Tour of Os Corelia

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    Tour of Os Corelia 2011

    The Tour of Os Corelia is here, the first major road cycling race of the classics season and this si the first time it will be ridden!! With 9 exciting stages one for each of the corelian states combinin teats for climbers and sprinters alike this course will excite!!

    So are you in?

    Please enter the following info:

    Name of Team: (Usually a sponsor)

    Team Manager: (Head Coach)

    Team Leader: (Best Rider)

    Team List: (Include Leader who is first, name sprinters, climbers, time trial specialists, leader contenders and dmoestiques totalling a team of 9)

    You must register by monday at 23:00 GMT!!!

    Tour will begin on tuesday!

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    Name of Team: Corelair-Today (Airline/Newspaper)

    Team Manager: Dr Krim Kaniyela

    Team Leader: Jimi KALEZNY

    Team List:
    1.Jimi KALEZNY - Leader
    2.Khirad Kammensent - Time Trial Specialist
    3.Joiova IOMMANDAKILOSKIA - Sprint
    4.Kaliiya Gomanyat - Sprint
    5.Falu MARKARTIA - Climber
    6.Yimich Chiora - Climber
    7.Yyvem Hijim - Domestique
    8.Nygir Kalezny - Domestique
    9.Larnick Kamutak - Domestique

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    Name of Team: Team Calat (Energy provider)
    Directeur Sportif: Andrew Varnick
    Team leader: Heston Klarin


    11. Heston KLARIN (Climber, Leader)
    12. Frank CHAYSER (Climber)
    13. Muhammad HASHIM (Domestique)
    14. Jonathan PLYRAN (Domestique)
    15. James BLACK (Climber)
    16. Thomas YALE (Sprinter/Lead-Out)
    17. Paul YALE (Time Trial)
    18. Lawrence ENLICH (Sprinter)
    19. Ronald SEWALL (Domestique)

    The Tour of Angleter shall also return in the autumn, with details to be confirmed after the Tour of Corelia. However, we would like to propose a World Ranking system to determine the best cyclist and team over the year. More cycling tours in Europe would make this a more interesting prospect.

  • After the Tour of Angleter, The United Kingdom wishes to host a tour of the UK cycling event and proposes a European Cycling Circuit be established as outlined by the Anglteric Cycling Union.

    For now, the UK shall be sending a team to the Tour of Corelia:

    Name: Team HSBC

    Manager: Lord Nigel Sears

    Leader: Jonathon Stark

    21. Jonathon Stark (Climber, Leader)
    22. Dominic O'Hara (Climber)
    23. Geoffrey McClaren (Domestique)
    24. Steven Heron (Domestique)
    25. Samdev Gupta (Climber)
    26. Daniel Patton (Sprinter/Lead-Out)
    27. James Ward (Time Trial)
    28. Andy Vandergaard (Sprinter)
    29. Raymond Wolfe (Domestique)

  • The Marrakechian Sports Ministry is sending an team:

    Name: Team Royal Air Maroc

    Manager: Piree Fonatine

    Leader: Jemal Maloduia

    31. Jemal Maloduia (Climber, Leader)
    32. Mehdi Van-Bouwten (Climber)
    33. Mahmoud Allstorm (Domestique)
    34. Maroune Fouladi (Domestique)
    35. Steffan Marie-Agatoui (Climber)
    36. Hesham Alayoub (Sprinter/Lead-Out)
    37. Nabil Aalaine (Time Trial)
    38. Najim Va-der-lood (Sprinter)
    39. Hesham Mahousi (Domestique)

  • The Democratic Republic of Occoron would like to participate with following team:

    Name: ONIC CYCLING TEAM (a conglomerate of the most important Occoronian companies. (ONIC=Occoron National Investment Company)

    Manager: CORPANCHO Andres

    Leader: ACOSTA H?ctor

    41: HAEDO H?ctor (climber--leader)
    42: ARTACHO Gustavo (climber)
    43: MESSINEO Leandro (climber)
    44: ACOSTA Juan Jos? (time trial)
    45: SERPA Raphael (domestique)
    46: SEVELINNO Miguel (domestique)
    47: GOMEZ Javier (domestique)
    48: BREPPE Roberto (sprinter)
    49: LOPEZ Alberto (sprinter--lead-out)

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    All teams are officially Registered.

    Valti Mondiarlay
    Tour of Os Corelia Cheif Executive

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    Registration closes at 23:00 GMT!!

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    Name: TUI Team
    Manager: Rudi Meyer
    Leader: Sebastian Fuchs

    51. Sebastian Fuchs - Climber [Team leader]
    52. Tobias Rosenbaum - Climber
    53. Jerzy Bronowski - Climber
    54. Andreas Richter - Sprinter [Lead-out]
    55. Guillaume Foi - Sprinter
    56. Mathias Herkenhoff - Domestique
    57. Maximilian Gruber - Domestique
    58. Alex Schneider - Domestique
    59. Stefan Goldblatt - Time Triallist

  • Name: Equip Banca March
    Manager: Biel Company
    Leader: Joan Horrach

    61. Joan Horrach (Climber/Team leader)
    62. Pere Colom (Climber)
    63. Miquel Verger (Climber)
    64. Jaume Roig (Sprinter)
    65. Miquel Janer (Sprinter/Lead-out)
    66. Biel Vicens (Domestique)
    67. Alejandro Meiner (Domestique)
    68. Alfred Rotger (Domestique)
    69. Esteve Juan (Time Triallist)

  • Name: Irish Catholic Church Pro Cycling Team
    Manager: Bishop S?an Gh?ibasc?ar
    Leader: Msgr. Tadhg Chrill?ach

    71. Msgr. Tadhg Chrill?ach (Climber, Leader)
    72. Fr. Diarmuid U? Niall (Climber)
    73. Fr. Roibeart ? Cruadhlaoich (Domestique)
    74. Fr. Anr?i ? Cruadhlaoich (Domestique)
    75. Fr. Ardghal Magan (Sprinter)
    76. Fr. Cr?ost?ir Mac ?da (Sprinter, Lead Out)
    77. Msgr. Baothghalach Cuirt?is (Climber)
    78. Msgr. E?in Miche?l (Domestique)
    79. Fr. Ailin Ch?def?dl?ar (Time Trial)

    All teams have been given (the correct) numbers for convenience.

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    Confirmed teams of the 2011 Tour of Os Corelia are:

    Banca March
    Irish Catholic Church
    Royal Air Maroc

    We can reveal the stages will be:

    1. Kaldoon Circuit - Individual Time Trial
    2. Eltiy Quays - Last Point (In Westfallon State Favouring Sprinters)
    3. Seleto - Ddif (In Xantosia State with an intermediate sprint and a cat 1 climb)
    4. Stratton Beck - Lehrerdrad (In Stariousa Favouring Climbers)
    5. Port Harbour-Port Adenya (In Seacove state Favuoring Sprinters)
    6. Eider Forest - Telekmandos (In Taloshia State Favouring Climbers)
    7. Haladon Province - Wall Town (In Falador State Favouring Climbers)
    8. Mossgardt Circuit - Individual Time Trial
    9. Aeroidion Downs - Leodis Parliament (Aerodimus City Circuit Favours Sprinters)

    The Prize Jerseys:

    Race Leader- Sky Blue Jersey
    King of the Mountain - Orange Spotted Jersey
    Sprinter Leader - Green/Red Stripe Jersey
    Best Young Rider - White Jersey with Yellow Bird of Corelia
    State Stage Win Jersey - Colours of state flag with state crest on back

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