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    The Earthquake has been devastating. People have lost their lives, family members, houses and jobs. But alas, life moves on for the rest of us, while Occoron stands still. The EU Commission wants to see them move on as well, and will do anything in their power to do so. But it won?t happen alone and we need your help. Some governments have given donations and relief to the government of Occoron, but that?s not enough. This fund was set-up to accept all forms of aid from governments, businesses and the public. All money and relief acquired will be handed over to the government of Occoron and other related charities.

    Total money raised:

    Let's see this number get higher!

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    The Government of North Inquista will provide ?25 million to our Occoron friends. Kligenberg Motors would also like provide an extra ?2 million in donations. The people of North Inquista have also been very generous, donating a total of ?1, 245,935.74.

  • The Republic of Rhine Ruhr is donating ?15 million to the relief efforts in Occoron. We will also send 1,500 national guard troops to aid in the distribution of care items as well as to aid in the process of rebuilding the infrastructure.

  • The UK Government is willing to donate 50 million Euros to the crisis fund.

  • The Citizens of Marrakechia gives an total of ?200,000,000

  • The government of Pax Aurea has donated 30 million to the relief effort. The private donations to various humanitarian aid organizations have reached 9 million, and the sum is expected to grow higher.

    (Monetary sums in Aurean Marks, exchange rate: 1.00 AM = 1.82$)

  • Laois-Offaly puts in 50 million Euro to the relief fund for Occoron with the ODEC, (Offalian Disasters Emergency Committee) registering donations of 1 million Euro to supplement to that. Laois stands ready to offer any logistical support via the Reserve Logistics Corps also.

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    The people and NGOs of Angleter have donated ?40mn after a telethon on all channels for the Occoron disaster.

  • _Dear leaders of the European Union,
    Dear leaders of the member states,

    I would first of all to thank the European Commision and especially Prime Commissioner Alexander Kligenberg for his initiative to collect funds for the Occoronian people. I would also like to thank the leaders of the member states of the European Union. Personally, I am deeply moved by seeing such a solidarity, and I am sure every Occoronian woman and man agrees with me. I wrote to my dear friend, the Aurean President Julia Glorius, that she gave us a light during this very dark period. By seeing such a solidarity, a can?t do anything but notice that many lights are there to help the Occoronian people to overcome this dark period.

    After the chaos, things become more clear now. Several hours after the earthquake, an investigation was started to make the circumstances of the disaster clear. We also have to learn about this disaster and to do research about earthquake-resistant homes and hospitals. Almost one week after the earthquake, I can present you now the first results of that investigation:

    At 05:50 AM on the 22nd of July, an earthquake of 7.2 on the Richter Scale has hit the second largest city of Occoron: Asunci?n. The epicenter of the earthquake was approximately 25 kilometres east of the city at a depth of approximately 30 km. With 19,437 deaths and 105,879 wounded, it was the most devastating disaster in Occoronian history. The fact that so many people were killed and wounded, is explained by the hour of the disaster: At 5:50 AM, the city was still asleep and many people were at home. Because of the quick arrival of Occoronian rescue workers, and later foreign rescue workers, many serious injured people survived. I can also announce you that more than 85,924 wounded people are already at home or at shelters. After the disaster, more than 10 million people were evacuated in about 5 hours and I am sure that during the evacuation, we could reap the fruits of the evacuation training that is given in every Occoronian school and building. Today, almost one million people are still homeless and are being sheltered in schools, sports halls etc. We are now looking to remove the debris, renovate the destroyed buildings and to give back the Occoronian people a home. Also because of the professionalism of the national and international humanitarian workers, only 12 people are still lost today and I am sure we will find them.

    Reasons enough to be proud of my team, but we are still mourning. Occoron has lost 19,437 of its citizens: Men, women and children. Everyone of them had plans for the future: some of them would go on a vacation, others were possibly looking for a job, celebrating a marriage,... This disaster destroyed every plan of these people and their families. Today, we should also think of the families that have lost a loved one last week. They will never be the same again. To make sure no Occoronian would forget this disaster, we will create a memory park in Asunci?n. I know I am not able to take the pain of the victims away, but I ensure you: I will do everything I can to make sure this will never happen again.

    The only thing I can do now, is to thank everybody:
    I would like to thank the European Commission, every European member state for their support. Special thanks to President Glorius: After the summit in Sancta Petra, I think I can say we became friends, and I will never forget her support. I would also like to the rescue workers of Occoron, for their professionalism. I know you all have family members and friends in Asunci?n, but you all stayed calm and worked with us to save as many people as we could. Also for the international rescue workers: thank you. I know you risked your life sometimes, far away from your family. But I want you all to know that the Occoronian people will never forget this. I would also like to thank the people and companies of the European members for their donations: you give us the opportunity to get over this and to built a new future.

    Thank you,
    Thank you all_

    President Luiz In?cio P?rez
    President of the Democratic Republic of Occoron

  • The government of the Zombay Island republics , has agreed to donate a sum of 86,4 mllion Euros to help the relif effort' in Occoron.

    Also 7 medical teams have been dispatched, (Transported by helicopters) along with medical supplies , to help the wounded.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the people Occoron.

    The Zombay proposes a joint EU funded research in more earthquake-resistant buildings.Hoping that this kind of dissater will never again take so many lives as it did now.

    ~Zombay prime minister Spenser Reefwood

  • Thank you!

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