The Zombay on the brink of civil war

  • Explosions , shooting and a number of fires rage in the town of Ferrina.51 000 are presumed dead and more then 300 000 citizens have fled the town.The terrorist group, self named]B] ROLNK[/B] (Rebel Organization for the Liberation of the North Kentopia), stormed the city early in the morning, in an effort to try and take control of it from the local authorities.The dead and injured can bee seen in every street, buildings burning,store's vandalized, and blood flowing trough the street's...

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    The city of Ferrina is located on the island of Eretz, the largest Island(Out of 8) that make's up the Zombay.It is the capital city of Eretz. Eretz is divided between the Zombay(Northern part) and Kentopia(Southern part), an aggressive, relatively poor state, with a powerful army.
    Knetopia has a history of claiming the whole island of Eretz as it's own , without any historical fact's on their side.Ferrina is the mos southern city in the Zombay, home to 3,703 299 people.It is ethnically divided between the Zombayen's (51,7%) and Kentopian's (47,3 %).Who have always lived in fear of one-another.

    The is a relatively large Kentopian minority in Eretz it is estimated that there are around 21 000 000 Kentopian's in Eretz (Out of a totall population of 109 000 000), though the Kentopian representative's give a number as high as 41 000 000 which is by all means absurd and highly inflated.They are mostly populating the area around the Kentopian border and the south (of the Zombay part) of Eretz.The Kentopian's have pushed for unification with Kentopia for years, the Zombay government tried to offer more representation in the parliament and even invested over 3 billion Euro's in creating jobs and improving the infrastructure , and in the latest negotiations even offered autonomy.The talks have failed completely and the Kentopian's started organizing an army.The ROLNK is estimated to have between 2,7 and 3 million soldiers.

    Early this morning the terrorist organization (or Liberation army as they like to call it) started attacing cities in the South of Zombay in an effort to take over that part of the country. More then 6000 policemen have died , around 100 000 people killed and 1 million presumed expelled.To make things worst Kentopia entered the war as well.Their massive army of at least 9 million (16m by some account's) is mobilizing and preparing to invade.

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    The high military council has decided that the mobilization of our reserve personnel and active soldiers is urgently needed.We are preparing to strike back , but fear we will not be able to win on our own against these massive armies.We call upon you friends from the European Union to help us in our time of need, financially or preferably militarily . Keeping pressure on Kentopia , and cutting Economic ties with them would be favorable.It has been agreed that our army will send the Kentopian's back to Kentopia forcibly, seeing as o other option remains for us.We will not stop until we have reached the capitalLevera.

    _~Prime minister Spenser Reefwood _

  • ((OOC: What are the political views of the two sides?))

  • The Kingdom of Marrakechia will give Aid of ?20,000,000 to the Zombay.

  • QUOTE (The Zombay @ Jul 31 2011, 02:51 PM)

    The Kentopian's have pushed for unification with Kentopia for years, the Zombay government tried to offer more representation in the parliament and even invested over 3 billion Euro's in creating jobs and improving the infrastructure , and in the latest negotiations even offered autonomy.**The talks have failed **completely and the Kentopian's started organizing an army.

    ((Marrakechia, read the quote above.))

  • The British government will monitor the situation and act accordingly to protect the civilians caught in the crossfire. We cannot stress the importance that Britain will not directly get involved with either party in this conflict, but we will act to protect the people.

  • President Julia Glorius gave a short press interview earlier today on the steps of the Senate building. She was surrounded by reporters and a small but vocal group of immigrants from the Zombay who had organized a peace rally to protest the Kentopian attack.

    "Despite the chaotic situation and the scarcity of verified information, it is already clear that we are witnessing a massive humanitarian crisis in the city of Ferrina. The Kentopian attack has left thousands of unarmed civilians dead and many more homeless. We have heard rumours of forced expulsions, of murder and sabotage. Pax Aurea condemns this military action taken by the Kentopian government as both unlawful and inhumane, and calls an immediate cessation of the invasion."

    In the background, a few of the bolder immigrants from Zombay hurry to the scene, wave the white-yellow-red flag of their homeland, and hurl threats and insults at the Kentopian leadership before being shooed away from the President.

    "Our humanitarian relief workers have just recently returned from the earthquake disaster site of Asunci?n, Occoron. Right now, field medic teams of the Aurean Red Cross and other organizations stand ready to provide assistance to the wounded. If the forces of the Zombay and Kentopia allow it, we are willing to offer medical aid and shelter to any and all unarmed personnel, regardless of their ethnicity or nationality. I now appeal to both parties of the conflict: let us help the civilians caught in the crossfire! Our aid workers carry no weapons and take no sides; they remain absolutely neutral in this conflict. Our concern lies with the men, women, and children caught in the middle of the conflict."

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