Broadcasting Union Bill

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    Broadcasting Union Bill

    Presented by: Comissioner Maleeka Liszckoszi

    Supported in Commission by: Commissioner Enoch Shaw, Comissioner Luc Clazier - thereby fulfilling constitutionally required Commission majority

    This bill seeks the establishment of a Europe-wide Broadcasting Union that national television companies can sign up to out of choice the benefit of which is to provide coverage and establishment of cultural and sporting events that all broadcasting union members can show without cost.

    Membership is open to companies that broadcast on a naitonal level (10% or more of national audience ratings) and the incentive to join is that Broadcasting Union joint events are exclusive to members to broadcast.

    These joint events will be produced by the host company (the company of the nation who is hosting the event - in the case of more than one company in one nation they will agree between them to share production duties) - The Union willhelp with infrastructure and monitor the event to ensure its success. The Union WILL NOT INTERFERE WITH MEMBER COMPANIES.

    Major sporting events willbe broadcast and agreements have been made with the Tour of Corelia organisers and it is likely the Tour of Angleter willbecome the first broadcast sporting event by the proposed union.

    Secretary Elisa Roussilion of the Eurovoice Executive Committee has confirmed the event will be integrated into the programme of scheduled broadcasts by the union.

    The union will also provide a news agency and new ticker to be used by all members.

    The proposed union will be run by the Commissioner of Internal Affairs who will appoint an advisory board. Events will be run by the host nation as not infring sovereignty on such situations.

    Profits are to be gained from advertising and sponsorship deals. The European Union will fund the Broadcasting Union and willtake a % of profits as an investor, joining boradcasting companies willalso buy in shares and willbe granted respective profits inline with such a percentage on the agreement that no takeover will be allowed and the European Commission will run it.

    DEBATE BEGINS NOW (21:20 BST 21/07/11)
    AMENDMENTS BEGIN at 21:20 23/07/11
    VOTING BEGINS 21:20 25/07/11 and ends at 21:20 28/07/11

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  • Brecon's representative in the European Council, Hans K?chler, had a few questions about the new Broadcasting Union Bill.

    _"I am interested in the idea of greater cooperation between national broadcasters and hope that common coverage of European events will encourage understanding between Europeans of different nationalities, as well as making economic sense by avoiding needless duplication of coverage of the same event.

    So the Europe-wide Broadcasting Union would cover the event and then provide the coverage free to the national broadcasters? Or would a single national broadcaster cover the event and then provide it to the other members of the Broadcasting Union?

    Is it possible for there to be multiple national television companies from one nation?

    Finally, if the coverage is provided without charge, how does the Europe-wide Broadcasting Union generate profits that would then partially go to the EU and companies that invested in the Broadcasting Union? Is EU funding of the entire Broadcasting Union a possible alternative to having national television companies buy shares?"_

  • The Republic of Rhine Ruhr has several questions regarding the Broadcasting Union Bill

    1. Would the Broadcasting Union have to compete with privately owned broadcasting companies for broadcasting rights to certain events?
    2. Will there be a regulating force on the Union to observe the individual television companies?
    3. How does the Union expect to make a profit if it provides member companies free access to the events?
    4. Will the sponsorship and advertising rights of the events be affected by the Union?

    The sooner Rhine Ruhr receives the answers to these questions, the better it will be prepared to debate the issue.

    Thank you Commissioner Liszckoszi

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    Mr Kochler I will address your questions first.

    The Europe-wide Broadcasting Union would cover the event and then provide the coverage free to the national broadcasters. The groundwork of production management would be done by the host nation and the team working on the veent would primarily be of the host nation apart from the commentators et al to ensure language is not a barrier. I will in the appropriate period amend the bill to clarify this.

    It will be possible for more than one company to join as long as they are national channels i.e government funded and they meet an audence level threshhold of 10% of viewings.

    Profits are made form advertiisng deals and corperate sponsorship - the union wont full fund the broacasting union as not all nations will be part of it thus it is unfair to expect full EU funding.

    Now I turn to the councillor for Rhine Ruhr Im sorry we havent met yet and I didnt catch your name.

    The Broadcasting Union wouldn'thave to compete with privately owned broadcasting companies for broadcasting rights to certain events as all events funded by the EBU are only for union members. You invest in it to get programmes only available to union members.

    Will there be a regulating force on the Union to observe the individual television companies? No there wont as we don't want to infringe on sovreignty but for the joint events we will observe them to ensure all union members get great quality television.

    Sponsorship and advertising deals are encouraged to generate profit within the union to allow reinvestment in the company and the individual companies.

  • Mod

    The Duxburian Union would like to inquire if the bill could be amended to include private broadcasting companies. Our government does not compete with the private sector in the news market. Our only "national channels" are related to government business, such as sessions of the legislature. Why shut out the private broadcasters? We would support this bill if it allowed for all nations to participate, not just the socialists.

  • While the British government views in favour of the broadcast bill, a few issues arise:

    1. How will we ensure that programming will not endanger competitive private broadcasting companies.

    2. Will this affect private broadcasting of major sporting events such as the UEFA Championships, The Championships Wimbledon, and the various bike tours?

    3. How will funds be generated for this service so that there is no cost to consumers and national companies alike? If not funds, then technologies?

    4. Will there be a news agency incorporated into this Europe-wide broadcasting union?

  • Admin

    I believe the reference to 'national' broadcasters refers to those with a national reach, not State-owned ones. Angleter would of course only support this legislation were that the case.

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    Commissioner Shaw's assumptions are correct private companies are included as lon as the reach therequired 'national' level.

    In terms of sporting events, if the events are set up by the broadcasting union only members can broadcast it in their nation. This is the incentive to join if you will.

    National companise buy into the union so they do pay to be part of it but the positives of being a member and the likely sponsorship and advertising deals especially around the shared events will be great. The pay in willrepresent the cost needed to cover such events.

    There are no plans as yet for a new agency but if the esteemed councillor wishes to propose this amendment he may so if he wishes.


  • there is only one problem with this... it's complicated but it's something to do with all the nations TV channles onto one Broadcast station and wires getting crossed etc

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    Wouldthe councillor for Britannia & France please explain themselves? As the are not speaking with clarity.

  • Sir Francis DeBoyle

    _'Giving the Bill close and undivided attention Laois-Offaly come out in favour of the initial outline. We express concern however on the lack of detail expressed in this Bill, I would strongly reccommed the Commission to beef up the Bill on specifics including the details and suggestions mentioned by the United Kingdom and others. Laois-Offaly will support this Bill but would like to see further clarification and details.

    Thank you._

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    Sir DeBoyle,

    This will happen as this is what the debate period was for, the draft is in process.

    Commissioner Liszckoszi

  • I think that the Broadcasting Union be an interesting and ingenious project, but however we will must preserve and support private broadcasting companies. In fact, I think that it's important a big broadcasting company in the European Union, but nevertheless European Union's states can have got other Broadcasting companies, otherwise there will be less freedom.

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    Welcome to the European Council delegate form Encyrot unforutnately I did not understand your point?

    If you fear the union having marketing dominanace it wont! it is just for europe wide events and covering the costs of it all companies in the union will be completely autonomous and there will be no interference on how they are run from the broadcastin union at all. Only joint events will be under observation.

  • It is, with further explanation provided by the Corelian delegation, something the British are behind, particularly with the notion that Europe wide events would be covered where in some locations it would not be economical to send such large private companies.

    Britain would like to offer the idea a news ticker/press service to go with this broadcasting union with its membership in the rather popular sounding proposal.

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    I vote FOR this Bill

  • Britain votes FOR this amendment

  • Rhine Ruhr votes AGAINST this Bill

  • The Democratic Republic of Occoron votes FOR this bill.

    Sonia Satela
    Representative to the European Council of the Democratic Republic of Occoron

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