Violet stayed behind with Minister Valero while Athanasios took the British and the Gallambrians to the next room. 

"Do you think it was too much having Veronica and Henry here, Alfredo? I mean, their ministries aren't really concerned by the treaty... MISAI is in part under your supervision and Development and Transport would only touch hypothetical new routes to NESTO countries." Violet asked her foreign affairs minister.

"Oh Violet, don't worry. Veronica is very experienced, and Henry can be our critic voice. You see, we needed to have a strong team when we were to face the Brits, that's why you chose this team. Don't think we're too many, it is what's needed." answered the minister.  

"Anyway, do you think there'll be coffee at the breakfast?"

Ministers Madden and Schultz were having a chat in the meantime...

"Henry, ever since you got in charge of Transport, traffic in Dikaíoma has been so smooth. Great job! And what you have been doing about the Trans-Regional HSR Network is truly remarkable." said Veronica.

"Well thank you, minister! I hoped I could refurbish the system when I was appointed by the Prime Minister, and it has taken quite some time, money and effort to do so. But that's at least some of it done. Marina and Syricus are next. They have quite a situation pollution-wise..."

Sebastián and Friedrich were also speaking with each other....

"Do you think they're here out of good will, Sebaastián? The British have always been seen as a bunch of isolationists... They'll have come to undermine the treaty, especially the parts that interest me the most..." said  Minister Tressler.

"Oh come on Fred. You know what the Prime minister was saying about the Commo..."

"SHH! That is classified for the moment. If Violet hears you have mentioned it..."

"Relax. Everything is OK. That'll just ease our relations with our Briton friends. No need to be paranoid." said Minister Trujillo

The Derectans went into the room were breakfast was being served. Sadly, there was no coffee, but tea. Violet made a subtle grimace of disgust...