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Members of the European Commission.

  • RE: Membership Applications

    @freleutia said:

    Update of Information Application:
    Nation Name in RP (full, with short name bolded): The Democratic Republic of Freleutia
    Nation Name on NS (short): Freleutia
    Puppet (if so, of whom?): yes, of NeuNordland ((not really a puppet exactly, as Freleutia has become my main nation, but NeuNordland did come first))
    Map Plot Requested: 35
    Capital city: Krawin
    Currency: euro
    National language(s): German, English
    Head of State (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): Prime Minister Mr. Konrad Schwarz
    Head of Government (Title + Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): Prime Minister Mr. Konrad Schwarz (
    Governing party: Libertarian Party of Freleutia
    European Councillor (Mr/Ms/Mx* + name in bold): Mr. William Ziegler
    Political group (if any): ?
    Player History on NationStates: NeuNordland, Grumionisland, Abnormaland, Annarkiya
    My country accepts the Constitution of the European Union (Y/N): Yes.

     Added, and welcome!

    Both you and @PresidentMoon might like to consider entering a song into EuroVoice, our regional song contest:

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  • RE: Membership Applications

    @PresidentMoon said:

    Plot 14?

     Added, and welcome!

    Also you don't need to unlock head of state on NationStates to have a head of state in the roleplay. We're a lot freer here than on NS.

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  • RE: Membership Applications

    @PresidentMoon said:

    I'm New so sorry for some incomplete stuff.
    Nation Name: The Republic of The Great Moonland Empire
    Short: The Great Moonland Empire
    Puppet: no
    Map Plot: 37
    Capital City: none yet.
    Currency: Dollar
    Languages: English, German, French, Romanian
    Head of State: Not unlocked
    Governing Party: not sure.
    European Councillor: not sure
    Political group: none
    Player history:
    My Country accepts the constitution of the EU:Y

     @PresidentMoon Hi there! I'm afraid 37 is already claimed. Please claim a plot that is unclaimed.

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  • A Chat with Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky: Leave Your Questions and Concerns Here!

    Hello everyone.

    I wanted to take the time to encourage all of our nations to come together and discuss the issues that matter to us. Increasing dialogue between the European Commission and the whole of Europe is important as we enter a time when we try to get the old, unused bureaucracy out and a brighter, forward-thinking future out to our European colleagues. I won't direct the subjects, I won't force you to talk about things you don't want to talk about. It will just be us, and the line is always open. 

    I can't wait to hear from all of my European brethren and sisterhood!

    Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky

    Internal Affairs Commissioner

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  • Repeal: European Healthcare Accreditation Committee Act

    I have brought forward another change recommended by the Office of Internal Affairs. To quote Internal Affairs Commissioner Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky "we have to make sure that what we legislate is going to be functional. While this has good intentions, the EHAC has created bureaucracy that doesn't work, cannot work, and replaces the simple act of national Departments of Health and their accreditation of systems within their country and internationally with something that has ceased to work".

    It is with that in mind that I move to repeal of the European Healthcare Accreditation Committee Act.

    Proposed by Eloise Murray, Councillor of Miraco
    PREAMBLE Noting that there is no entity responsible for the accreditation of healthcare standards in the European Union, this bill hereby creates, establishes, and sets the rules for the European Healthcare Accreditation Committee (EHAC)
    Article I: Creation of the European Healthcare Accreditation Committee
    Sec 1: Hereby, we officially establish the European Healthcare Accreditation Committee as the official committee responsible for accrediting healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals.
    Sec 2: The European Healthcare Accreditation Committee shall be separate in function and governance from this Council or any legislative body of the European Union and its members shall not be appointed or removed from office by this Council or its predecessor.
    Article II: Purposes of the European Healthcare Accreditation Committee
    Sec 1: The European Healthcare Accreditation Committee (hereafter referred to as "EHAC") shall be in charge of setting the standards regarding medical education and practice.
    Sec 2: The EHAC shall be in charge of ensuring that accredited practitioners and institutions remain up to the specified standards and that the quality of healthcare received by patients is equivalent to that received by any accredited entity.
    Sec 3: The EHAC shall ensure that medical education received in any accredited institution is up to the specified standards and that thus practitioners with certified credentials are able to work throughout the European Union.
    Sec 4: The EHAC must revoke accreditation should the entity in question fail to perform up to the standards set.
    Sec 5: The EHAC shall be responsible for accrediting foreign credentials for foreign healthcare practitioners wishing to seek employment within the EU.
    Sec 6: The EHAC wishes to further enhance cooperation throughout the European Union as well as ensuring geographical mobility for EU residents working in the healthcare industry.
    Article III: Organisation of the EHAC
    Sec 1: The President of the European Healthcare Accreditation Committee shall serve as the head of the committee and shall be its chief executive. He shall be able to make executive decisions to execute orders given by the EHAC Board of Directors but he may not issue new policies, change set procedure, or modify any part of the EHAC without direct approval of the Board of Directors.
    Sec 2: The President of the ECB shall be a learned official who has sufficient experience in the fields of medicine and education and can be a current member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors have the ability to revoke the President's role should they see him/her unfit to perform his/her duties
    Sec 3: Should the European Council deem a member of the Board of Directors to be unfit to continue in his/her duties, they may remove him/her with a 2/3 majority vote.
    Sec 4: The EHAC may receive money from the European Budget to maintain its facilities and the European Board may not require any favours from the EBC in return for the money.
    Sec 5: The EHAC may receive money from the European Board to maintain its facilities and the European Board may not require any favours from the EBC in return for the money.
    Sec 6: The EHAC shall establish its own headquarters.
    Sec 7: These rules may be amended any time only by joint approval of the EHAC Board of Directors AND the European Council.
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  • RE: Eurovoice XXXII: Saint Regina, Icholasen

    Remember to enter by 28th February, folks!

    (Unsubtle bump)

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  • RE: Australian News Media

    News Highlights from 13 February 2018

    • Clinton Government announces roll-out of four new nuclear power plants, one of whom will be in New South Wales, one in Victoria, one in Queensland, and one in South Australia. 
    • Federal Parliament will be considering legislation to legalise same-sex marriage
    • The Progressive Alliance is ahead in polling by new heights, 42-32 over the Nationals, with Labor sitting at 18, giving the Progressive Alliance key marginals and potentially a route into majority government at the next election.
    • Lorde begins the Australian leg of her European tour. 
    • Melbourne and Geelong begin intense training for their AFL seasons ahead of anticipated clash on 25 March
    • NSW Government plans upgrade to WestLink. 
    • European Commission begins work, Internal Affairs Commissioner Clinton-Mezvinsky proposing changes to the Marriage Recognition Act.
    • Medicare puts forward funding proposals to Health Minister ahead of budget considerations. 
    • Duxburian wins big lottery payout of nearly K:220 million in one of the largest lottery payouts in European history.

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  • RE: An Australian Arrival At An Angleteric Airport

    Prime Minister Clinton nodded. 

    "That is wonderful advice. As someone who came from a third party to majority in a coalition government, I find that point of people trying to frustrate the manifesto very true. We've made some huge strides in making Australia fairer with a Native Title Court that handles disputes between rural Australia, mining companies, and Aboriginal Australians. It's been successful and so far, we've seen very even-handed rulings. Each one is in a regional part of a state or territory, since that's where the dispute takes place," she began.

    "A key reform that pleased both Labor and the Progressive Alliance was the two public investment banks, the Australian Public Infrastructure Bank and the First Republic Private-Public Bank. The first has partnered with state and territory governments to provide key investment for projects, as well as the federal government. It's allowed the quickening of a Trans-Australia passenger train service from Perth to Melbourne, a remarkable achievement, connecting all of our major cities via the coast. The second has allowed for a start-up boom in Australia, and that has become very popular. Australia runs on a 4 year schedule but...."

    Hillary, at that point, leaned in to Mr. Courtenay as well. 

    "We're thinking about surprising this totally confused National Party opposition and calling an early general election either at the end of this year or the beginning of 2019. A summer election benefits my Progressive Alliance and getting the vote out while winter helps the Nationals," said the Prime Minister with a cheeky grin. 

    Minister Bowen cut in, realising that Hillary wasn't going to talk about the neutrality ending.

    "Yes, we're happy to end it. Australia has a role to play in the region and with Angleter, the United Kingdom, and the Duxburian Union and we were limited with what we could do. The Australian Defence Forces will definitely enjoy the boost in spending they will receive with the end of neutrality as well," Minister Bowen responded. "I do believe, Hillary, we ought to get these agreements written down and beat them into some kind of treaty. We also should touch more on details of perhaps, if not totally free, then fair trade, seeing as our currencies are on pretty even standing. I think some of Australia's products, both finished and raw, would be of interest of Angleter."

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  • Regarding the Marriage Recognition Act

    Councillors, in accordance with the recommendations of the former Internal Affairs Commissioner Kilroy-Silk, I bring forward the Marriage Recognition Act for consideration. 

    Upon reading the legislation, I do agree that it must either receive several amendments or a complete repeal and rewrite.

    Marriage Recognition Act
    Article I: Purpose and Definitions
    Section I
    This Act aims to ensure the recognition of marriages and civil unions formed in one European Union member state in all member states.
    Section II
    To clarify, this Act does not force member states otherwise alter their laws related to marriage and/or civil unions.
    Section III
    For the purposes of this Act, we define the used terms as follows:
    (i) marriage: a social union or legal contract between people called spouses that establishes rights and obligations between the spouses, between the spouses and their children, and between the spouses and their in-laws;
    (ii) civil union: a legally recognized form of partnership similar to marriage.
    Article II: Regulations
    Section I
    Member states of the European Union are hereby required to recognize the marriages and civil unions of foreign nationals of other EU member states when their marriage or civil union has been lawfully formed in their country of origin.
    (i) This does not obligate a member state to allow the same types of marriages and civil unions to be formed in their country.
    Section II
    (i] Member states shall treat couples lawfully joined together by a ceremony of either marriage or civil union from without the jurisdiction of the member state, with the same rights as those couples who have been lawfully joined together by a ceremony of either marriage or civil union from within the jurisdiction of the member state.
    (ii) Member states shall neither discriminate nor permit discrimination against couples lawfully joined together by a ceremony of either marriage or civil union from without the jurisdiction of the member state on the grounds that the ceremony would not be lawful within the member state.
    Article III: Enforcement
    Section I
    All member states of the European Union are required to harmonize their national law(s) with this Act in 12 months of time from its approval by the European Council.
    Section II
    Violations of this Act may be tried in the European Court of Justice.
    Authored By: Nadira Orcello Presented By: Adele Este

    In general principle, the law is rather confused and some of the text needs an overhaul. I also believe we could do better and be more specific as to what recognition allows. For example, does the member nation offer tax benefits to married persons or do they have other authority as power of attorney and the right to inherit their spouse's belongings in the absence of a will? These things need clarification within the legislation.

    I am also shocked to see that while the law mentions no discrimination against married persons, it does not say against whom. Given that the majority of Europeans subscribe to a heterosexual relationship, I can only infer that this is intended to protect couples of the same sex, different religions and races, etc. It does need to be more defined than that, or else we could see some thorny legal challenges and issues from the way the law is currently written.

    The European Council does not exist to enforce laws, that is the European Commission's domain. The European Council is a deliberative body charged with making legislation at a regional level, so I would propose that Article III, Section I be changed to represent the real life application that the European Commission must approve and report back to the European Council that the law has been followed.

    These are my suggestions as based on the audit conducted previously, and it is long overdue that we take a look at this law as the first of many that deserve and demand a re-write before I as Internal Affairs Commissioner can adequately see if this law is being followed. 

    Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky

    Internal Affairs Commissioner

    Statement read in the European Council by Gary Quinlan, Councillor for the Federal Republic of Australia

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  • RE: Audit Into EU Law

    12 February 2018

    I applaud the former Internal Affairs Commissioner on his audit of EU law. Effective now, I will be presenting these laws to the European Council with updated language to match our present constitution. I will also be looking to see where some legislation needs further clarification.

    Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky

    Commissioner for Internal Affairs

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