• Fellow liberals:

    It is time for a re-foundation of the ELDL, to promote personal and economic freedoms in the European Union.

    I propose to all Liberal forces in Europe to unite and draft a new manifesto and a new project to reinforce our role as the main political force in the continent.

    I also present my candidacy for president of the ELDL

    Eleanor Kelly
    Chief Executive Officer of Monogolia in Exile
    President of the Libertarian Bloc
    Former Foreign Affairs Commissioner

  • We think the re-foundation of the ELDL is a good idea, but we can not support the candidacy of Miss Kelly without knowing her motivation and her ambitions.

    Miguel Rafael D?vila
    President of the Occoron Liberal Party

  • After discussing the future of the ELDL during the meeting of the Liberal Center Party of Pax Aurea (currently the leading party of our coalition government), we would be willing to support Miss Kelly's candidacy for the ELDL presidency.

    Livia Arcturus
    Council Representative of Pax Aurea

  • The Istiqlal Part will follow Pax Aurea's Move and support Miss Kelly.

  • I am wondering if Miss Kelly is still interested to become the president of the ELDL?

    Miguel Rafael D?vila
    President of the Occoron Liberal Party

  • Mod

    ((OOC: Don't do anything yet, something important is going to happen very soon. Until then, you shouldn't decide to run as a presidential candidate. Just some important advice.))

  • ((OOC: You make me curious!))

  • Mod

    ((The EFP is the official Libertarian Europarty, and we need great libertarians, like Eleanor Kelly and others, like Livia Arcturus.))

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