Statement from Laois-Offaly

  • I am afraid to inform the European Union but as of today the safe and free Laois-Offaly came under attack from a foreign power. I myself could have been a victim of an assasination attempt. This action will never go unavenged. So I plea to the European Union to support and endorse further such military action in forms secret against this rogue nation and be willing to further support Laois-Offaly's needs in the coming months. Je vous remercie.

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    Angleter sends its condolences to Laois-Offaly and wishes it well in its pursuit of the criminals responsible. However, we would prefer that Laois-Offaly show restraint and instead collect and provide substantial evidence that a certain foreign power (particularly a named one) is responsible, and then bring a case against said foreign power in the European Court of Justice.

  • Indeed. We can completely agree with Angleter -- let us not make any rash actions. The callous attack against Laois-Offaly is strongly condemned by the Aurean government and people, but at the same time we plea you not to go astray on a path that leads only to more violence and suffering. Let us instead work side by side in order to bring those responsible to justice.

    -- Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Fulvius

  • Britain stands with Laois-Offaly and shares the sentiments regarding justice to the assassins that the Angleteric delegation suggested.

  • Laois-Offaly thanks the European community for it's sentiments and it's words of advice which the Government is considering at Cabinet level. What is for sure, Laois-Offaly will not engage in any action that threatens the values and foundations of the European family.

  • The Democratic Republic of Occoron sends its condolences to Laois-Offaly. We also agree with Angleter and Pax Aurea, that we have to bring the responsibles of this attack to justice.

    Alejandro Toledo
    Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Demcoratic Republic of Occoron