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    Jelesniak Attacked by Cavill in Commision Debate

    As Corelian's head to the polls tomorrow to decide who their vote in the European Commission By-Election poll favourite and Corelian candidate Kairos Jelesniak has been brutally attacked by opponent Henry Von Cavill in the 'debate' interviews held in Euorpolis hosted by popular Inimician Broadcaster Colin Hoskins. In the interview Von Cavill, when asked why he was better than the other candidates replied:

    'Well, I believe that I deserve this chance more than Count Kairos because he, like the former runners from his party, had countless opportunities to shape Europe whereas I haven't. I know that both of us are competent enough to take on the responsibilities of the Internal Affairs office, but I also know for a fact that I have a lot of new, innovative ideas that I can bring to the table whereas he hasn't proven that he can do the same during his run as Os Corelia's councillor'

    Many were left aghast at the audacity of Von Cavill to suggest that by Jelesniak having more experience he (Von Cavill) should win! His sheer ignorance of the achievements in office by Jelesniak has received criticisms from across the political spectrum in Os Corelia. During his term as Os Corelia's longest serving European COuncillor he has achieved many landmarks. His greatest achievement was chairing the UDoHR review committee creating a revised document voted through with the new European Constitution. He authored the landmark Bill for the Free Movement of Required Labour and the European Arts Collaboration Fund Bill. He also brought back the Ocean protection act which passed in its second sitting.

    What has Mr Von Cavill done? Nothing. This aristocrat needs to learn what hard is before sitting to represent the people. He is to be judged by Corelians tomorrow, but he didn't really want our vote did he.

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    Super Sunday Sees Shock Results in Os Corelius Primary

    Tonight as the clock struck 10, 5 states declared the results of their primaries for the Os Corelius Party leader. Going into the poll the Viscount Miltok Hargadoon was ahead with both of the first two states under his belt but Nathiela Shybek snapped at his heels during the Xantosia primary which turned from an easy breeze win to a thundercloud on the horizon. 5 state Os Corelius Parties decided to run a parallel polling day this month to give a super cluster of results and these results have not disappointed.

    PIETROS was the first state to declare it results tonight as follows:

    SHYBEK - 62%

    HARGADOON - 30%


    After this result Shybek had stormed to a clear victory in the primary locking in her first state in the race.

    TALOSHIA the most traditionalist state stopped this momentum in terms of results declaring as follows:

    HARGADOON - 68%

    SHYBEK - 30%


    The result may seem a blow to Shybek but she was always going to struggle winning a state who places loyalty to party leadership as a core.What this result did was trigger a press conference from Kammensent who suspended his campaign.

    STARLIOUSA Home State for Nathiela Shybek carried an incredibly unsurprising result with the 2nd pref ballot enacted due to Kammensent's withdrawal

    SHYBEK - 83%

    HARGADOON - 17%

    This results put Shybek back on track although still trailing 3-2 making the other results crucial.

    FALLEIJA was the most anticipated result of the night and was expected to be last due to the tight polls. Although the 2nd prefs had at this point been enacted to the shudder of count officials this was still a tight race declared as follows:

    SHYBEK -51%

    HARGADOON - 49%

    The Shybek camp greeted this result ona high as it led them even stevens with the Viscount whose camp felt glum at loosing a crucial state. Now all eyes were firmly on Westfallon, who unexpectedly saw mass recounts occur showing what was thought to be an easy win for the pro-Swedish Hargadoon. Shybek's camapigning saw her win the backing of Maleeka Perimnt the most influential MP in Westfallon.

    WESTFALLON rounded off the hour and this result is fresh off the declaration showing the tightest race yet but nudging one candidate ahead:

    SHYBEK - 50.1%

    HARGADOON - 49.9%

    6 Recounts were requested all by the Hargadoon camp who are perhaps sensing a tide turning against them looking towards the last two states. Falador will be crucial to the cause as will Aerodimus but Hargadoon's national star is starting fall as his approvals up against Mitrij Kolm of the Green Bloc show the latter opening a 5 point lead. It could be down tot he leadership triptych vote to settle the boat.

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    [b]Penultimate Primary Results Announced

    [/b]It looked like it would all come down to yesterday's primary in the state of Falador to see if Shybek could consolidate a victory or if the Viscount could claw back a victory in a crucial state. Historically Falador has been the most loyal state to the ruling party since the founding of the New Parliamentary Republic, but the last year things have changed. Since the resignation of beloved politician Tomak Bazarak after being fired from his Culture ministry over a refusal to back the Swedish Bill the state has begun to fall out of love with Os Corelius, something nobody in politics believed possible. With raw wounds the Haladon province parliamentary constituency seat was won by the Green Bloc as have several councils in the state. The Os Corelius faithful members are still angry at the Viscount for sacking Bazarak and his campaign has been treated with suspicion although he still has reasonable support in the north of the states members. Both candidates spent a lot of time with members trying to heal old wounds and it has become a case of who has done the better job. Rumours were rife both tried to court Bazarak's vote but the former minister has public announced his intention to abstain by spoiling has ballot callign neither candidate a real prospect for the future.

    The results have been declared as follows:

    SHYBEK - 54% HARGADOON - 46%

    The result gave a decisive victory to Shybek placing her in a firm lead going into the final primary, Shybek has as good as won the contest although she will still have to face the Triptych vote of the Vice-President, Party Chair and Prime Minister. If Shybek can win Aerodimus she can expect the Triptych vote to be somewhat of a ceremonial coronation. If she looses both Aerodimus and Triptych to Hargadoon it will come down to a delegate vote at conference. Early indications have an easy Shybek victory in Aerodimus so this is not likely.

    This victory has been bittersweet for Shybek as the turnout was the Primaries lowest at only 33% of total state party membership so Shybek now edging closer to party leadership will need to make Falador an electoral priority heading into the general next year of she could find herself loosing all she has gained.

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    [b][size=3]Nørreport Calls for Corelians to Abandon Commission Vote [/size][/b]In a controversial speech to Corelian Parliament today Dr Jens Nørreport, Os Corelia's Councillor for Europe has called for the government to abandon the traditional vote for Commission elections. He expressed a lack of belief in any of the candidates standing to provide a successful commission and has called for a review of the Europolis based EU Executive. Nørreport gave the following address:

    'The Commission elections are becoming a union wide ritual of flogging a dead horse that bit too much. We lack talent and ability in the current crop and with successive commissions failing to be active or indeed inspiring. The fact that we had to impeach two commissioners last term was more than a warning sign that reform is needed. To send a strong signal to Europe I urge that either the government abandon the vote or that citizens simply do not turn or spoil ballots in recognition of this dying institution'

    It is unlikely the government will abandon the vote but polls out today already have shown a distinct disinterest of participation from Corelian citizens. It is not clear how the Corelian public would be inspired to vote and if any candidate will maange to gain supprot.

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    Welcome the New Os Corelius Party Leader Nathiela Shybek

    A hastily arranged press conference this morning announced the news we'd been waiting for across the past few months. That Nathiela Shybek has won the Os Corelius Primaries and will be the party's candidate for Viscount in next year's general election. The results come as Shybek was announced to win the Aerodimus primary and subsequently coronated b the triptych who unanimously endorsed Shybek. The result of the Aerodimus primary was as follows:

    Miltok HARGADOON - 48%

    Nathiela SHYBEK - 52%

    The Triptych Votes was also published for the first time:

    Trilisha Okozio (Vice President) - SHYBEK

    Kastrushka Milios (Prime Minister) - SHYBEK

    Ondre Perimnt (Os Corelius Party Chair) - SHYBEK

    With a clear victory total of 6 states to Hargadoon's 3 Nathiela Shybek has successfully challenged the incumbent Viscount and seen through the process that he will be a one term Viscount. Shybek is set to be unveiled at the party's conference in the coming weeks and she is currently working out who her running mates will be. The bookies seem to favour Milios to stay in post and the favourite for the Vice President are Ragoden Indoren and Maleeka Karpathia-Xavier. Other names are slowly creeping up the odds.

    The Green Bloc sent out a congratulatory message to Chancellor Shbek but also used the opportunity to request the Os Corelius Party to have sense and call an early election as the Viscount is now a lame duck. Current polls still have Green Bloc edging Os Corelius to be the largest party although not gaining an outright majority. There is no doubt opposition parties will continue a call for an election in the coming weeks.

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    Rumours Circulate that Election is Set to be Called

    After goading from opposition leaders and a somewhat cementing of a lame duck status for the viscount will likely lead to the government calling for an early general election. With the battle buses ready to go and war chests brimming full of money all that's left are for party leaders to declare running mates. Earlier today the Viscount candidate Nathiela Shybek announced her running mates with transport minister Ragoden Indoren being surprisingly announced as her Prime Ministerial candidate and Hizzi Wygelstein another surprise for the Vice Presidency.Ragoden Indoren is a highly popular member of the Os Corelius Parliamentary party and seen as a key architect of trade deals across borders. Shybek has selected Indoren as she knows he can lead a strong campaign for parliamentary seats with many media sources agreeing that he will bolster the party's chances. Hizzi Wygelstein is often seen as a wise cabinet member with a nack for policy writing, he had an apprenticeship with Kairos Jelesniak during his term in the vide-president office. This experience and his cabinet holding office as Minister for Business will be seen as a centrifying move.

    The Green Bloc have today confirmed their running triptych with Mitrij Kolm confirming her candidacy for the Viscouncy aided by Lyvanka Denavor who would be Vice-President if Green Bloc wins and Julika Keltor for Prime Minister. Lyvanka Denavor is a leading human rights lawyer and also has fought for environmental rights and against corporate carbon waste. Julika Keltor is the Green Bloc's only MP so it is natural that she would be looked at to be the prime Ministerial candidate although she is a party favourite leading to her candidacy and entry to Leodis Square.Keltor is a popular figure for pushing for an environemtnal brief to be established in government and to seek renewables investment.

    The Civic Union are once again fielding party leader Hol Ionnak as the Viscouncy candidate, Avaro Giddien is the Prime Ministerial candidate and Iri Ardensia as the vice-presidential candidate

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    The Dark Lord of Eurovision to Retire

    After several years as the executive supervisor of EurovVoice Viante Stockseylius has today announced his retirement following prolonged illness. The recent EurovVoice contest was thrown into disrepute after Stockseylius was taken and deputy Iain Williams took over.

    Stockseylius has become notorious for his hard line rules for the competition taking no mercy for entrants who don't stick to them. His most controversial decision was to withdraw the UK during the contest after it was found out they had entered the contest despite failing to give votes in on time in two previous occasions. The move earned him condemnation from various companies and made him a villain in the UK. He remained unshaken by the affair and held his tight grip to face several further rules breaks taking several countries through disciplinary proceedings.

    The iron fist of EuroVoice has over see a variety of contests and winners including several Os Corelian victories. In an interview last month on corelian television Stockseylius remarked how his home contests were the greatest productions he's worked with.

    Whilst there is the expectation that Iain Williams will take on the role rumours are rife that Stockseylius will make a open call for applications.

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    Lizzie Announces Euro Commission Endorsement

    Image result for sophie in't veld

    Maleeka Liszckoszi, dubbed Lizzie by her fans and followers, has returned to the spotlight for the first time since leaving the commission to announce her endorsement of Marie Solomon for Premier Commissioner. The Countessa joined Solomon today at an event in Europolis to lend her support to the campaign and to urge Corelians to get behind Solmon in the national vote in the coming weeks. This endorsement will have a strong impact on the Os Corelian vote as Liszckoszi still remains an incredibly popular politician. It is believed she was approached to run again for commission but turned it down due to her county hall commitments as a foreign/EU policy advisor to the Viscount. There are rumours she may consider running for election as we head towards the general as she would likely win a seat and be appointed foreign minister.

    With Election Date Announced New Polls Show Os Corelia on Course for a Hung Parliament

    Today in Parliament Prime Minister Katrushka Milios called for the election in agreement with the electoral college for May the 5th. Corelia Today's latest election poll has one of the tightest projects of a parliament yet with the Os Corelius Party taking 27 seats to the Green Bloc's 24. The State Index prediction has shrunk to 9 total seats but this is nothing compared to the continuing poll decimation of the Lib Dems to only 2 seats, one of which is within the margin of error to become Green Bloc. The Civic union have picked up a seat in predictions with a former lob dem seat looking as if its voters were on the right of the spectrum. They will still be disappointed that they can't shake the Corelian Conservative Alliance in the seat of Old Taloshin.

    With a majority needed of 35 seats needed neither side has the projection to rule alone and a minority government could be toppled pretty easily s they would have to look at coalition building. If the Lib Dems were open to a junior position the Green Bloc could form a coalition with them and the State Index party to shut out the Os Corelius party from government. The Os Corelius party would only need the state index party's support to return to power although they've had strong disagreements about economic policy in the past. It is likely however that a grand coalition would be formed between the Os Corelius Party and Green Bloc which would see no real opposition to plans.

    The electoral collage review is out next week and there is a possibility we could see parliamentary seats increase to a larger amount making the picture of Os Corelia more interesting so keep your eyes here for more developments.

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    Kolm Sworn in as Viscountessa as Green/Lib-Dem Coalition Takes Office

    Viscountessa Mitrij Kolm Takes Oath of Office in the County Hall watched on by speaker Dr Tiin Kaylen

    Today Green Bloc Party leader Mitrij Kolm made history as the first Green Bloc Viscountessa and the first head of state to govern without the Os Corelius party. Although Kolm had been elected for weeks it was the sworn duty of Miltok Hargadoon in his last act as Viscount to oversee the forming of the new government. On Wednesday it was revealed a deal had been reached between the Green Bloc and the Lib Dems to enter into a coalition government. It was thought at one stage the Green Bloc would fall into a grand coalition but Os Corelius' insistence on certain offices and economic policy and arrogant attitude in negotiations failed them. The Green Bloc coalition spokesperson explained the process to agree: 'We met with all parties to ensure fairness, except the civic union who we had no business with, we found the best way forward with the Lib Dems who were willing to accept a true sense of compromise'.

    The unveiled deal sees Julika Keltor as Prime Minister after winning a vote in parliament for the post and the government will now see three ministerial posts going to the Lib Dems including the Education Minister, the new equalities role and the Minister for Regional Parliament. Keltor attended the swearing in of Mitrij Kolm at the county hall before formally asking the new Viscountessa to accept her government.

    Mitrij Kolm has already moved with her family into the official Leodis square residence and she will have her own floor of the parliament building for head of state duties.

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    Image result

    Being Bad Ass Has Never Looked So Sexy

    The often reserved Councillor Jens Nørreport has been causing a stir in the council chamber for standing up for Corelian rights and calling out the Premier Commissioner for breaking the tradition of Commissioners not legislating in the Union and proposing wasteful spend of Corelian taxpayers money. It has become increasingly clear that an elite is now attempting to run the European Council but not on Nørreport's watch, Today he made the surprising move to put his hat in the ring to be speaker of the house something not anticipated by anyone who knows the often reserved councillor. Corelia Today has an exclusive answer to the questions on everyone's lips Why are you running?

    'I'm running against the Elite' explains Nørreport 'something has gone wrong in our once great council to have Premier Commissioner's expecting their laws to be rubber stamped by councillors as par for the course, not on my watch! I saw only one candidate stand for speaker and deputy and felt there had to be competition to start biting back against this toxic culture of agreeing positions behind closed doors, but I am under no illusion I won't win because the outcome has already been decided'

    Why should councillors vote for you?

    'I think it's clear I have the right experience for this role. I've been in the council longer than my British rival for the role and have been involved in European politics since Os Corelia joined serving as the head of the diplomatic corps and working in the office of our great former councillors and advised the great former Premier Maleeka Liszckoszi. I am not attached to a political party and was educated through the electoral college meaning I have been brought up to work in neutral situations and served as speaker of the Pietros State Parliament for 6 years. I do offer real change that ensure accountability and procedure to occur and I felt I had to make a stand against the politics lurking in the shadows, Europeans deserve better'

    Whilst running in the election Nørreport's rivals are widely expected to win their respective positions due to their perceived positions of power and privilege in the council. Corelia Today thinks Nørreport's brave decision will lead to a battle of experience and expertise against the elite backroom deals lurking in the Europolis corridors. Help us Councillor Nørreport you're our only hope! 

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