The First "Hello" from ELP

  • Greetings Comrades. I am glad you could all join me here, in our temporary home whilst we wait for planning permission to even begin work on our Party HQ. Good thing is, as its a virtual home it'll only take about 1 minute to create as opposed to the tedious amounts of time it takes builders to erect a building.

    I asked you here because we are all of a similar political mind - we feel strongly about particular ideals, of social welfare, social justice and social equality. Our way of thinking does not benefit only the bourgeouse, but everyone, proletariat and bourgeouse alike, as equals. Because that - that one word 'equality' - is the very tenant that defines our school of thought, our ideals and our beliefs Comrades. We must unite to promote our beliefs Comrades, not just throughout the European Union but on the world stage as a strong, left-winged and Socialist region willing to help others from the grips of imperialism, capitalism and Fascism. Comrades, we can do this if we move together to form this party, as one - as equals.

    But now, to business - we need a structure for the party, and I would like it to consist of 5 elected representatives who form a Council of Ministers, headed by the Party Leader. The party would vote for those who wish to run for these offices, every say 4 months, and those Ministers would come up with the Party Manifesto which would consist of our aims for the coming term and how we wish to achieve this.
    But, the manifesto would have to go through the Peoples Council where every member votes on it, and should it get a majority it will go forward. However, it will also be possible to suggest changes and the Council will then have to take these into consideration - should they be sensible, within reason and ideologically sound.

    I feel this structure will enable the most sound, sensible and democratic form upon which we can achieve great things Comrades. This structure will enable us to move the party forward, united under a single flag as the party that will put the people first. We need this structure Comrades, and I hope you will agree with me.
    I would like this to be our first test - I will create a simple poll where the question will be whether you support the suggested structure. Members then will have the ability to vote, and I will do my best to password protect the poll, if not I will have to ask only members of the party to vote - this is a problem for us whilst we do not have our own HQ.
    The poll will be open from today and will continue to be open for 5 days, until 1st of February at 18.00 GMT when it will close. I ask that you all vote in our first ever move of democratic expression.

    Thank you Comrades, and I hope you will all still want to be members of the party. Should you do so, please show some form of support and state that you want to be a member of the European Liberal Party. I thank you once again for your time and seeming willingness to help move this idea forwards - you all deserve the chance to be a member of this party and I hope you will all help move it forwards as the party of strength.

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