The United Kingdom vs. Owain Davies Discussion

  • This is an OOC discussion about the IC situation of Owain Davies, the CACB, and the impending trial on Davies and the 30 members of the British cell of CACB.

    Since the terrorist attacks killed not only British citizens but citizens of other nations as well and that the group itself is charged of crimes against Britain, Os Corelia, Pax Aurea and is now guilty by association with bombings in Marrakechia, would this deem a proper use of ECOJ?

    And, if yes, what kind of sentencing does the ECOJ have? Is there an ability to sentence someone a la Slobodan Milo?ević? Could there be, as a result of this kind of trial, a sort of War Crimes Court or International Criminal Tribunal?

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    The Second Republic of Laois-Offaly sponsors any prosecution against the CACB as the Offalian Criminal Justice System found 5 associates of the CACB guilty of taking control of a sovereign embassy in the capital Frankenhalt. The attacks severely injured 2 British Citizens and caused the death of a Offalian Security Guard. Laois-Offaly hopes this inquiry to be entirely European with all member states coming together to resolve it. More details can be found here...

  • Pax Aurea would have no objection to seeing Owain Davies tried in the UK, but this could become a major precedent in the ECoJ. The Court could be a proper place to handle severe cases of international terrorism; a mass murder of almost 800 people is not far from a "crime against humanity", after all.

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