How did you rate the first Kligenberg Commission?

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    As Commission VIII goes out and Alexander Kligenberg is returned to power, the National Observer would like to ask the people of the EU what it thinks about the successes or failures of the first Kligenberg Commission. Do you think it did well, or was there a lot left to be desired? You decide.

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    'I dont think I can recall anything they did so I'll give it poor'- Jady Kerfitfa - Butcher

    'Did they actually make any policies' - Jiuer Mand - Shopowner

    Os Corelina citizens voted poor

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    "Corelians are Trolls. The ELDL had 3 Commissioners out of the 5 Commissioners, so if anything, they should blame their own party." - Dr. B. Chadwick (Dentist).

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    Notice use of 'they' no one did anything!!

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