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    The Tour of Angleter is back for its second edition, and shall start on Monday 1st August in 14 stages, finishing on Monday 15th August (rest day 7th). Although this has yet to be finalised, it is expected that this tour shall join the Tour of Corelia and others as part of a European Cup competition, so there should be further prizes up for grabs alongside the leaders' (yellow), sprinters' (blue), and climbers' (red) jerseys.

    The itinerary is as follows:

    P: Neomantua-Neomantua, 13km, TT.
    1: Neomantua-Amar, 178km, Spr.
    2: Amar-Damaszka, 169km, Spr.
    3: Istv?nsf?herv?r-Wells, 190km, MedMt.
    4: Wells-Suthton, 144km, Spr.
    5: Suthton-Mt. George, 216km, HiMt.
    6: Mt. George-Cherton, 180km, HiMt.
    7: Birborough-Maien, 201km, MedMt.
    8: Maien-Fiecen, 192km, Spr.
    9: Cernovcy-Edessa, 220km, MedMt/Spr.
    10: Edessa-St. Cajetan, 204km, HiMt.
    11: St. Cajetan-Millard, 165km, HiMt.
    12: Ft. Heinrich-Mt. Christopher, 43km, HiMt/TT.
    13: Kemal-New Birmingham (Stanislas II Palace), 139km, Spr.

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    Please sign up as follows-

    Team Name:
    Directeur Sportif:


    NINE RIDERS PER TEAM. Please note that your rider numbers are to be X1-X9, with X being the lowest available number. Calat Energy, the home team, shall be 1-9, and then everyone else 11-19, 21-29, etc.

  • Team Name: Team HSBC
    Directeur Sportif: Lord Nigel Sears
    Leader: Jonathon Stark

    11. Jonathon Stark (Climber, Leader)
    12. Dominic O'Hara (Climber)
    13. Geoffrey McClaren (Domestique)
    14. Steven Heron (Domestique)
    15. Samdev Gupta (Climber)
    16. Daniel Patton (Sprinter/Lead-Out)
    17. James Ward (Time Trial)
    18. Andy Vandergaard (Sprinter)
    19. Raymond Wolfe (Domestique)

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    Team Name: Team Calat Energy
    Directeur Sportif: Andrew Varnick
    Team Leader: Leon Allinson


    1. Leon ALLINSON (Climber, Leader)
    2. Heston KLARIN (Climber)
    3. Muhammad HASHIM (Domestique)
    4. Lawrence ENLICH (Sprinter)
    5. Thomas YALE (Sprinter Lead-Out)
    6. Paul YALE (Time Trial)
    7. George KENT (Domestique)
    8. James BLACK (Climber)
    9. Chris KAROLY (Domestique)

  • Name: Irish Catholic Church Pro Cycling Team
    Directeur Sportif: Bishop S?an Gh?ibasc?ar
    Leader: Msgr. Tadhg Chrill?ach

    21. Msgr. Tadhg Chrill?ach (Climber, Leader)
    22. Fr. Diarmuid U? Niall (Climber)
    23. Fr. Roibeart ? Cruadhlaoich (Domestique)
    24. Fr. Anr?i ? Cruadhlaoich (Domestique)
    25. Fr. Ardghal Magan (Sprinter)
    26. Fr. Cr?ost?ir Mac ?da (Sprinter, Lead Out)
    27. Msgr. Baothghalach Cuirt?is (Climber)
    28. Msgr. E?in Miche?l (Domestique)
    29. Fr. Ailin Ch?def?dl?ar (Time Trial)

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    Name: Kligenberg Motors Cycling Team
    Directeur Sportif: Maximillian Kligenberg
    Leader: Anthony McMartin

    31. Sean Bishop (Climber, Leader)
    32. Beaux Knight (Climber)
    33. Freddie Williams (Domestique)
    34. Shawn Williams (Domestique)
    35. Brendan Taylors (Sprinter)
    36. Andrew Fredericks (Sprinter, Lead Out)
    37. Curtis von Bloomberg (Climber)
    38. Simon Cullens (Domestique)
    39. Kyle Keys (Time Trial)

  • Name: The People?s Liberation Cycling Revolution
    Directeur Sportif: Ijayeen Nayar
    Leader: Kabhilraj Abbaljiaish

    41. Aageethan Pramacharawan (Climber, Leader)
    42. Tanishwaradhan Venkatesan (Climber)
    43. Saakeythyan Jawijwandan (Domestique)
    44. Naarmithen Belalshiniman (Domestique)
    45. Yaadhunandhan Rangeereen (Sprinter)
    46. Danushwaran Jayaraman (Sprinter, Lead Out)
    47. Zukreevan Balasubramanium (Climber)
    48. Danujan Rangarajan (Domestique)
    49. Illadchiyavaenthan Rilkadrappu (Time Trial)

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    Name of Team: Corelair-Today (Airline/Newspaper)

    Team Manager: Dr Krim Kaniyela

    Team Leader: Khirad Kammensent

    Team List:
    51.Khirad Kammensent - (Climber, Leader)
    52.Liliad Uskovaeda - Time Trial Specialist
    53.Joiova IOMMANDAKILOSKIA - Sprint
    54.Kaliiya Gomanyat - Sprint
    55.Falu MARKARTIA - Climber
    56.Yimich Chiora - Climber
    57.Yyvem Hijim - Domestique
    58.Nygir Kalezny - Domestique
    59.Larnick Kamutak - Domestique

  • The Democratic Republic of Occoron would like to participate with following team:


    Directeur sportif: CORPANCHO Andres

    Leader: ACOSTA H?ctor

    61: HAEDO H?ctor (climber--leader)
    62: ARTACHO Gustavo (climber)
    63: MESSINEO Leandro (climber)
    64: ACOSTA Juan Jos? (time trial)
    65: SERPA Raphael (domestique)
    66: SEVELINNO Miguel (domestique)
    67: GOMEZ Javier (domestique)
    68: BREPPE Roberto (sprinter)
    69: LOPEZ Alberto (sprinter--lead-out)

  • Team Name: D?sseldorf Times Cycling Team
    Directeur Sportif: Sofia Maly
    Leader: Egon St Martin

    71.Trevelyan Victors (climber, leader)
    72.Byron Patrickson (climber)
    73.Rodge Capello (climber)
    74.Emmanuel Trumbauer (domestique)
    75.Tim De Witte (domestique)
    76.Marquise Mann (domestique)
    77.Rien Gott (time trial)
    78.Guus Amello (sprinter)
    79.Linden Matthews (sprinter, lead out)

  • Name: Team BreconHydro
    Directeur Sportif: Andre Martin
    Leader: Lars Petersen

    81. Lars Petersen (Climber, Leader)
    82. Hugo Lambert (Climber)
    83. Axel Weber (Domestique)
    84. Neils Olsen (Domestique)
    85. Antoine Gaudet (Sprinter)
    86. Frederick Gruber (Sprinter, Lead Out)
    87. David Stone (Climber)
    88. Jean Girard (Domestique)
    89. Eric Bonnet (Time Trial)

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  • Name: Whisky Wheel
    Directeur Sportif: Stiz Zoul
    Leader: Maren Kualtsky

    91. Maren KUALTSKY (Climber, Leader)
    92. Skelesstor ANHON (Climber)
    93. Bursam RAMIN (Domestique)
    94. Nysunt SALD (Climber)
    95. Urnrad RODISS (Sprinter)
    96. Serina ACKNAL (Time Trial)
    97. Hybec MUPIRIS (Domestique)
    98. Inasaya CHEAT (Sprinter Lead-Out)
    99. Weev SIAL (Domestique)

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    Name: Corelicom-Futura (Mobile Network/Cinema Chain)

    Directeur Sportif: Yanni Grezzlevark

    Leader: Jimi Kalezny

    101. Jimi Kalezny (Climber, Leader)
    102. Yalli Kreik (Climber)
    103. Kosh Vashur (Climber)
    104. Hili Teshk (Sprinter)
    105. Xantos Areli (Sprinter)
    106. Leinne Krestoqicz (Time Trial)
    107. Jol Shem (Domestique)
    108. Krennie Vollok (Domestique)
    109. Jelvi Vollok (Domestique)

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    Name: TUI Team
    Directeur Sportiff: Rudi Meyer
    Leader: Sebastian Fuchs

    111. Sebastian Fuchs - Climber [Team leader]
    112. Tobias Rosenbaum - Climber
    113. Jerzy Bronowski - Climber
    114. Andreas Richter - Sprinter [Lead-out]
    115. Guillaume Foi - Sprinter
    116. Mathias Herkenhoff - Domestique
    117. Maximilian Gruber - Domestique
    118. Alex Schneider - Domestique
    119. Stefan Goldblatt - Time Triallist

  • Name: Team Royal Air Maroc

    Manager: Piree Fonatine

    Leader: Jemal Maloduia

    121. Jemal Maloduia (Climber, Leader)
    122. Mehdi Van-Bouwten (Climber)
    123. Mahmoud Allstorm (Domestique)
    124. Maroune Fouladi (Domestique)
    125. Steffan Marie-Agatoui (Climber)
    126. Hesham Alayoub (Sprinter/Lead-Out)
    127. Nabil Aalaine (Time Trial)
    128. Najim Va-der-lood (Sprinter)
    129. Hesham Mahousi (Domestique)

  • Name: Equip Banca March
    Manager: Biel Company
    Leader: Joan Horrach

    131. Joan Horrach (Climber/Team leader)
    132. Pere Colom (Climber)
    133. Miquel Verger (Climber)
    134. Jaume Roig (Sprinter)
    135. Miquel Janer (Sprinter/Lead-out)
    136. Biel Vicens (Domestique)
    137. Alejandro Meiner (Domestique)
    138. Alfred Rotger (Domestique)
    139. Esteve Juan (Time Triallist)

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    Registrations are closed.

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