The United Kingdom of Viscomestia Linguis

  • The United Kingdom of Viscomestia Linguis

    History: This Most Ancient and Honourable Kingdom was founded in the year 1139CE by the 3rd Viscount of Linguis, Sebastien Kazimierz. The Viscounty of Linguis was formally part of an ancient Kingdom called Camzinshire and the Viscount of Linguis held the title of Minister of Language to the monarch. Thereofre, the Viscount of Linguis's major duty was to collect data on all languages spoken in the Kingdom and by all the Kingdom's enemies and allies. Apart from those duties, the Viscount regulated the Standard Language that was used in all scholarly and governmental writings. By the year 1112CE, the Kingdom of Camzinshire fell and the Viscount of Linguis, being the person truly able to communicate with all persons of the Kingdom, united all the various Duchies, Counties, Viscounties and Baronies. In the year 1139CE, HRM Sebastien Kazimierz was crowned in the capital city of Wellingtonshire, as King of the United Kingdom of Viscomestia Linguis.

    Monarch: His Royal Majesty, Sebastien III, King of the United Kingdom of Viscomestia Linguis, Duke of Wellingtonshire.

    Prime Minister: The Right Honourable Sir Georges Stanislav Westlinsen

    Speaker of the Senate: The Right Honourable Mr Jan du Champs

    Lord Speaker: The Right Honourable the Count of Puli

    The power of creating legislation is jointly held between the Monarch and Parliament. The Monarch at His Royal Majesty's pleasure may issue a Royal Decree to enact a law. This can only be struck down by referendum of the people voted on by the Senate, not the House of Peers. If 75% of citizens who would have chosen to vote disagree, the Royal Decree is struck down. Either House of Parliament may create a bill, when both a agree on a final version and that version is passed the Monarch must sign it for it to become law. If the Monarch does not agree with the bill His Royal Majesty my send it back to Parliament or veto it. The Monarch has the power to dissolve Parliament and call for reelections as well as exercise Emergency Powers for a period lasting no longer then six months after which one year and six months must pass for such powers to exercised again.

    Capital City: Wellingtonshire

    Official Languages: French, Latin, English, Czech

    Wellingtonshire, Capital: Wellingtonshire
    Londonshire, Capital: London
    Eziashire, Capital: Ezia
    Pazunshire, Capital: Pazun
    Cambrustiashire, Capital: Cambrust
    Dauphinshire, Capital: Paris
    Bohemshire, Capital: Praha
    Moravshire, Capital: Pressburgh
    Liverpoolshire, Capital: Liverpool

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