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  • RE: Regarding the Marriage Recognition Act

    I have kept my personal opinion away from this, but looking at the legislation, I can see there is some changes needed beyond simply adding amendments to it, and since we have defeated the only proposed amendments, it has become a debate on whether we keep the law as it is or scrap it and try again.

    This needs rewritten and it needs to be rewritten quickly. The problems do lie with the national institutions and their definitions of marriage and civil partnership and whether it is Europe's place to make other nations reflect marital status across borders. In essence, unless we are willing to legislate for civil unions and marriages to have the same definitions across Europe, which I am not in favour of, it cannot stand.

    On behalf of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, I vote AGAINTST this legislation.

    Sir Edward Mountain

    Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain

    Speaker of the European Council

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  • RE: Eurovoice XXXII: Saint Regina, Icholasen

    Nation: Angleter

    Artist: The Common Linnets

    Song (title and link): Calm After the Storm

    Broadcaster: Sirion TV

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  • RE: An Australian Arrival At An Angleteric Airport

    "Yes, I agree. I think there's certainly scope for a general reduction of tariffs and for their elimination on many, perhaps even most, products. We'd also be interested in reducing some non-tariff barriers to trade - mutual recognition of certain standards and some professional qualifications, for example."

    "Free trade has always benefited Angleter in the past, and I have every confidence that liberalising trade between our nations can only be good for all involved."

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  • RE: Regarding the Marriage Recognition Act

    Perhaps Cllr Willow could have used her precious time better by actually listening to what I was saying. This law is, in its current form, all about ensuring that marriages and civil unions formed in one country are recognised across the EU. That's a legitimate cross-border issue and it's perfectly reasonable for the EU to legislate on it.

    Whether same-sex marriages conducted in, for example, Omnibus should be recognised specifically as marriages in Angleter or Pravoslaviya or the Holy See, or whether those countries would be able to recognise them as civil unions, is unclear in the current legislation. Currently, for the record, Angleter does the latter. I would favour replacing the law with something that clarifies this, one way or the other.

    What Angleter stands against is Cllr Granger's amendment, which seeks to force member states to legalise same-sex marriages within their own countries. Obviously, nobody in Angleter is banned from loving each other or condemned to live in loneliness. Perhaps some Councillors would do well to be more careful with their words.

    As for Cllr Granger's argument that the Constitution mandates same-sex marriage, if that were true, she wouldn't need an amendment. There is no ruling endorsing that interpretation of the Constitution, and Angleter takes its Constitutional commitments very seriously. We follow the Constitution and we pay our contributions, and Cllr Granger should think carefully the next time she wants to accuse us of being treaty-breakers.

    The EU exists to ease relations between member states, not to replace them. Decisions like whether to introduce same-sex marriage should be taken closer to the people, not here in Europolis.

    As such, if it weren't already obvious, on behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, I vote AGAINST Cllr Granger's amendment.

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  • RE: Regarding the Marriage Recognition Act

    Even though the period of debate has started, I will allow it to continue a further 24 hours. 

    Debate on this legislation begins NOW and ends at 15:30 GMT on 17th February;
    Amendments (if applicable) would be voted on from then to 15:30 GMT on 18th February;
    And voting on the final form would begin then and end at 15:30 GMT on 19th January.

    Sir Edward Mountain

    Speaker of the European Council

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  • RE: European Liberals: Membership Application

    Welcome both to the European Liberals!

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  • RE: Regarding the Marriage Recognition Act

    Angleter's new European Councillor, Cllr Judith Gibbon, stood to speak

    I'd like to thank Commissioner Clinton-Mezvinsky for initiating this discussion.

    I'll first point out that Angleter is not here to have same-sex marriage forced on it at European level, nor are we here to have a barrage of insults thrown at our laws. We are a liberal European democracy just as much as any of you are, and the sovereign will of our people and Parliament is not 'absurd,' or 'arbitrary,' or 'outrageous,' or an 'individual belief system' that should be 'disregarded'. That's not what anybody sent me here for.

    So I can tell everyone now that we will not accept this process leading to the imposition, EU-wide, of same-sex marriage. Regardless of the merits of same-sex marriage itself, that is exactly the road that my predecessors have opposed this region going down. Angleter has stood against EU-imposed same-sex marriage, just as it has stood against EU-imposed legal cannabis, or EU-imposed nuclear disarmament, or EU-imposed abolition of the death penalty.

    I prefer, as a rule, the collective wisdom of millions of citizens in a nation-state over the collective wisdom of a handful of Councillors in Europolis. What replaces this legislation must respect that.

    So what's wrong with this legislation is it's basically unclear and full of holes. What if an Angleteric couple get married in the UK and then go to the Duxburian Union? Now, their marriage is not lawfully formed in their country of origin, so, theoretically, they can't expect to be covered by this law.

    That's one example. There's also the issue of whether a marriage in Angleter must be recognised as a marriage by the Duxburian authorities, or whether the Duxburians could classify it as a civil union instead. Or vice versa. Not all countries have civil unions, after all. And then there's the issue of the rights afforded to married couples or couples in civil unions - especially with civil unions, these can vary quite considerably from country to country. The law would fail, quite frankly, if a couple in a civil union in Angleter, where that affords virtually the same rights and privileges as marriage, were to move to a country which offered couples in a civil union considerably fewer such rights, and then found themselves losing many of the rights they enjoyed in Angleter. At the same time, we cannot simply harmonise the rights and privileges afforded by marriages and civil unions across the entire EU, not least because our countries have wildly differing welfare systems.

    I will hold off on putting forward any amendments or draft replacement laws yet, but I think there is scope to tighten up the law and use clearer language, and also to refocus it towards preventing abuses where a country essentially retains the name 'marriage' or 'civil union', but offers few of the benefits offered in other member states. I'd be interested to see what other Councillors have to say before drafting anything.

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  • RE: The National Observer

    Thursday, 15th February, 2018

    Article by Marissa Varvaris

    No By-Election for Gibbon Seat

    Angleter's new European Councillor, Dame Judith Gibbon

    The Speaker of the Chamber of the Plebeians, Edeva Ziert, has confirmed that there will be no by-election in the seat vacated by Dame Judith Gibbon after her appointment as European Councillor.

    Gibbon, 66, has served as Defence Minister since the Social Democrats came to power in 2015, and is known for her brusque, no-nonsense approach. One SDP insider told The National Observer that Gibbon was chosen because of her previous engagement with European affairs in discussions with foreign Defence Ministers, and because, in an election year, her blunt style will make the Government's ability to assert itself in Europolis 'as visible as possible'. "The last thing we want is Emryc Isla telling everyone that we're letting everyone else in Europe walk all over us," added the insider. "Judith makes sure people know we're standing up for ourselves."

    The appointment of Gibbon, who has been an MP since 1993, has created two vacancies: one at the Defence Ministry, which has been swiftly filled by Procurement Minister Will Prosser (who in turn has had his former role filled by backbencher Lynn Montague); and another in her seat of Harran. Based in the commuter belt of the city of Maien, Harran is a competitive seat where all three main parties would expect to be competitive, especially after the departure of Gibbon, who hails from the city of Maien and has represented the area since the reintroduction of first-past-the-post.

    However, what would have been a much-anticipated by-election has been avoided after Speaker Ziert announced that, due to elections being due in June, the seat would remain vacant until the pre-election dissolution of the Chamber. According to a statement from the Speaker's Office, "it would be impossible to justify the expense of electing a candidate in mid-March at the earliest, only for them to serve less than two months before having to re-contest the seat in the general election."

    Both the Democrats and the Citizen Alliance have registered their protest at the Speaker's decision. James Fermier, Citizen Alliance spokesman for Maien and MP for the neighbouring seat of Telbarsip, issued a furious statement accusing the Speaker of "making a colony out of Harran in order to cover for the SDP." He continued: "We would win that seat in a by-election and they know it. We will win the seat, and countless others, in June because normal Angleteric people have grown tired of being taken for fools by the SDP and the entire ruling elite of this country. Judith Gibbon has always been, and always will be, a paper tiger; and Harran's gain is Europolis' loss. Sam Courtenay, Dame Judith, and Dame Edeva should all watch their backs."

    Democrat leader Sue Fareham, who is out campaigning for her favoured candidates in the Democrats' primary elections, due to be held this weekend, told reporters on the campaign trail in Norham Gardens, Elkhand, that "we'll have our candidates in place by the end of Sunday, so we're ready. We'd have been ready for the by-election, but any Democrat MP knows that Speaker Ziert always makes sure the SDP Government doesn't get embarrassed."

    When asked about the appointment itself, Fareham shared Fermier's cynicism. "She's only there to throw shade and cover up for an atrocious European policy. The SDP will throw her acid tongue in our faces and tell us you can trust them with Europe. But nobody will buy it. Everyone knows that the only reason the SDP are in power today and we're not is because they promised to end the DK War by New Year's Eve 2015. It's just broken promise after broken promise, and Angleter deserves better."

    Fareham faces an uphill battle if she's to overturn the result of the 2015 election. Despite regaining some ground in recent months, the Democrats continue to languish in third place on 23%, trailing the Citizen Alliance on 27%, and a resurgent SDP on 37%. The SDP have opened up a ten-point lead despite an aggressive Citizen Alliance campaign reminding voters of Courtenay's pledge that 2017 would be Angleter's last year in Dromund Kaas, with analysts arguing that a strong economy and the relatively low intensity of the DK War giving Sam Courtenay a welcome fillip as the election draws near.

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  • RE: European Liberals: Membership Application

    Name: Judith Gibbon
    Nation: Angleter
    Councillor: Yes
    Party affiliation: Social Democratic Party
    Party Ideology: Social democracy, centre-left, national sovereignty

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  • RE: Angleter - Office of the Apostolic Crown

    Georgius Rex fidelibus suis per totam Angleterem salutem.

    Sciatis that the Rt Hon Dame Judith Gibbon MP has been appointed as the representative of the Apostolic Crown in the European Council.

    Anno domini 2018, Feb. 15.

    + HM Theodora Regina
    + The Rt Hon Samuel Courtenay MP
    + The Rt Hon Mary d'Ivry MP

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