Government and Administration Administrative Model The Administrative model of Hyogen runs under the federalist model of states being granted some level of autonomy in terms of taxes of infrastructure, municipal taxes, provision of some level of social services and funding for local government funded programs and states institutions, the federal government in Shuto in that respect acts as the funding overseer and final tier funder of such services if needed. However there are 2 constutient nations which have speial level of autonomy. THes nations are known as Autonomous Administrative Regions (AAR’s). The Constituent nations are The Kingdom of Ainua and the Republic of Lorea in 1912 and 1965 respectively. These regions have their own governments and effectively run themselves in many ways excluding the military, diplomatic and affairs of state and fiscally to some extent. These constituent nations are linguistically and culturally different in many ways with their own sense of national identity, but are still recognised officially as pert of the grater whole which is the United Republic of Hyogen and are thus granted full citizenship like any other citizen. Hyoganese States Kanto Tohoku Chubu Tokai Kansai Chugoku Shikoku Kyushu Koshin'etsu Hokkaido Republic of Korea (AAR): (Pending) Kingdom of Ainua (AAR): (Pending) Federal Government (Pending)