announced that the 25th of July will be the launch date of the first mission to the moon and first corelian in space. Minister for Science and Technology Lord Khayn Krimtak was given the honour by The SCP (The Space Corelia Project) to announce the astronaut who will old the expectations of a nation striving in the technological field. The astornaut is to be:

    **Dr Eliosa KHAMAKRETAM **

    Eliosa Khamakretam is the highest acheiveing female in the field of astrophysics and was ecretley selected by the SCP after a rigorous selection process. She is on the was to the Gro?deutsches Reich as the [paper goes ot press to train with astronauts in the nations GZR facilities.

    To ensure total concertration and preparation has been made parliament have denied the media access to any information about Dr Khamakretam other than a paragraph release by the Science & Technology Ministry. The statement reveals her gaining a PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Yellownak in Pietros as well as being the highest astrophysicist in the nation alongside Dr Leit Handrkroffmant who is rumoured to have just fallen short of the selection.

    The Artemis 3 project has been one of the most exciting parts of the treaty between Gro?deutsches Reich and Os Corelia and will be the first major part of the treaty enacted.

    In today's edition of the Gro?deutscher Frei Presse it was announced that the Grossdeutscher members of the Artemis 3 Mission are to be Vanessa Chevalier and Sigmund K?llner veterans of the Artemis 2 mission to the space station. Nazione Italianan Astronaut has yet to be announced

    _Editor - Lennie Gretsga
    Astronaut Article - Elmei Kri _

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    Faladorian Culture Medal Winner Announced

    user posted image

    Today at a special ceremony at the Haladon Arts Palace Lord Tomak Bazarak unveiled the winner of the Faladorian Culture Medal. Lord Bazarak while at the podium was accompnied on stage by a table with judges: Lord Vasilius, Lady Milios, Dock Keys, Kairos Kozal and Dr Abisca Lynemia.

    Lord Tomak introduced all the contenders as well as short presentations by each artist including a film showing, a book reading by Leiman Krufanda Principle Male Lead of the Kozal Theatre Company, a live music performance, a video about a sculpture and a live performance of a play scene by the Kozal theatre company courtesey of Kairos Kozal.

    Then Lord Vasilius took to the podium to announce the top two acts before a brief interval while dinner was served.

    Lord Tomak Bazarak then announced the Winner as :

    Misean Chiempyk - Talk to Strangers

    The Viscount who was present at the ceremony then entered fomr the wings and pronounced Misean Chiempyk Baroness by Appointment of the New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia for services to culture. After she was presented with a cheue and made a short speech:

    'Talk to Strangers was always meant to be a record about what people are all really like, I believe in the goodness of humanity and believe we are all good poeple and our opinions can be easily misdirected by all kinds of pairs of glasses we are sometimes wrongly told to see the world through, we do have human nature but at the same time have a potential to be beautiful. It is an honour to win a prize of such prestige and to have a title int he name of the republic is a great honour. This money will be spent investing in Faladorian youths futures to encourage them with music there are so many aritsts who are waiting for their work to be heard and we want to helpt hem get their stuff out as quick as possible. Vive la culture and for all our many sunny days good night and thank you once again'

    Baroness Chiempyk was then whisked away by the judging comission for a reception at the Haladon Province Palace.

    The second place of the award was given to playwright Shemihintri Xavier for her play Stories of Old & Weir, Xavier is cousin to the Viscount and was also invited ot the reception and given a prize cheque which she intends to invest in youth theatre projects working with elder citizens.

    _Editor - Laane Malenak
    Prize Article- Yiinnii Krimtap _

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