UK First Secretary of State visit to Laois-Offaly

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    Llegendes House 11.45am
    Laois-Offaly still recovering from the terrorist attacks on the British Embassy in Frankenhalt called a special summit between the respective leaders of Laois-Offaly and The United Kingdom to discuss joint counter terrorism operations and the present threat of terrorism throughout Europe. Prime Minister Jens Kitchener chairs a special cabinet meeting with President Concretio before the arrival of the First Secretary of State. They await in Llegendes House for the anticipated arrival as the citizens of Laois-Offaly wait excitedly for the first foreign arrival in Laois-Offaly in a number of years. Laois-Offaly prides itself in being the most pro-European member state of the Union and is looking forward to greater involvement in the European Council.

    Offalian Troops march past contigent....
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    Press Conference to follow...

  • The Lord Mandelson, while representing the Prime Minister on his visit, felt it would be better to include David Miliband, the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and the Secretary of State for Defence Bob Ainsworth, seeing as the two dealt with the crisis in London in more detail than he had. The three would be coming to discuss joint counter-terrorism efforts.

    They were delighted to be getting out of the UK, even if it was for a little while. The country had turned a bit bleak due to the London bombings and the sombre effect on public morale.

  • After recieveing the British Ambassador at Llegendes House, Prime Minister Kitchener was in fine mood as he greeted the full group of the British contingent to Frankenhalt. The flags were in prstine condition and the crowds were cheering at the arrival of Foreign Secretary Milliband and Defence Secretary Ainsworth. Both looked overwhelmed by the strength and warmth of the welcome they recieved. Kitchener and Milliband walked through into the main lobby of Llegendes House posing for photographs before retiring for a private meeting.

  • "The pomp and circumstance was quite nice, but obviously it's not the focus of the meeting we're having today. We understand that the British Embassy came under attack here in Frankenhalt," said Foreign Secretary Miliband.

  • The Prime Minister agreed saying that the series of events in Europe had overshadowed the importance of today's event saying this visit was a historical one in Laois's history. The Prime Minister went on to say ' the attacks on your embassy rocked our country, it is now more important than ever that we cooperate. ' I will be supporting you in your action in the ECoJ which will be hugely important for Europe and the court'. The Prime Minister also suggested to Milliband that a summit should be called of all affected nations to coordinate a response to the crisis. The PM then casually sipped his specially imported Orangina which he offered to Milliband.

  • Taking a cup of the Orangina, Foreign Secretary Miliband gathered his thoughts.

    "It is an event that requires a multinational response, and I am disappointed that the CACB has infiltrated this nation as is the Prime Minister. We will certainly take back to London the idea of a terrorism discussion summit. It is an issue that is important to us.

    Another issue is that of counter-terrorism intelligence. Britain, in our increasing regional involvement, has realized that our intelligence network is not catching all threats because we simply do not have nor allow international access. Mr. Ainsworth has come up with the idea that we allow the security agencies of our nations to have increased communication capabilities and access to resources. That way, our counter-terrorism efforts can be effective and will allow our governments to react in a timely, responsible manner."

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    Nodding in agreement the Prime Minister said that increased communication was mandatory for a strong collegiate bilateral relationship to work. He said that the events of the past few days show that more than ever nations across Europe need to work together on terrorism. Prime Minister went on to say 'I was wondering Mr Milliband if it pleased you that a defence attache set up an anti-terrorism office in the capital London for all European nations to coordinate against terrorism operations. This could be discussed in detail at our next European Council. The Prime Minister hailed the progress made at today's meeting saying that the bond established here today between Laois-Offaly and the United Kingdom can only be strengthened as we move forward together against the CACB and terrorism alike.
    As Prime Minister Kitchener rose from his seat and led Mr Milliband to the Great Hall where they would dine in traditional Offalian style he gave Mr Milliband a strong and firm handshake and enquired on the UK's visit to Germany. Mr Kitchner said that the UK and Germany would be Laois's key partners in the European Union and wished the summit in Berlin well.

    Before the meal, a minute of silence for victims...
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    Laois-Offaly is now on recess for a week...