UK Invite for Corelian Delegation to Parliament

  • _Corelian Government Officials,

    As per our agreement in the Treaty of Kaldoon, we warmly invite you to speak to the House of Commons at Westminster as a keynote address for the upcoming Parliamentary session. We are sure that all that you say will be of the utmost importance to our government and people, and wish to honour our agreement. If you require to bring security detail or need anything of our government, we ask you to please contact Dr. Michelle Branch, Ambassador to Os Corelia and she will relay it to the Rt. Hon. Ed Miliband, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. A quick answer will be satisfactory.

    HRH Queen Elizabeth II
    Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland_

  • Your Esteemed Majesty,

    We accept with honour.

    Viscount Kalistus Xavier

  • _Viscount Kalistus Xavier,

    Upon your arrival or your delegations' arrival, we wish to allow you to tour the city of London and its sights before entering the House of Commons for the address followed by a light lunch with the Prime Minister and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine.

    HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
    Royal Consort to Queen Elizabeth II_

  • To Whom it may Concern,

    All invited arrangements will be attended by the following visiting delegation:

    Viscount Kalistus Xavier
    Kaiserin Maleeka Karpathia Xavier (Viscount's Wife & Secretary of State)
    Herculio Xavier - Viscount's Eldest Son
    Xantos Xavier - Viscount's Youngest Son
    Keldina Xavier - Viscounts' Duaghter and Youngest Child

    Prime Minister Dorelia Astollo
    Lady Nijmo Kolstan - Under Secretary to Prime Minister
    Lord Drake Mepelsh - Viscount's Private Parliamentary Secretary

    The Viscount has expressed excitement at the visit and cannot wait for his children to meet her majesty's family.

    Kind Regards
    Drake Mepelsh
    PPS to Viscount of Os Corelia

  • _Corelian Delegation,

    We are honoured to have all of you here with us, and we cannot wait to meet all of you and hear your words.

    The Rt. Hon. Ed Miliband, MP
    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain of Ireland_

  • Dear Prime Minsiter,

    I am excited to address your parliament and willbe sure this moment and my speech will reflect the change in strength of our relationship that being of a strong nature.

    Viscount Kalistus Xavier

  • The security at London Heathrow sat patiently on their laurels for the Os Corelian delegation so that the terminal in which they decided to land could be immediately shut down and all persons moved to other terminals until they reached the motorcade that would take them anywhere they wanted in London before reaching the Houses of Parliament at Westminster.

  • The coreliair Boeing 777 landed at Heathrow terminal 3 after clearance from ATC. And The Viscount and his family enetered the motorcade and were taken by request ot the Corelian Embassy to meet the corelian ambassador waiting the UK governments next request.

  • At the House of Commons, the Prime Minister looked towards the Viscount and the Corelian delegation:

    "Whenever you are ready, the House of Commons is ready to hear your words."

  • 'Esteemed Members of Parliaments, my lords, baronesses and civil servants and anyone else within earshot of my voice I must thank you for a humblest of welcomes to this bastion of democracy. Our nations became acquainted in how shall I say, the rockiest of terms. But what passes, passes and we move on. Can I go now? tongue.gif

    Our relationship has grown in strength with visit by your royal majesty Queen Elizabeth and her family who embraced corelian culture and we hope we can taste all thing British. I myself want to visit the north of England and maybe a spot of wales, scotland and indeed Northern Ireland as they are all such seperate yet united areas.

    Queen Elizabeth honoured the corelian culture and history of strong liberal agendas by supporting our push for greater human rights and we are confident we can see changes around to a positive thinking on this subject. My so called intereference in Mongolia saw women offered a referendum on a dress code which was subsequently dropped, why? becuase the women said no and had their voices heard. Gaining this referendum enabled this to happen. People in europe are interested in Liberty and we can provide it but of course I dont just mean our to nations but europe as a whole.

    We are working more on simple events that let us conenct from song contests to bike races. Coeincidently its great to see UK team HSBC have two riders in the top 10 of the tour of os corelia whereas corelian team corelair-today have only one but I can assure you Joia will win the sprint jersey you brits better not spoil our party!!

    We now see the UK as an important ally who we can lean on in support of strong liberal values for social mobility and the advancement of europe and europeans

    I would now like to open the floor any questions anyone may have about corelia or the agreement as its good to talk'

  • Shadow Prime Minister David Cameron stood to ask questions of the Corelian Viscount.

    'Your majesty, the Viscount...if you haven't been to a session of British Parliament before, I must warn you that we are very direct with questioning and many of the people in agreement or disagreement with statements will make a lot of noise. So, I ask you this question: in this partnership that has proven to be a wonderful tool for the liberal agenda, do you think that your proposals and ideas particularly Europe wide are damaging and a deep infringement on national sovereignty, or is this just how liberals make policy our days?' The question brought cheers from the Conservatives in Parliament and boos from the rest of the parties present. Prime Minister Miliband stood up.

    'Mr. Cameron, show respect to our state visitors and show the same respect that Her Majesty, the Royal Family, and the British people show for the Corelian government,' Prime Minister Miliband said sternly.

    'I apologize, but the question still stands.'

  • 'The honorable gentleman need not apologise he is right to ask such a quesiton as in line with his political view. It seems sovereignty has become the right wing buzzword, I personally see it like this we can still cooperate on issues without loosing our identity as atunomous political naitons. If we work together to agree on legislation in europe and its council then we represent the view of our sovereign nations. If europe votes for something the right wing dont get a majority vote on then the agenda that wins a vote is accused of infringing on sovereignty but it doesn't. So Mr Cameron in answer to your question no I do not think a liberal agenda infringes on national sovreignty, if people vote for a liberal agenda then they deserve to be represented.'

  • Home Secretary Jacqui Smith stood.

    'Viscount, what dynamics has our mission in providing educational exchange opportunities to Os Corelia and here in the United Kingdom for our two peoples done for your educational and economic growth?'

  • Before the question could be answered, security detail and police officers entered the House of Commons.

    "There was an explosion at the Embankment Tube station, and all members of Parliament must evacuate the Houses immediately and go to safe zones," said the Chief of the Metropolitan Police. "I have been informed by the Queen that the Corelian delegation will be taken to Buckingham under full escort and kept safe."

  • Your majesty we offer our support to your nation at this time, until the nature of the explosion is explored we believe it best to return back to Corelia in case we were the intended targets as we do not want to pose any risks to your nation. I severeley greived over the motivation for such an atrocity and before leaving will mark respect at the city of this savage attack. It saddens me that we must leave but I assure you we are strong together in this time of grief and will remain united in battles to protect our freedom.

    Kalistus Xavier

  • The Queen addressed the concern of the Corelian delegation and wished them a safe, speedy trip home.