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    Avoldran Dehn, Aelir of the Duxburian Union, delivered this statement from the Federal Office:

    _"Unsettling news has come to my attention concerning future policy intentions from our friends in the Grossdeutscher Reich. As you have probably heard by now, the Reich intends to continue pursuing the idea of a human rights charter, and to enforce whatever cocktail of rights it deems proper in all of our nations, using military force if necessary. Furthermore, as if that wasn't enough, the Reich intends to unilaterally replace the Security Council as hegemon of the region.

    Now, the Duxburian Union has always been on friendly terms with the Grossdeutscher Reich. Our military analysts and political advisers have carefully examined the transcript and news article, finding no overt, immediate threat to our country. However, we take issue with this policy direction, enough for me to have to address you, the citizens of the region's great nationstates, directly from this office.

    Firstly, all this divisive debate about a human rights charter has me confused. I implore the leaders and representatives of this region to actually read the document you all agreed to upon entry into the European Union. The European Constitution already contains a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, championed by the Soviet Union of all countries. The declaration is detailed, sweeping, and expansive. Why do we need a charter when we have a constitution? The Duxburian government supports the EU Constitution and sees no need to press a redundant, outside document.

    We shall comply with the Constitutional protections for human rights only. As an open, democratic society, we already grant our citizens and European Economic Community visitors rights that exceed those mandated by the Constitution. I take offense to Grossdeutscher comments branding the right wing of European politics as extremists who seek to suppress their people. If the left had perfect solutions to everything, there would be no right wing.

    Secondly, the EU Constitution expressly forbids the aggressive, unilateral sovereignty violations intended by the Grossdeutscher Reich. Article two, section four of the consitution reads as follows:

    "The European Union recognises the sovereignty of nations within their territories, underlines the importance of non-intervention in the internal affairs of any country from any other country or international organisation, unless at the request of the country?s recognised governing body."

    Alone, that does not disallow the Reich's policy. But, if you continue reading, article one of the third annex enumerates national sovereignty,

    "The member-states of the European Union retain absolute sovereignty over their own affairs except if specially outlined by articles of this Constitution"

    Thus, we are all bound to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and must grant its protections to our citizens. Outside of its provisions, we are free to do as we wish within our own borders, and the might of the European Union must defend our sovereignty. The Constitution takes care of the Reich's policy intentions in a multilateral, mutually agreed upon, legal form.

    The United Dominions hereby condemns this confusing and unnecessarily aggressive change in foreign policy by the Grossdeutscher Reich. We will not support unilateral Grossdeutscher hegemony. The European Union has always been a multipolar region and a multipolar region it must remain, for the sake of all our liberty. The security council may be a defunct entity for all practical purposes, but I think my colleagues in the Reich forget that there are four EUSC nations, not three. The Duxburian Union will use its military assets to defend our own national sovereignty and shall lend its support to friends in other nations whose sovereignty is threatened, provided that they also comply with the provisions of the European Constitution. Let it be known that there shall be no illegal meddling in a nation's internal affairs, and that human rights will not be delivered at the end of a gun barrel. The Duxburian Union is here to serve you, the free states and peoples of the European Union."_

    OOC: ^ This message is strictly IN CHARACTER.

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