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    dulsosaal dein ko Laayoune fen fahbo wah fey ahrk fen ni haal avok faal Dulsosaal Hofkahsejun.

    Pogaan vahmaan do dulsosaal ragnavir fahbo niist fey ahst hofkahsejun.

    Tiran voth Saahaar fen reyzan strin ahrk grotiinar dein ol maar geind do Saarhaar fahbo wahlaat niist yen. muulmarik lost ahk vensekos nust fen ni mindrus faal Geind do faal Saahaar

    _The royal guards in Laayoune will continue to stay and will not hand over the Royal Palace. Many members of the royal family continue their stay at the palace.

    The border with Sahara will remain closed and heavily guarded as the terrorist state of Sahara (Puppet of Red Croatia and Inquista) continue building their arms.

    The government has also stated they will not recognise the independence of The Union of the Sahara._

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    Kiibok nivzah tal naal faal Yunrot kinbok Ikram Ahiijn faal Muulmarik lost oris Ahiijn voth Samir Hessan.

    Muulmarik lost ahk Dariikn piraan tol muulmarik lost krent vanras do ni mindrus Saahaar Geind.

    Vorey tal los vahzah fah tiran ulaaj ahrk dulsosaal staad fen reyzan neben muulmarik ahrk fen dren ol keinuut.

    _Following false reports by the News leader Ikram Ahiijn the Government has replaced Ahiijn with Samir Hessan.

    The government has also denied claims that The government has broken the treaty of not recognise the so called Sahara Union.

    Other reports are true for border security and the royal place will remain under the government and will act as a embassy_

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    vaarnu ahrk vax visk Saahaar Ulanhimdah Bloc lost won faal Saahaar ulanhimdah Mistrol neben Nadia Ali-Sayed.

    Daar gevahzen wah kos volzah siin ol riikaygur yun muulmarik lost voluntrool mistrol.

    Muulmarik los grotiinar worried fah joriin do faal Saahaar ol Mun Viilt vis grotiinar gevolz neben Ali-Sayed Karliiskiner.

    _The ruthless and fascist party Sahara National Bloc has won the Sahara national elections under Nadia Ali-Sayed.

    This prove to be a bad sign as the terrorist new government has rigged the elections.

    The government is heavily worried for the people of the Saahaar as Human Rights can heavily worsen under Ali-Sayed regime.

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    Faal Tirah Trun krosorun ko kiibok rot.
    Faal Ulokuun do Lot Biik lost viilt wah dissolve muulmarik ahrk kuz fonaar nuz mu fund med wah koraav munaark fah yun muulmarik das.

    Mu los rinik hahvaas avok firig muulmarik arrest ahrk mu for nau ulokuun wah gaar grunzah.

    _The Foreign Affairs office in the following words.

    The Emperor of Groot Belgie has the right to dissolve the government and take charge but we would like to see election for a new government soon.

    We are very concerned over the former government arrest and we call on the emperor to release the captives._

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    Pogaan joriin krii ko iidah um hiim do Laayoune ahrk pogaan joriin los ahraan.

    _Dozens people are killed in a bombing attack around the city of Laayoune and many people are injured.

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    **Sahaar straag nii rigir nau niist siifur joriin? **
    Irkstrool tal suranmiik voth taariik do Govoldeim Vensekos naal faal Sahaar Geind los taking joriin viilt ahrk friik hond voth verkeiniik muulmarik miik nii fussekein yuld.

    Daar tal los nun ol paalus ol nii los lok vuliik verkeiniik muulmarik yen vok fah korasaal iidah nau Maarkiishija.

    Voth wahlaan do fussekein nol niist nukaas gevildiik Iinkiist ahrk voor-griisk do faal Sahaar. Muulmarik for nau fah Haalskber fuusk wah gemulaag lid ahst tiran posts fah korasaal dren do drensepaal.

    _Sahara turning it backs on their own people?
    Recent reports especially with the announcement of a Fortress State by the Sahara Union are taking people rights and liberties away with the warmongering government increasing it military costs.

    These reports are seen as aggressive as it is a high possibility the warmongering government are arming up for a possible attack on Marrakechia.

    With the building of military from their puppet holder Inquista and the anti-democratization of the Sahara Union. The government call on for Halsberg allies to strengthen the troops at the border posts for a possible act of aggression._

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    gelum boden lost kosaan strin wah wahl ven fah vok oming boden volkonend nau 19th Kreintor.
    Pah fennis lost kosaan strin ahrk fen kos orwahl naal visk kinbok do tol visk fos ahk seik tol fennis fen kos vos wah aav euroope fennis.

    The Parliament has been dissolved to make way for upcoming elections on the 19th November.
    Also Party leaders has announced the parties will be dissolved in order to make way for new parties which will compete in the upcoming elections to elect a new Parliament and Government. The new created parties will also be allowed to join European Parties.

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    Latest Polls for upcoming 18th November elections - estimated 15 Million voters

    Freedom and Independence Party - 747,000
    National Front - 3,108,737
    Progress Party - 4,779,033
    Social Democrat Front - 2,952,400
    The Royal Support - 3,148,386
    Communist Party - 214,004

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    Over 30 million citizens demonstrated their voting rights in the Marrakechian General elections including Nationals in foreign countries.

    Prime Minister Elections:
    Freedom & Independence Party - Mohdrine Kuurstid = 2,493,996
    National Front - Chico Kiidzh = 7,414,474
    Progress Party - Nadine Mussid = 6,278,041
    The Social Democrat Front - Myriem Uuriiz = 3,455,770
    The Royal Support - Abdel Hiiskan = 7,929,508
    The Communist Party - Alizs Hogart = 2,428,211

    Abdel Hiiskan is the new Prime Minister.

    Members of Parliament elections due 1st December.

  • [img]http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/sites/default/files/styles/logo-thumbnail/public/0025/2668/brand.gif[/img] Today the Prime Minister Abdel Hiiskin has made a speech about the concerns over Sahara.

    [i]Each day citizens of Sahara is being opressed by its Inquistan puppet regime which shares the same ideology of the Polisario Front terrorists which we have fought off to defend the people of Marrakechia and Sahara. We also believe the citizens of the Sahara region in the recent referendum has voted out of their will with a threat of death or even jail sentences carried out by the Sahwri Union Government. Sahawris historically been part of the Marrakechian ethnically and culture which has made Marrakechia a unique nation and civilization. With the jealousy of Inquista and Red Croatia of our ever so growing economy they have planned to destablise Marrakechia and the region to stop our strong economic growth, Marrakechia is a champion of Democracy and we will continue fighting for Sahawri Democratic freedom against the opressors and unite the nation which was divided by a regime of hatred and jealousy. We will reclaim and unite the people of Marrakechia![/i]


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