Anti-Terrorism Arrests

  • Official Press Release

    At 12.00 GMT Laois-Offaly's capital was occupied by rogue persons dressed in black. Initial reports coming through to us here at Laois-Offaly Broadcasting Corporation confirm that these terrorists have taken full control of the Embassy of The United Kingdom. Gunshots were heard all over Frankenhalt shortly after 12.00 as the Reserve Army Corps and the P?il?n? R?nda Armtha surrounded the building.

    It can now be confirmed that the Embassy has been taken back and the 5 perpetrators arrested and sent into immediate custody. We can confirm that there has been no fatalities however 2 diplomats have been rushed to hospital with severe head injuries. A rushed and demoralised Prime Minister walked into Llegendes House to convene an emergency session of the Cabinet and instructed the Minister of Defence to put the Military Forces on high alert with all major facilities with large people counts to be temporarily closed and defended. The Prime Minister said he would be in touch with the Prime Minister of TUK as soon as possible as a catholic group declared responsibility.

    The President of Laois-Offaly Concertio summoned the Cabinet to the Palacio Real to brief him on the current situation and insisted that a state of emergency was initiated. The Prime Minister asked the President to endorse the Emergency Protocol that temporarily gives the Cabinet full Presidential powers. The Prime Minister however reiterated to the following press that the Protocol will be suspended within the next 48 hours. The Prime Minister then left the Palacio Real to the National P?il?n? R?nda Armtha to thank them for their efforts. He then detoured to local hospital before returning back to Llegendes House. A sombre Prime Minister then stepped up to the podium and began...

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    I am afraid this will be a very short press conference today. I am sure you are all aware of the heinous attacks on the Embassy of The United Kingdom today. I am very relieved to tell you of the fact there have been no fatalities and all perpetrators have been arrested. The Secret Intelligence Service believe that terrorists who did this have connection with the bomb blasts that killed hundreds in London recently. I invite the EU Council Representative of TUK to Frankenhalt to discuss these events, tour the damage and discuss potential extraditions. What is for sure, Europe has been rocked but we will fight back and come back stronger than ever before!

  • The Emergency Protocol in Laois-Offaly has been suspended. President assumes powers. United Kingdom informed of current situation and is hoped to make a visit to Laois-Offaly to meet with the Prime Minister in a first bilateral meeting since Laois-Offaly joining the Union.

  • The First Secretary of State will be making a visit to Frankenhalt to see the British embassy and discuss with the President details about a visit from Prime Minister Miliband after his meeting with the German Empire.

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