Commission Statment on Attacks & Earthquake

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    In the absence of our Prime Commissioner and as I am first in line to succession I wish to make a statement on behalf of the Commission of the European Union.

    With the recent events in Occoron, the United Kingdom and in Laois-Offally we must gein by offerin alll our deepest sympathies and thoughts and prayers to thos affected by the events that are beyond tragic with such loss of life.

    The earthuake in Occoron has destabilised the region and the scale of loss is inconsoleable and the city lies torn apart with a broken heart. We at the commission promise to do all we can to help rebuild the city. Angleter have already pleged assistance and I pledge on behalf of the Viscount the assistance of Corelian aid and help in rebuilding as well. A relief package will be given by the commission as well.

    The terrorist attacks in The United Kingdom are nothin short of purile evil and non-sensical dissent. To the terrorists I directly address you with a single question: what gives you the right to kill for your apparent "beliefs". As a devout Catholic your attack infact contradcts EVERY belief you hold. You are cowards and you should face up to what you have done. People have lost daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, cousins, grandparents some of these people were catholics you killed for no reason. You are evil.

    Security agencies in europe are closing in the net and we have intelligence leads that are merely days away from capturin those responsible so you can run and try and hide but we know where you are and where you are going.

    We also are offerin intelligence support to Laois-Offaly who claimed ot have been targeted by a member state who will be tried by the court of justice.

    This is a grave day in the union's histroy and from ehre on in we must work together strong and united to show we are people of peace, people of liberty and people of life. We are strong and united and nothing will stop us.

    Commissioner Maleeka Liszckoszi
    Commissioner for Internal Affairs

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    I have returned to the EU on the brink of shatters and chaos. First, an Earthquake in Occoron and then attacks in both the UK and Laois-Offaly. Unfortunately in my absence, the Commission was only able to "give deepest sympathies" and give minor support to Laois-Offaly. Now that I am back, I will take immediate action. I would like to begin by creating a small, general agenda, which includes:

    • Creating a relief fund for the Occoron Earthquake, which will take private and government donations and distribute the relief among the victims of the quake.

    • Provide more information and services to officials in Laois-Offaly in their recent events. Such as, giving them more access to EU networks, provide more investigators and security officials and provide moral support.

    • In reponse to the attacks in the UK, the ECoJ has been made ready will be more than happy to trial Owain Davies, unless the UK sees that such a trial is not fit and should have him trialed internally.

    Hope these measures will clear things up a bit.

    Alexander Kligenberg,
    Prime Commissioner

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