New PES manifesto Proposal & PES pres' election

  • I am proposing a permanent and official version of the PES manifesto, so that current and future European Union members may be able to see the PES's standing ideology and determine if the PES is right for them (though changes to the manifesto would be allowed if we decide to add on to or remove anything from the manifesto) The propsed manifesto below will also include several basic rules that could be instituted for members of the PES to follow (nothing major, just some "please act in a non-aggressive manner" rules)

    I am also proposing that, in a way to better represent ourselves to the EU community, we should both institute a new presidential position and hold a presidential elections so that we may have a spokesman inside the EU council

    Please voice your opinion on both of these proposals, and if you see something that you would like changed in the proposed PES manifesto, please say so. If everyone is on-board with these ideas, I will then institute the manifesto, or a revised version of the Manifesto along with a post to where members may submit possible PES presidential candidates


    _Party of European Socialists Manifesto

    A document detailing the principles and intentions of all Labour, Social Democracies and Democratic Socialist parties as well as the intentions of the Party of European Socialists as a whole


    I. Definition of each political ideology
    II. Our Common Goal
    III. Organization of the Party
    IV. Expectations of each Member State
    V. The New Social Europe

    I. Definition of each political ideology

    A nations that supports labour, advocates for the working people's rights, organized labour and the fair treatment of the individual in the workplace. This is usually accomplished by the establishment of an employment law and through the government's recognition of Trade unions (Labor unions for us in the states)

    Social Democracy:
    A nation that is considered a Social Democracy seeks equality in society and promotes human rights while still maintaining a capitalist oriented economic system.

    Democratic Socialisms:
    Democratic Socialism is a Socialist nation that shows a greater emphasis on democracy within society, having the government institute a more prominent form of social justice then found in fundamental Socialism. Also while opposed to a Social Democracy, were the economic system is capitalist oriented, a Democratic Socialism's market is socialist oriented with state ownership of businesses.

    II. Our Common Goal

    As a member of the PES, we promote and strengthen all Labour, Social Democratic and Democratic Socialist movements inside and outside the European Union. Our aims include

    -The establishment and preservation of human rights in all parts of society for both men and women

    -The promotion of secular and socially progressive policies

    -The promotion of renewable energy and efficient energy

    -The creation and sustainment of quality jobs

    III. Organization of the Party

    Our party, to better represent ourself inside the European Union, includes a president that is elected by PES members and whose duty is to represent the party's opinions and ideals to the international community and to act as the party's spokesman in the European Union Council

    Our current party president is:_ example name

    The following nations are member states: example names

    IV Expectations of each Member State

    As a member of the Party of European Socialists, we trust that you will follow our aims and goals shared in section II and follow our organization's system's rules and guidelines in section III. We also trust that every member state will conduct in a non-antagonizing and non-aggressive manor towards those within the party and to those in other European Union political parties, because amicable communication between every nation, we believe, is the first step towards a better and more prosperous Europe.

    V The New Social Europe

    By following these aims, goals and principles, we, members of the Party of European Socialists, shall help promote the party's ideals to the European Union in the effort to create a more progressive, prosperous and a more social Europe.

    written, finalized, published and poorly Xeroxed by Borvosky

  • I support Borvosky's attempt at creating a dialogue about our manifesto, I look forward to see other additions and will possibly put forward my own at a later time.

  • This proposal for our manifesto is satisfactory. It addresses all the major issues that we face today, as well as defining our way forward.

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