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    European Freedom Party (EFP) Party Manifesto:

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    ?Freedom in Diversity?

    I. Libertarianism
    II. Goal of the Party
    III. Party Beliefs
    IV. Organization of the Party
    V. Outcome
    VI. Party Expectations

    I. Libertarianism
    Libertarianism is a laissez-faire political philosophy advocating only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens. Despite having a very conservative economy, Libertarians supports a very socialist social policy such as supporting equal social and economic rights, freedom of speech, press, religion, choice, etc. This party is a centre party that seeks to unify the ELDL and EPP to form a new stable government that will bring order to the EU and to maintain the freedom of each nation within it.

    II. Goal of the Party:
    The goal of the EFP is to bring choice, democracy, justice and fairness to Europe. We will continue to support the democracy in the European Union, by democratically electing the members of the Commission, and the Court of Justice. How can one be free without the choice of whom will govern? We also want to bring freedom to each nation state, not forcing them to join singular currencies or treaties, to not gamble with their independence and to not have them lead by a universal dictator. We will be fair by supporting each nation?s? decisions and cultures and we will respect one another. We also support a free and open market, allowing citizens to take part in the national economy. Above all, we support the EU?s motto, ?United in Diversity? and we hope that we can keep it that way.

    III. Party Beliefs:

    We believe that the environment falls on the shoulder of each nation state and we believe that each nation has the right to confront the environment at its own level without drastic demands coming out from Europolis. However, we encourage nations to begin to cutting carbon emissions and we would like to have the nations of the EU make an commitment to cut carbon emission by 5%, by 2013. We would also like to install an EU-wide recycling program that would benefit the nations and the environment without violating national sovereignty and we believe it?s a sensible and non-drastic measure to tackle environmental issues.

    **Defence: **
    We believe that every nation in the EU has the right to build its own army without interference from other countries, with one small exception. That exception being that we support the European Nuclear Application Authority, to make sure no nation uses its nuclear technology in an inappropriate manner, such as using it in a case of warfare. We would like to see no existence of an EU-wide army or pan-European police that forcefully requires member states to contribute soldiers to it. We would rather encourage nations to keep their soldiers within their own borders and to make peace. We promote equality in the army, allowing women, men, homosexuals, heterosexuals, and people of all religions, etc, to be able to serve as equals in the military.

    **Healthcare: **
    We support both private and public health care and we believe that each nation has its own right to choose and administrate how its own healthcare. But we believe that every person in the EU has the right to bring their own national health insurance scheme to whatever country they visit to. We will push for a creation of health cards which people will be able to carry around when visiting countries so they can get the attention they may require. However, we don?t support an EU-wide health care system, as it may be used to restrict the freedom of individual nation states.

    Again, we openly support how nation states conduct their means of education, whether it?s public or private; it?s education. We believe that every person has the right to education, regardless of their sex, religion or sexual preference. We support a union that allows funding assistance to students who seeks education abroad and across Europe, so they can receive an education where ever they go.

    As the world begins to grow, it?s becoming increasingly harder to get to places. The EFP would like to push for a solution. The EFP would like to build an EU-wide highway and railway system.

    Social Policies/Internal Affairs:
    We realise that all countries and cultures are different from one another in the EU and so we respect and will protect that. That being said, the EFP still supports social and economic equality, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion and mental capabilities. However, we won?t force other countries to do so and we would rather put together an optional Charter of Human Rights, which would help protect human rights, equality, and democracy with the freedom of choice. But again, we realise that certain cultures and religions demand certain needs and certain segregations to be put into place, which we will also support, unless the majority population of that country do not. We will also support and maintain traditional values. We will also allow each nation to have its own choice when it comes to the legalization of recreational drugs, abortion and other sensitive issues. The EFP promises that it won?t interfere with those sensitive issues and will respect any decision made by that country. The EFP strongly believes that each nation has the right to national sovereignty and we won?t trample over it.

    Foreign Affairs:
    We have seen the EU?s foreign affairs deteriorate and we will no longer stand for it. We wish for the EU to play a key and important role in affairs outside of Europe and we would make sure to improve and maintain embassies in foreign countries. We will also make sure that we ally with regions that align with regions that have diverse views and we will never associate ourselves with warmongering regions and dictatorship regions. The EU itself won?t act like a defender region as we promise we will never bring ourselves to war, even when we?re being threatened. We will negotiate all problems peacefully.

    The EFP is pro-market and would like to see businesses controlled by the people, not the government. We support equal wages and equal jobs to everyone regardless of sex, colour, religion, etc. We are totally against an EU tax policy, as it a blatant attempt at destroying national sovereignty and will make it even harder for business to prosper. We are also against a singular currency, such as the Euro, because it hands over the control of your currency and gives it to another nation to control, which could have seriously negative effects, especially if those other countries are having financial quarrels.

    IV. Organization of the Party
    The EFP will be run democratically and equally. The body of the EFP will be made up of councillors, who will elect a new Party President every year, who will represent the party internally, maintain the party, and organize the party. Every 5 months the party will also elect a Commission Representative. The Rep. will act as an external representative of the party to the rest of the EU and will also represent the party in the Commission. No nation can hold the office of Party President and Representative.

    V. Outcome
    The EFP wants to see the EU have a bright future, one where peace and equality reigns above all. An EU that?s economy reigns prosperous and free, allowing free enterprise and one with workers? rights. One where traditions will be maintained and held sacred. We hope to see the EU remain a Union and not a Super State. We wish for the EU to be a place of democracy, one with an elect Commission and one with an elected Judicial Court. We wish to see a green EU and the environment healthy. Above all, we want an EU that allows each nation to make its own choices and not to be tied down by a corrupt government in Europolis.

    VI. Party Expectations
    We ask that each nation to please follow the beliefs of this party by supporting equal rights of all people, the rights of free speech, press, religion, and choice. We also ask that your nation continues to hold democracy dear to your country by holding elections. Furthermore, we ask that you maintain a free economy, one that allows the people to take part and make their own livings. We hope that each nation in this party uses its freedom by supporting the EFP representatives in the Commission and in the Council any by not supporting ideals that only seek to destroy national sovereignty. Working together, the EFP can bring Europe into a new golden age of freedom.

    - Party manifesto written by the Kligenberg and Liszckoszi family.

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