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    Here in the Commission Office for Internal Affairs we have decided to appoint a team to help develop new and exciting ideas to improve Internal Affairs and relations in the union.

    I will be announcing the appointment of the first official office staff over the coming weeks. The appointed staff will only serve this Commission term.

    The first appointment is of Councillor Howard Sanger of the Grossdeutches Reich and The European Freedom Party. I have appointed him Councillor for Internal Affairs and he will be responsible for aiding presentation of Bills to the European Council and willrepresent the office in the chamber when I cannot attend.

    Councillor Sanger will effectively be my deputy and I feel his appointment will revitalise the office and bring new ideas.

    The Second Appointment is of Council Dr Michael Reed of The UNited Kingdom to be the Bill Writer to officiate the office of internal affairs ideas into succint understandable legislation to be voted upon.

    I currently have vacancies in my office for the following positions:
    -Private Commission Secretary
    -Bill Writer

    If you are interested please indicate below:

    Position Applied for:
    Relavent Epxerience:

  • Name: Villajiapin Palliyagodella
    Nation: Tamil Islands
    Europarty: PEL
    Position Applied for: Private Commission Secretary
    Relevant Experience: Villajiapin was the LTTE's (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) Media consultant, who organized many of the LTTE's leadership interviews, political rallies and meetings. He also worked as Velupillai Prabhakaran's personal assistant during the Great Liberation and was an honorary Cabinet Minister for 2 years, before retiring to a private life. But Villajiapin is ready to step back into the political arena, but this time, internationally. He hopes to work with international high-ranking officials, such as the fabulous Maleeka Lizscoski.

  • Dr. Michael Reed
    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
    Party of European Socialists
    Application: Bill Writer

    Dr. Reed received a doctorate in geopolitics, concentration in legislation, from the University of Cambridge and has served as a correspondent between the BBC's political team and the British government for 20 years. He has been a member of Parliament until his appointment to European Councillor in 2010 for 35 years and has written and passed more than 200 Acts of Parliament, including appropriations acts, acts of enforcement, acts of taxation, and acts of reform.

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