Earthquake Occoron

  • An earthquake of 7 on the Richter scale has hit Asunci?n, the second largest city of Occoron. It is still unknown how many people are injured and how many lives are lost, but it seems there is a lot of damage. It?s the first time in more than 5 centuries that Occoron was hit by such a serious earthquake. President P?rez said he would return immediately, and at the moment, he is en route to Occoron.

  • After the arrival of the first rescue workers in the second largest city of Occoron, Asunci?n, the size of the damage that was caused by the earthquake is becoming clear. Of course, there is a lot of financial damage, but the priority of the rescue workers should be to save the hundreds, following other sources thousands, of people. President P?rez said in a press conference that the government has no idea how many lives ar lost, but it seems more than thousand people died.

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  • Speech of President P?rez about the disaster in Asunci?n:

    ?Ladies and gentlemen, in this case, time is our greatest enemy, so I will keep this very short. A devastating earthquake has hit the second largest city of Occoron, Asunc?n. More than 5 billion people live in that city. The earthquake found place during the night, and that is an advantage and a disadvantage: The commuters were not in Asunci?n during the earthquake, so we have less potential casualties. But because most people were asleep, more people were in their homes and most of that homes have collapsed. We have no idea how many lives are lost and how many casualties there are, but I am afraid we have lost thousands of lives last night. Now, we must do everything we can to rescue the people that are still under the debris. We need to save them. Several rescue workers are sent to Asunci?n, but we need more. Many Occoronian humanitarian workers, police, fire-fighters and soldiers will also be sent to Asunci?n. Hospitals all over Occoron will provide medical treatment, the air force will transport medication and casualties,? This is one of the greatest disasters in Occoronian history, and we are not able to handle this anymore: we need help from abroad. I would like to request the other members of the European Union to help the Occoronian people to get over this disaster. Thank you.?

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  • Queen Elizabeth turned to her camera to speak to the British public about the disaster in Occoron:

    "Ladies and gentlemen of loyal subjects,

    The disaster in London has directly affected us, but we must also remember those who lost their lives in Asuncion. As our government fights terrorism here in the United Kingdom, I call upon the people of Britain to help with the earthquake relief in Asuncion. A disaster beyond the capability of the government there.

    We can help. It is a difficult time for our nations, and I encourage all Britons who are able to give blood to do so, as it is a key life line for those who are seriously injured. We must also mobilize our volunteer groups and the Royal Air Force to get to Asuncion and help directly. Britain, though it is currently coping with its own issues, must show that we are willing and able to help in Europe and bring assistance to our brethren who stand with us in solidarity."

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    Angleter sends its sympathy to the nation of Occoron and to the city of Asuncion in light of this terrible attempt. Our NGOs plan to have arrived and become fully operational in Occoron by Monday, and we shall be pleased to organise a low-interest loan to Occoron to help with the rebuilding.

  • To: The Government of the Democratic Republic of Occoron
    From: The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Pax Aurea

    We stand ready to assist our Occoronian friends at their hour of need. Five medical teams of 24 doctors and nurses, along with one helicopter per team, have been sent on their way. Currently, a 250-men-strong team of search & rescue dogs and personnel is being gathered together and is expected to arrive in Asunci?n by midnight. The Ministry is cooperating with the Aurean Red Cross and the Church Disaster Relief and will send 10,000 blankets and emergency food rations, 1000 tents, and 50 field water purification sets to the disaster site. The ETA of the shipment is at 03:00 GMT.

    The Ministry and the NGOs have started to raise funds for additional disaster relief, and we will monitor the progress and keep you informed. Please inform us of any and all specific needs as the situation grows more clear.

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  • Marrakechia sends it condolences and sent 200 tons of aid.

  • After the arrival of the first groups of rescue workers, it seems that Occoron has lost more than 20.000 of its citizens. More than 100.000 are wounded. It is sure that the death toll will increase. The casualties are transported to hospitals all over Occoron, by the Air Force. Rescue workers are doing everything they can to limit the death toll. Several nations of the European Union have already send aid. It is sure this is going to be the most terrible period in Occoronian history.

  • President P?rez thanks the other members of the European Union for their aid:

    ?We really thank you all for your material and moral support. Following the last estimates, more than 20.000 citizens died and more than 100.000 are wounded. Now, we have enough helicopters for the transportation and also enough medical teams. The only things we still need, is more medication, tents, field beds, water, food to provide food and shelter for the homeless people. I know it sounds really cruel, but we also have a shortage of coffins: we want to give our death citizens a worthy farewell, and therefor, we have not enough material.?

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  • President Concretio DiGirona speech to National Television
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    My fellow people,
    It is my very sad duty to inform you this evening of a terrible occurrence in one of our closest European friends. A severe earthquake today hit Asuncion in Occoron. Early reports show that many have died and many trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings. It is my friends in times like these that we must demonstrate the meaning of Europe, the values of Europe and the solidarity that we always show. I have deployed the Overseas Guard to aid Occoron and will pass an emergency loan Bill through the Parliament to aid Occoron in the rebuild that will take place. Occoron is our friend and I am convinced that this people of Laois-Offaly will rise up and stand shoulder to shoulder, hand in glove with our friends as I know they would do the same for us. I wish you all a very enjoyable evening. Slain agus bennacht. Vive la deuxieme Republique.

  • "I would also like to thank the people and the government of Laois-Offaly, and especially President Concretio DiGirona for their solidarity."

    Luiz In?cio P?rez
    President of the Democratic Republic of Occoron

  • Several fundraising events for the Occoronian earthquake victims have been organized around Pax Aurea. People have acted swiftly and heard the government's pleas, and monetary donations to various relief agencies and NGOs have already risen to 3.3 million Aurean Marks. The sum is expected to build up over the days to come.

    Many notable Aurean musicians have also held aid concerts for Occoron, though the recent London bombings where 71 Aureans were found among the perished have thinned the audience somewhat. Despite this, 1.2 million Aurean Marks have been gathered via these concerts so far, and many artists have promised to continue their campaining.

    A special fund has been founded by Pax Aurea's Occoronian immigrants. People who have friends and relatives in Asunci?n and other parts of the Democratic Republic have already donated 750,000 Aurean Marks for the relief efforts via this fund.

    Many local charity groups have started to weave blankets for the people left homeless by the earthquake.

    A number of clergymen of various churches and denominations have joined the aid teams to provide what assistance and comfort they can for the traumatized -- both victims and their helpers.

    In her press conference today, President Julia Glorius expressed her deepest sympathies for the victims of the Asunci?n tragedy, and vowed that Pax Aurea would continue to stand by Occoron. "We shall not abandon our friends at their hour of need, and rest assured we shall help you find your way through these times of sorrow", the presidet promised. Today, the Senate agreed to aid the Occoronian government with a sum of 30 million Aurean Marks and a large shipment of medical supplies enough for 12.000 people.

  • At the Royal Albert Hall, a star lineup of Brian May, Kerry Ellis, Leona Lewis, Sir Paul McCartney and Sting have staged a telethon concert. Despite the bombings in London, the British public raised a staggering ?20.5 million across the country for the UK peace corps operation in Asuncion. The money has gone towards air lifting water, food, and medicine.

  • The Marrakechian Government has offered to send building materials to help an rebuild and sends an total of 500,000,000DH (?50,000,000) in aid.

  • I would like to thank the Aurean, Marrakechian and British government and people for their efforts to give aid and money to the Occoronian people. I am very happy with that, and I assure you all that your aid and money will be well-used.

    Luiz In?cio P?rez
    President of the Democratic Republic of Occoron

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